Interview with Ray Charles, The Blind Golden Retriever

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Ray CharlesTop Dogs is a segment where we feature a Q&A session with a famous canine.

This week’s Top Dog is Ray Charles, a Golden Retriever born blind in December 2012. Ray was the only boy in a litter of three puppies, and when he wasn’t running around playing with his sisters like a normal pup, his mom took him to the vet and found out he was blind. Once Ray was adopted, his new dad took him to Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston where they found out that, while Ray’s eyes function fine, there’s a disconnect between them and his brain which prevents him from seeing. That doesn’t slow him down though. Ray runs and plays in Boston, MA with his big brothers, Harley and Jack, and big sister, Maggie. He inspires others with disabilities – and his 86,000+ Facebook followers – to live life to the fullest every day.

1. What’s your favorite treat?

My favorite treat is a frozen peanut butter filled bone!

2. Who’s your best playmate and why?

My best playmate is my fur brother, Jack. He is only two and still has as much energy as I do to play with me all the time!

3. How old are you (in people years)?

I’m about seven years old in people years. (one year on this earth)

4. If you could be any dog for a day, who would it be?

I would be myself, but would have eyes that worked so I could see the world I live in.

5. How do you feel about cats?

I like cats about as much as I like skunks!

6. We see you like to dress up. What’s your outfit of choice?

I like to wear hats and glasses the most, but the onesie I wore when I was a baby was really comfy.

7. Who’s your favorite fellow celebrity dog?

Ray Charles the Blind Golden RetrieverMy favorite fellow celebrity dog is my friend Chase who is a blind golden retriever like myself! 

8. Your favorite Ray Charles’ song? (We had to ask.)

Georgia On My Mind!

9. What’s your advice for disabled dogs everywhere?

Never give up and always live your life to the fullest with what you are given.

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Sara is a writer for Canine Journal. She adores dogs and recently adopted a rescue pup named Beamer. Whole she may be adjusting to life with another being to care for, she needed no time to adjust to all the extra love.

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Mike F.

What a handsome lad. If you're ever down in the Philly area, I would love to meet you. My Golden is five now in people years. I'm sure you two would get along great. You both like to wear glasses. Auric likes to wear team jerseys, as well. Please thank your daddy and or mommy for posting the wonderful pictures of you and letting us know what you are up to!

Kelly C.

Hello! I am nominating my dog Georgia as Top Dog. Georgia is a 4 year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who suffers from syringomyelia, a rare neurological disorder found in the breed. She was diagnosed at the age of two while starting her training as a therapy dog. Unfortunately, her illness stopped that training because she can't always control her behavior due to neurological movements. Georgia still accompanies me to visit the elderly and special needs kids. She is a blessing in many ways. I'd love to nominate her because too many Cavaliers are misdiagnosed by vets not familiar with syringomyelia. The more information out there, the better it will be for these lovely CKCS! Georgia has also been featured multiple times on (she is the 2013 St. Paddy's Day winner) and in People Online for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I promise Georgia will be on her best behavior for the interview….and you'd be helping lots of other dogs living with syringomyelia get the diagnosis and treatment they need. Thanks!

Kelley B.

…you are such an inspiration, not only to canine friends, but we human ones as well. You give me inspiration every time I read one of your posts. What a wonderful life you have 🙂

Linda W.

Hi, just a question: If Ray's eyes function fine, why can't they connect whatever is disconnected between his eyes and his brain? Is that something that just isn't done, or can't be done? Also, can Ray get an eye transplant from a dog (that can see)? Such as a dog that has passed away? Just curious…


Loved your interview 🙂 For being so young you are quite wise. Love your posts everyday on Facebook.

Deb M.

Ray and his family are awesome! He's quite an amazing furry person, and his mom and dad are very cool people for adopting Ray 🙂 

Debi Miller

I want to nominate Rocco Chandler from Fresno CA to be featured in the  He has his own Facebook page and he lives with his mommy, Brittany Chandler. He is hilarious with his remarks to all of us, he is nice.  He sometimes comes to his grandma's house, Donna Chandler, in another small town about 2 hrs away. Donna loves to see her little boy. She takes him for walks, he even got attacked by a dog that came out of no where and Rocco was a champ about having to go to the vet and get stitched up and take his medicine.  He wasn't doing anything but walking with his grandma on a leash and this Rottweiler came from the back yard to the front sidewalk and attack him. He was really hurt but he was a champ. He loved being spoiled for a couple weeks while he was recuperating.

I'm not sure how many Facebook friends or followers he has, I'm sure it's not as many as Ray Charles but he has several and he also likes to comment on his Grandma's friend's pages and comments so everyone loves him.

Celeste Osborne

I nominate Benny Corgipants to be featured.  He isn't my dog, but is Facebook famous and spends his time spreading the word about the importance of dog adoption and the dangers of puppy mills. 

About Benny from his FB page: "I was rescued from a horrible puppy mill, where I was disfigured as a puppy. Thank you to Corgi Connection of KS and all who helped me get to my forever home."


Thank you for highlighting one of my favorite Facebook friends! Ray Charles' posts bring a smile to my face several times a day. I hope he never gets tired of sharing his great adventures with his Facebook family!


I am one of Sweet Baby Ray's 86,000 daily viewers and must say that I am absolutely in love with his whole family. His daddy is simply "pawsome" as Ray would surely tell you and has taught him to be independent yet fully engaged with his brothers and dogs and people of all kinds. He is simply an adorable dog and brightens my day each and every day. I recently suggested, in one of my posts, that he pen a book with his dad about his life. His story is so inspirational and has touched the lives of so many. We all love him dearly and will hope that you will be doing periodic interviews with this precious boy!  


I nominate Misa Minnie, the Yorkie. She has many Facebook followers, too! She is less than a year old and is the smartest puppy I have ever seen. You can find videos of her on YouTube. She is currently training to be a therapy dog. I guess you would contact her via Facebook.

Christine S.

Wow. thanks for the great story on Ray Charles. I've been wondering about him for along time, he popped up on Faceback a little while ago and I love hearing about him and his family! 

Carol O.

I would like to nominate Freddie. He is golden retriever that was lovingly rescued by his mom, my sister Donna. You see, he is a "3-wheeler." Freddie knows no disability with his missing hind leg. He runs, plays, goes up and down steps and loves everyone he meets. This guy also loves to swim when his mom takes him to the park. Freddie is a top dog for overcoming abandonment and the lack of a leg. Freddie doesn't know he has challenges he just loves life and the people in it!

SUGAR: Golden Woofs

Woof! Woof! to you Ray Charles. LOVE your advice. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


Ray Charles kicks tail.

Paula B.

I can't tell you how much I look forward to hearing from (and about) Ray Charles, his family and friends each day. The pictures and stories bring a smile to my heart even when the day itself isn't so great. Thank you for doing the article.

Pam G.

Hi there! I am the proud parent of Batman, the awesome wheelchair dog, and one of the Minionettes (we lovingly call Batman's Facebook Friends Minions and Minionettes) posted this on my page. I loved reading about Ray Charles and think you could also interview the illustrious Batman. He would love it. Thanks for a great site and have a great afternoon!