My Dog Is Vomiting And Has Diarrhea – What Should I Do?

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Dog Poop SignThis question for our Pet Doc comes from the concerned owner of Missy, an 11 year old Staffy.

Dog Vomiting and Diarrhea – What Should I Do?

Last night Missy threw up her dinner and had runny poo (diarrhea). My daughter fed her her normal dinner of rice, noodles, and vegetables, but added her own (my daughter’s) left over porridge, which had brown and white sugar and milk in it.

Should I take Missy to the vet? She is very slow in her movements – getting up, walking, etc. I am very worried and love her so much!

The dog vomiting and diarrhea started last night, around 8 hours ago in the early hours. Since then, she has stopped vomiting and pooping, but she doesn’t want to drink anything, and is simply laying out in the sun.

Canine Journal’s Pet Doc Responds

Thanks for the question. If Missy is not eating, lethargic, and you are concerned, then you need to take her to your local veterinarian. You will both feel better.

The Pet Doc

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My 11 weeks old Australian shepard was vomited 2 days in a row but it was in his crate in the late/early hrs. He was clear foamy. I took him to the vet for his 2nd set of Puppy shots and mentioned rhe vomiting to the vet and they said he is probably hungry and to give him a little snack before bed. So the 3rd day he vomited still the same clear foamy liquid.

Last night I have him a couple treats before bed and and morning there was vomit in his crate qhat looked like he vomited up his treat this morning I also noticed his poo was a bit watery.

Im not sure of this is the side affects of the shot or something else..

Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi, you may find this article useful. It discusses some possible reasons your dog may be throwing up white foam.
Angela King
My puppy has been laying around a few days had diarrhea and clear vomit she will get up walk to my chair just laying around not drinking or eating
Hi, I have a 6yr old rottweiler and he is so sweet and loving. He does have some allergies to food and season change. Thursday he was fine, Friday he woke up with huge bumps all over his body and raised lines on his stomach. By that night the raised lines on his stomach turned red So I gave him a benadryl and hoped for the best. I woke up he was in the bathroom something he doesn’t ever do. The raised bumps did go down and on his stomach the raised lines also. But, they are still lines and red. So I gave him another benadryl and he still Ate and drank and by Saturday night the bumps all over his body are almost gone but his stomach still red lines. Sunday he has no bumps on his body at all So I think the benadryl has worked. Until now he won’t eat has diarrhea this Isn’t normal he never ever doesn’t eat. I cooked chicken and rice he wouldn’t touch it so I grabbed some chicken and talked to him until he ate about 1/3 cup or less Not good for a 108Lb big baby:( So I thought some is better than none? Then about 20 to 30 min later he threw up Everywhere. So now by Sunday night Monday Morning he is vomiting and diarrhea. Not eating but, drinking. Please help me know what this might be. I AM TAKING HIM TO THE VET
Priscilla Hawkins
what did you find out? Our Rottweiler is throwing up & diarrhea. He went out this am & ate a little grass but doesn’t seem interested in drinking any water or eating. No red lines or bumps or anything like that.
My dog are a birds head. Ever since that she has been having diarrhea and vomiting and wouldn’t touch the dog food!
My mom changed my 5 month old puppy’s food and he was fine then my grandma changed and he was okay but he threw up a couple days ago and he wont eat or drink for like 2 or 3 days now and he keeps gagging and foaming a little hes also had diarrhea
Dog’s stomachs are more sensitive than ppl think! Especially when changing brands, u must always gradually mix the old with new food – can’t just jump between whatever’s cheapest this week/month!!
Curtis Nappi
I have a 12 year old Chihuahua female she’s usually pretty spry and doesn’t act her age she acts younger the other day I noticed that she has been pooping diarrhea vomiting last night all night but is still drinking water she has a dry nose and sort of a fever warmer-than-usual and not breathing the same she doesn’t want to be held but she wants to lay next to me can you please help me thank you
My 5 yr old pit bull has been vomiting and diarrhea for the past 2-3 weeks. We are feeding her rice only,none of her regular dog food. She’s moving around,up under us,but not her usual playful self. She’s going to the dr’s tomorrow. She’s not an outside dog,and she’s always on a leash when we take her out.
What could the problem be,we’re concerned.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Carol, I’m so sorry your dog is ill. What did you find out at the veterinarian’s office?
our dog is 4 yrs. old. The other day we picked him up from the vet from being gone for a few days. He’s had diarrhea and threw up twice since then. It’s regular brown color and is watery. I noticed yesterday that it had some trash in his poop. What do I need to do?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Since he was just at the vet I suggest calling and consulting him/her.
Please help my small dog has been throwing up and has diarrhea, now going into day 2 of 2 nights and day,hasn’t been able to eat or drink. She has always been healthy never sick before. Could she have some sort of virus? I’m very worried my thoughts are to take her to the vet. Any suggestions?
Want did you do for your dog?
Does anybody else notice that every question gets unanswered. Everyone asks for help and the person who responds just says go to the vet.
Yes & it’s ridiculous! New to this site by way of searching for an answer (up all night with a brand new pup puking) & after reading thru, ended up giving a bunch of answers… without getting any info I was directed here for – WTF?!
Like basically a forum where u hope to find an answer by someone else with knowledge, but considering answers are moderated – well good luck getting it swiftly as needed; it seems pretty unlikely here…
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Sorry, but we are not licensed veterinarians. It would be inappropriate for us to give medical advice and we could face legal consequences if we did. I’m sorry you were up all night with a sick puppy. Comments stay in the que until they are approved to make sure there is no inappropriate discussion occurring (cussing, personal attacking, etc.). We want this to be a safe place and depending when a comment is submitted it can stay in moderation for a couple days since comments aren’t moderated over the weekend typically (since we don’t work weekends). This article is not a place for immediate responses and we think it’s best to call your vet when something is medically wrong with your pet than wait hours or potentially days for a response from us. The last thing we want is something to be seriously wrong with your dog and we give you the wrong advice and you lose your pet. That would weigh heavily on our hearts.

Sometimes our readers offer their own experiences or advice to one another and at times it may help another reader out.

You can also reach out to this online vet service for help.

My small 13 year old dog has been throwing up and loose dark very smelly poop for one whole night and Day , she isn’t drinking or eating. She has never been sick before. I am worried and will most likely take her to the vet .
Candelle Galbreath
I came home and my dog was vomiting and having diarrhea she really hasn’t ate today and I want to know what’s wrong
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
You should call your vet. He/She will know the most about your dog’s health and be able to tell you if she needs medical attention. Hope she gets better soon!
I was in the car waiting to pick my granddaughter up from school and I looked into the back seat and there was throw up back there. I took care of the throw up and about 10 minutes later he had diarrhea and looked as if he was going to pee after the diarrhea occurred. Is he okay?
I have a red nose , about a month old … she’s pooping all watery and yesterday she threw up about 2 times .. since then she hasn’t but she doesn’t want to eat her food . I had been giving her puppy milk since she was only a few days old when I got her and I took it off today since I thought it was the puppy milk , she drinks water perfectly and plays around like nothing .. is she okay ?
My 9-month old puppy has vomit and diarrhea. It’s been mostly diarrhea, 4-6 hours apart, with one episode of vomit in the middle of the night. In between these episodes he’s been no different-very playful, high energy, sprinting around the house as usual. His appetite is normal, we had been feeding him regular meals up until this point and now have taken his food away in hopes that he heals. My father gave him a raw soup bone two days ago and we suspect it might have given puppy some type of food poisoning. Should we wait for this to heal itself, or does this sound vet-worthy?
We woke up this morning to diarrhea and vomit throughout the house. There was solid poop and also a lot of watery, dark diarrhea. We also noticed quite a few piles of vomit. One of the piles appeared to have a little dog food in it, but the rest seemed clear or foamy. My main concern is that a few of the vomit piles appeared to have blood in it. It was not “coffee ground” looking blood…. it looked more like red wine stains to be honest. Should we take her in to the emergency vet? She is not eating, but is drinking a lot of water.
About a week ago my dog wasn’t eating all his food and now if he finishes it he either throws up or has diarrhea and my other dog is now starting to not finish her food either. I’m worried someone may have poisoned my dogs because they have never acted like this before. And my neighbors don’t like pit bulls but both my springer spaniel border collie mix and the pit bull are doing the same thing. Also even though he isn’t eating much his stomach is making very loud noises or he is burping very loud. Please help if either something happens to either one of them I wouldn’t be able to continue
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I hope no one has poisoned your dogs Jackie. Our dog Sally isn’t eating much lately either. It’s been this way for a few weeks and it’s had me worried as well. We went on vacation and she stayed with family and was very happy with them but when we returned her eating habits were a bit off. We didn’t know if it was because of our inconsistent schedule or what. Then we thought that it could be due to the heat. Some dogs don’t eat as much when it’s hot outside. We’re hoping this is the case for our Sally. She hasn’t had any digestive issues but she has been burping more. Other than that, she’s been acting completely normal. She’s just not as excited to eat her dog food but still loves her treats. I’m not sure what to recommend for you but if you think your dog has been poisoned you should consult a vet immediately. Please keep us posted and we hope your dog gets better soon.
My 7lb yorkie poo won’t eat or drink and has diarrhea. She was groomed on Saturday and started vomiting on Sunday and now’ it’s Tuesday and she has diarrhea and won’t eat or drink.
My bulldog has been on a long walk now she is vomiting and has diarrhea and can hardly hold her weight what should i do? Will she be ok if she just rests?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Andrea, how is your dog doing today? Sorry for the late response, we don’t moderate and respond to comments Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
My 4month old Kane is vomiting and has runny poo it been going on since yesterday afternoon but it happened twice and he is sleeping alot . what medicine should i give him
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
We don’t recommend giving your dog medicine without the approval of your vet. Hope Kane is feeling better, if he’s still under the weather I recommend taking him to the vet. Best of luck.
Amanda Madden
Please HELP!!! My dog is almost a year old , he can’t hold ANYTHING down and when he gets sick it’s like white glue foam and diarrhea bad … I’m at the vet but I need more help , I love this dog , please if u can for him say a prayer
Angela Via 7 mnth chaweenie..been gvn shots fr parvo and bordat…um…little bit runny stool and threw up few times last nite..once today..clear…he not eating..still playing tho…but not eating and i dnt know..i know i gota tk to get his anal glands expressed but would thaat make him sick like tjat? Hes had his shots but ..idk..can ya still gt parvo if shots had?.. 🙁
Shaunah Mayville
Hi, 8 week old blue pit has started vomiting and has diarrhea. It’s kind of thick mucus looking. He won’t eat much nor drink much…. I’m worried he may have been sick when I got him….
My puppy is about 8 months its a Maltese and yorker mix, he ate last night but now he has diarrerhia and he is throwing up, i dont want him to dehydrate what can i do? i have a vets appointment tomorrow anyways.
My Rott is 6months old he has been vomitting and stooling and he is very weak like he cant walk and stand for long, i called in my Vet and he has giving him some shots . what can i do for him want to know
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
If you don’t feel like what your vet has given him is helping we recommend getting a second opinion from a vet.
My dog is an american bulldog mix she is a year old. Two days ago she started vomiting a little now she vomits up everything and has very watery foul smelling diarrhea. What should I do? She won’t eat she does keep down very small amounts of water and chicken broth.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Take your dog to the vet immediately. If she won’t eat anything and is vomiting and has diarrhea she needs medical attention. Sorry your dog isn’t feeling well, we hope she gets better soon! Keep us posted, please.
Xavier Daniels
My dog has yellow throw up and has diharea and is not eating what should I do?