Why do dogs eat cat poop and litter?

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I think it’s so strange that my dog Larry gets into the cat’s litter box to eat her litter. It’s kind of disturbing too since there is poop in there he nibbles on. Is it okay for him to eat? I’m sure it is, but just wondering why they do it and if anyone else has experienced this problem?

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Susan Kay
If you find your dog eating cat poop, he may be acting on instinct. Dogs, who are descended from wolves, are predisposed towards cleanliness. Wolves, as well as mother dogs, will eat the fecal matter of their young to keep the den clean. Your dog may be acting on the instinct to keep the house, or what he considers to be his den, clean. This behavior stems from the desire to keep den mates and weaker dogs safe. If fecal matter is left around in the wild, other animals may pick up on the scent and track down the den.
Sadie Cornelius (Admin)
Sounds gross but cat poop is appealing to dogs because it has high amounts of protein and fat which makes them tasty. It’s not harmful to eat but it could lead to digestion problems so best to keep the kitty litter box out of your dog’s reach by placing on a higher spot that your dog can’t get to. Hope that helps explains this smelly situation.