Harley the Dog: Barking Out Against Puppy Mills

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Harley the DogTop Dogs is a regular segment where we feature a Q&A session with a famous canine.

Harley spent 10 years living in a small cage in a puppy mill before he was rescued and found a loving home. He has become well known as a voice for mill dogs everywhere. So, without further ado, let’s get to know Harley the Dog.

1. How Did You Find Your Forever Home?

I was pretty sick. They thought I was dead actually. But someone in the puppy mill noticed I was alive and she asked if it was okay if she gave me to a rescue. I ended up in a small rescue with about 40 other little dogs; which was great because I was FREE, but then my (would-be) mom found about me. She said she loved me from the start, and the next thing you know I was on my way to Colorado.

2. What Do You Think Is The Most Important Message To Share About Puppy Mills?

I started working on the anti-puppy mill cause soon after I was rescued, a little more than 3 ½ years ago. The most important message that can be shared about puppy mills is probably Adopt, Don’t Shop and NEVER step foot in a store that sells puppies and kittens. Also, never purchase a puppy from the internet. Educate yourself about puppy mills and then educate everyone you know. Write your lawmakers. It’s hard to decide what the most important message is!

3. What Are You Hoping To Get For The Holidays This Year?

Of course I’ll love to receive the message that all the puppy mill dogs are being set free, but that is probably asking too much. I’m a very lucky dog, I am blessed beyond measure… but honestly I’ll love a chance to sit on Santa’s lap and maybe give him a kiss!

4. What Is The Coolest Event You Have Been A Part Of And Why?

Hops and Harley!  It’s an annual event that is hosted by City Star Brewing in my hometown of Berthoud, Colorado. Live music, silent auction, fun for the whole family and great beer, too. There is even a beer named after me: Harley’s Honey Wheat. All proceeds go to National Mill Dog Rescue to save and care for mill dogs. The next ‘Hops and Harley’ will be in June 2015.

5. What’s Your Best Trick?

I can talk. Seriously. If you don’t believe, please watch this video.

6. What Do You Feel Is Your Best Feature and Why?

I have a little wart between my eyes and mom calls it my beauty mark. I have to agree with her, because she’s the one who gives me my food.

7. Who’s Your Favorite Fellow Celebrity Dog?

My best buddy, Teddy. He goes on rescues with me and he helps me with my campaign, ‘Harley to the Rescue’. Teddy can be found on his Facebook page.

8. What’s Your Advice For Other Dogs Looking To Make A Difference In The World?

Be focused! Don’t waiver from your mission. Don’t spread your message too thin.

Support Anti-Puppy Mill Action

If you relate to Harley’s mission to stop all puppy mills, you can learn more or maybe even donate to his non-profit organization, Mill Dog Rescue. You can also learn more about Harley’s inspiring efforts on his Facebook page.

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Tina White
I love you Harley! Can my puppies and I get your autograph? God bless you, Harley!
Harley is a true Superhero in a small, canine body. I’m a huge fan and just cannot say enough good things about Harley, Teddy and the work of National Mill Dog Rescue.