Why is my lab vomiting food suddenly?

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My lab mix is 10 months old seems perfectly fine, happy, energetic, playful but the last couple days he’s been eating then going outside to the bathroom like normal but immediately after we get inside he goes to throw up some undigested food. He then tries to go and eat immediately after as well and appears fine. I’m not sure what to think or why this would be happening because he has had the same food since he was about 5 months old. Could he be both agreeing with something in his food all of the sudden? Should i take him to vet?


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Does he like to chew on things like rope toys or socks or anything that could cause an obstruction? I would definitely take him to see the vet
Bob Gay
Grass will cause a dog to throw up so yes go out with him and see whats going on.
Canine Journal (Admin)
Sydney, sorry to hear! Some dogs develop food allergies over time. So even though he’s on the same food, it’s possible that he could be experiencing a reaction to something in the food. Also keep an eye out to see if he nibbles on grass or anything out of the ordinary (trash, plants etc) as those can all upset his stomach. Hope that helps and if the problem persists, please see a vet!