It’s hard to deal with the aging of your dog. The bond you have developed with him is one you cherish and when that time comes, it can be difficult to say goodbye.

Puppy next to food bowl (caption: When To Switch A Puppy To Adult Food)

When To Switch A Puppy To Adult Food

Switching a puppy to adult food isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach. It can vary based on your dog’s breed, age and weight. We can help you determine when is the best time for you to switch your dog’s food and how to transition them successfully…

Girl looking at photos of dog with urn of ashes on floor (Caption: dog cremation process & cost)

Dog Cremation Process: How Much Does It Cost And Other Questions Answered

Taking care of your pet’s remains is the last thing you want to think about after your pet passes away. So, it’s best to prepare yourself by knowing your options, and maybe even making your choice, beforehand. With more pet owners choosing cremation over burial — partly due to city ordinances in urban communities — cremation has become more affordable and available than ever.

Terrier sleeping with stuffed dog (caption: Signs Of Cancer In Dogs)

What Are The Signs Of Cancer In Dogs?

My wife and I have a dog, and I know the last thing in the world she wants to think about is our pup ever getting cancer. The thought of it can be so upsetting to us that we can blind ourselves and look the other way when it comes to our dogs’ health. Sometimes the warning signs are obvious – like large growths on the outside of their bodies. Other times, cancers can show up in unexpected ways.

top view of dog welsh corgi Pembroke lies in a special diaper spreading its paws back on a white background.

Best Dog Diapers: Prevent The Mess Now

Does your dog suffer from urination incontinence or excitement? It’s a common problem for dogs so you’re not alone. To help with the mess, you can check out some of the best dog diapers on the market.

dog parent on the ground holding lab while they put dog to sleep

How To Know When To Put Your Dog Down

When is it time to put my dog down? Knowing when it’s time to say goodbye to your best friend is a grim decision none of us pet parents want to face. But the unfortunate reality is that many of us, at some point, must decide that it’s time to say goodbye to our precious pup. In many cases, it’s not easy to know when the right time has come, so we’ll run through all the things to consider to help you through this heart-wrenching decision.

Dog with eye glasses (caption: How To Calculate Dog Years To Human Years)

How To Calculate Dog Years To Human Years

You’ve likely heard the adage that 1 year for a dog is equal to 7 human years. Well, we did some digging, and it turns out this is an oversimplified way to calculate your dog’s age in human years. In fact, there are a few different methods — and some recent data may give us an even better way to convert dog years to human years…

old dog laying on the ground with a birthday hat on and a cupcake with candle

How Old Is My Dog? Tips On How To Tell A Dog’s Age

If you get a puppy from a breeder or adopt a dog from a long-term owner, it’s usually easy to know how old your dog is. But rescuing an adult dog or even an older puppy can present challenges in determining your new furry friend’s age. Why does it matter to know your dog’s age? It’s important to estimate your dog’s age for dietary, exercise, and regular healthcare needs. If you’re wondering, “How can I tell how old my rescue dog is?” we have several tips on how you (and your veterinarian) can estimate your pup’s age to give her the appropriate care she needs.

senior black dog eating wet food off a person holding a plate

Best Senior Dog Food: Wet, Dry, Sensitive Stomach, Weight Loss & More

Senior dogs have different nutritional needs and require less calorie-dense food. It is essential that older pups control calorie intake and refrain from eating a diet that is high in unneeded nutrients. They must have a healthy protein, fat, phosphorus, and sodium mix. Additionally, hydration is a big concern for older pets and must be addressed in their diet. Dogs need a healthy diet throughout their lives; as they age, these needs change. We have found some of the best dog food for senior dogs that owners may want to consider. We also discuss aging canine’s nutritional needs and what owners can do to support them.

Dog next to SUV with dog ramp

Best Dog Ramp For SUVs & Cars: Foldable, Steps, Non-Slip & More

Are you pregnant, elderly, or suffering from back pain? Do you have a dog that can’t (or won’t) jump into the car? Thanks to dog ramps, pups have a more convenient way to enter and exit vehicles safely without injuring themselves or their owners.

Dog with lump on ear (Caption: Things To Know About Lumps & Bumps On Dogs)

What Do Lumps On Dogs Mean?

If you have an older dog, then you are no stranger to finding miscellaneous bumps and lumps on them. In fact most dogs over the age of 7 will have developed one or more of these bumps upon inspection. But what are these lumps and bumps on dogs and when should you be concerned…

Black dog with tumor on face (Caption: Dog Tumors Guide)

Dog Tumors: Signs, Types, Diagnosis & More

Fear sets in when you feel a lump or bump on your dog that you haven’t felt before. Thoughts of your dog having a tumor take over. But keep in mind that growths and masses are common with dogs, and not all dog tumors are cancerous. We’ll help answer some of your questions about the signs, symptoms, and types of tumors in dogs, as well as what to expect when you see your veterinarian — a prompt vet appointment is important with any abnormal mass or growth you notice on your dog. 

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