Granola Barks Review (Organic, Healthy & Crunchy Dog Treats)

Crunchy, healthy, certified organic… doesn’t that sound yummy? Sorry, these aren’t for you, though. They’re for your pup! Read our first-hand review of Granola Barks dog treats.

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Article Overview

Granola Barks Variety Box

Granola Barks’ Nutritional Information

  • 130 calories per pack
  • 3 main ingredients: oats, broth and coconut oil
  • Certified organic
  • Gluten-free
  • Flavors: bison, chicken, veggie, peanut butter and salmon
  • Each package includes 2 bars, which is 1 serving size



  • Minimal ingredients used (and you can pronounce them all)
  • They don’t smell bad*
  • Made in the USA
  • A portion of the proceeds go to Dog Adoption & Welfare Group
  • Packaging is recyclable
  • Convenient to grab on the go
  • Easy to break into pieces, so you can give your dog smaller or larger pieces
  • Packaging is difficult to open, but it’s durable**

*This is a huge pro in my eyes because many dog treats have strong, potent odors. It was so nice to open these up and not experience an unappealing scent to humans or feel like I needed to wash my hands to get the stench off.
**The packaging has a pre-made tear for you to use to open the package. This worked great on one of the packages, but for the other, the tear broke off early and made it difficult to open. (This is very nit-picky and not a big con in our eyes.)

Granola Barks’ Pricing

  • 28 Bars [14 2-packs] (Flavors: Bison, Chicken, Peanut Butter Salmon, Veggie or even a 5 Flavor Variety Box):  Check Amazon for availability
  • 2 Bars [1 pack of 2] (Flavors: Bison, Chicken, Peanut Butter Salmon or Veggie): 

What Do We Think of Granola Barks?

My dog Sally gave these granola bars for dogs two paws up. She’s not too picky when it comes to treats but she has said “no” to some items in the past. However, that wasn’t the case here.

These would be great treats to have on hand if you need to throw something in a bag and it might get tossed around a little. The package is durable and can withstand keys in a purse, hot weather on a hike and other elements.

Michelle and Alex (the Canine Journal founders) also gave their dogs, Lily and Bella, Granola Barks and they approved as well. Watch our video below to see all three dogs “woof” down the snacks and learn more about the product.

What We Love About Granola Barks

Granola Barks’ whole mission is to provide healthy treats for dogs as well as to help shelter dogs find forever homes. Each label features a shelter dog you can visit, foster or adopt. We love it when companies give back, and this company is definitely doing that.

Starting With Homemade Dog Food and Moving to Treats

View Granola Barks on Amazon

Mike Quaranta, the founder of Granola Barks, decided to create healthier treats by first making his dogs’ food. He noticed a difference in his dogs’ health and energy levels immediately. Learn more about Mike and the creation of Granola Barks in our interview with him. If you’re interested in making homemade dog food, try these recipes.

Do you pay attention to what’s in your dog’s treats? Why or why not?