How Spaying Cats Can Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies

A Sly CatThis question for our Pet Doc comes from a cat owner in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

How Can I Prevent My Cat From Getting Pregnant?

  • My pet is a: cat
  • My pet’s name is: Tim
  • Breed: Singaporean Cat
  • Age of pet: 6 months

What Is The Problem?

For the last three days, my cat is always in heat and wants to mate with another male cat. This is annoying to me because of the loud sound they make. So I had no other choice but to let her out. I don’t want any other kitten because I don’t think I can handle more cats. Sometimes she won’t come home overnight and that worries me. So what should I do to make her stay at home and forget about mating with other male cats? Could she get pregnant in her early age? Please…I really need your help Pet Doc 🙁

Our Pet Doc Says… Spaying Cats

Thanks for the question. It sounds like Tim is in “heat”. Six months of age is earlier than expected for a female cat to go into heat, estrus, but certainly possible, and probable in this case. She most definitely can and will get pregnant if nothing is done to prevent breeding. The best thing I can recommend to you is to have your cat spayed. Spaying is a procedure in which your veterinarian removes both the ovaries and uterus of your cat.

Spaying cats is a very common procedure in the USA. Although this is a commonly performed and safe procedure, remember that this is surgery and there is a risk with any surgery or anesthetic procedure. If you cannot have your pet spayed for any reason, then you need to do your best to keep her confined to your home until the heat cycle ends. This may take two weeks before you notice a change in her behavior. I hope this helps! Please keep us updated.

– The Pet Doc

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