Top Dog Interview: Ella Bean The Dog

Ella Bean the Dog at cafeOur latest Top Dog interview is with Ella Bean the Dog. She comes to us from Brooklyn (by way of Florida). When not wandering the streets of the Big Apple looking oh so fashionable, Ella Bean can be found jet-setting around the world with her lady human. Ella Bean has been featured in the New York Post, PopSugar, Travel + Leisure and The Huffington Post (among others) and she has some great travel and photography tips to share with Canine Journal readers. We hope you enjoy reading this inspiring story.

How did you and your parents come to find one another?

My lady human found me at an animal services facility in South Florida almost 10 years ago. I had been pulled out of a commercial breeding facility (also known as a Puppy Mill) in horrible condition and I was awaiting euthanasia. Did you know that dogs that are sold online or in pet stores come from these kinds of facilities? That’s why it’s so important to adopt your pets from shelters. Buying pets online or in stores sentences that adorable puppy’s parents to a lifetime without any medical care or love. No pet lovers want to contribute to that industry knowingly, so please #adoptdontshop!

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How did you find your way into the spotlight?

Lady human works with fashion and lifestyle influencers at ShopStyle for her full-time job. She thought it would be funny to create a dog account that was based off of those fashion and lifestyle influencers! In addition to showcasing my stylish life, she made sure to educate people about pet adoption. After a few months, my account started getting press and features on larger accounts which helped jumpstart our following.

What’s life like in Brooklyn? Do you ever get recognized on the streets?

Williamsburg is the best. The local coffee shop sells artisanal prosciutto, what could be better? I have yet to be recognized in my neighborhood (I’m pretty incognito), but I was once recognized at the train station in Milan, Italy.  A fan had been following my Italian adventure and spotted me. That was so fun!

What’s the favorite place you’ve visited and why?

I would have to say it’s a close tie between Portofino, Italy and Miami Beach. Portofino is magnificently beautiful and the Hotel Splendido took great care of me – between the custom robe and doggie masseuse, I didn’t want to leave! We recently traveled to Miami and stayed at The Standard Spa for the first time. That was also amazing. I enjoyed lounging by the pool, having cold water served to me.

What’s the number one thing you’ve learned from your adventures?

The number one thing to remember when traveling with your pet is preparedness. Extra bags for waste, extra food in case some gets lost or misplaced and extra exercise to keep your pet calm and relaxed through planes, trains and cars.

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Any dog photography tips for how to pose perfectly on camera?

Treats. Treats. Treats.

Where do you get your adorable dog-sized accessories?

Most of my accessories are custom made just for me (a lady never reveals her sources) but other items we’ve found for 16-inch dolls. I’m only 4 pounds, so I fit in the tiniest of clothing. You’d be surprised what you can find on Amazon!

Tell us about your shop

My lady human hand makes my leather jackets. She’s made a few for close friends, but we aren’t selling them yet. We plan to auction one or two custom jackets in February 2017 to benefit anti-puppy mill work that the Humane Society is doing. Stay tuned for an announcement on my Instagram!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Always remember to adopt your furry friends and support your local shelters! The chicest breed is always “rescue.”

Agreed! Thanks, Ella Bean for taking the time to sit down with us. You can continue to learn more about her on her website.

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