Why dog shakes while sleeping?

Why is my dog shaking while he is sleeping?


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Matt saltsman
Like most people i think dog do dream. They may even have nightmares. My coton moves his feet like he is running. He also will growl or kinda bark. One time he actually howled. Im not sure but i think he is dreaming about chasing cats or squirrels. We dont have rabbits but that could also be the case. Or its the mail man, ups driver or FedEx driver. I dont bother him as I would hate to be interrupted while having a dram about bagging a big elk or reeling in a monster fish. I wouldnt be to concerned because its a quite normal behavior for dogs. Sweet dreams. Thanks Matt
I’m not expert, but my Maltese cross shakes, twitches, wags her tail, yips, grumbles and occasionally barks when she’s asleep. As had dogs when I was a kid and they did the same, if not as frequently, I assume it’s because they’re dreaming. I put my hand gently on her back without waking her and she usually calms down.