Discovering that your dog has cancer is not easy. You want your pup to be as healthy as possible and take the necessary steps to help keep them comfortable. Unfortunately, it’s fairly expensive to cover your dog’s cancer treatment. Some pet insurance companies even cover cancer.

Grid of 4 types of skin cancer on dogs

Dog Skin Cancer: 4 Common Types, Causes, Signs, Treatment & More

Have you found a lump or suspicious-looking lesion on your dog’s skin? The fear that your pup has cancer probably enters your mind almost immediately. But the good news is that most skin abnormalities on your dog aren’t cancerous, and an estimated 60% to 80% of skin tumors on dogs are benign (non-cancerous). But the not-so-good-news? The most common type of cancer in dogs is skin cancer. So it’s crucial to take your dog to the vet whenever you find a lump or other skin anomaly on your dog to get it checked out. Because it’s the most common cancer in dogs, you should be informed about the most common types, including the signs, treatment, and more.

Tumor in the mouth of a dog outside

Mouth Cancer In Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment Options

Just like people, dogs can develop growths in their mouths. These are called oral tumors, accounting for 6-7% of all dog cancers. Oral cancer in dogs is usually primary, meaning it arises directly from the mouth’s tissues. Some are benign but can be pesky, whereas some are malignant and need to be tackled quickly and aggressively.

Dog with cone on head (Caption: Common Dog Health Issues)

Common Dog Health Issues You Must Know

No two dogs are alike. Likewise, no two dog breeds are alike, especially when it comes to their health. Dog health problems range from infections to cancers, and it’s up to you as pet parents to keep your companions happy and healthy by understanding some common dog illnesses and diseases. See below for the most common types of dog health issues, and make sure to take immediate action if you think something serious is wrong with your dog.

Girl with her senior black labrador

How To Care For A Senior Dog: Keeping Your Old Pup Happy & Healthy

You may not realize some of the extra special care and attention older dogs need. Knowing the signs of aging and the increased health issues to look out for can help you catch many medical problems as early as possible. Also, as your pup’s mobility decreases and regular bodily functions begin to show signs of old age, we give you some tips on how to help your elderly pup live a happy and comfortable life in his senior years.

Dog laying on back with cone on and cryptorchidism

Cryptorchidism In Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

What is cryptorchidism in dogs? Healthy adult male dogs should have two testicles within their scrotum (the protective sac) – unless they have already been castrated! Your pooch’s testicles are usually located outside their body to keep them cool – this keeps them healthy. Some dogs, however, have a condition called cryptorchidism, where they may have only one or no testicles in the scrotum.

Vet examines sick dog with stethoscope to check for lung cancer

Lung Cancer In Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & More

As our dogs get older and live longer, and with advances in veterinary care, more and more dogs are getting diagnosed with cancer. Learning that your beloved canine friend has cancer can be frightening. There are different types of lung cancer in dogs, and the prognosis varies. So, what are the signs of lung cancer in dogs? When should I worry about my dog coughing? And how is a lung tumor in dogs treated?

Black dog with tumor on face (Caption: Dog Tumors Guide)

Dog Tumors: Signs, Types, Diagnosis & More

Fear sets in when you feel a lump or bump on your dog that you haven’t felt before. Thoughts of your dog having a tumor take over. But keep in mind that growths and masses are common with dogs, and not all dog tumors are cancerous. We’ll help answer some of your questions about the signs, symptoms, and types of tumors in dogs, as well as what to expect when you see your veterinarian — a prompt vet appointment is important with any abnormal mass or growth you notice on your dog. 

Terrier sleeping with stuffed dog (caption: Signs Of Cancer In Dogs)

What Are The Signs Of Cancer In Dogs?

My wife and I have a dog, and I know the last thing in the world she wants to think about is our pup ever getting cancer. The thought of it can be so upsetting to us that we can blind ourselves and look the other way when it comes to our dogs’ health. Sometimes the warning signs are obvious – like large growths on the outside of their bodies. Other times, cancers can show up in unexpected ways.

Person pointing to a mammary gland on a dog's belly

Mammary Tumors In Dogs (Breast Cancer): Symptoms, Treatment & More

Cancer in dogs is, unfortunately, common, particularly as they age. Our canine friends are living longer, and advances in veterinary care mean that cancers are now diagnosed more frequently. Mammary tumors are a form of cancer that affects the mammary, or breast, tissue in dogs. They are more common in female than male dogs. Early detection may allow for more treatment options and a better prognosis. Let’s find out more about breast cancer in dogs, the signs of breast cancer in dogs, treatment options, and outcomes.

Vet holding iPad with xray of dog with tumor on it (Caption: Does Pet Insurance Cover Cancer?)

Does Pet Insurance Cover Cancer?

Does pet insurance cover expensive health conditions, like cancer? It depends on your dog’s health status when you purchase the policy and after all waiting periods have passed. Because pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage, you can’t obtain coverage for an existing cancer diagnosis for your dog. However, if you’re preemptively purchasing a pet insurance policy, then any future diagnoses, including cancer, may be eligible for coverage.

Dog with lump on ear (Caption: Things To Know About Lumps & Bumps On Dogs)

What Do Lumps On Dogs Mean?

If you have an older dog, then you are no stranger to finding miscellaneous bumps and lumps on them. In fact most dogs over the age of 7 will have developed one or more of these bumps upon inspection. But what are these lumps and bumps on dogs and when should you be concerned…

Dog with bumps on back cut out and bandages

Fibrosarcoma In Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment & Prognosis

Lumps and bumps are common in our canine friends as they age and can vary hugely in their severity. As a pet parent keeping your furry friend happy and healthy is a top priority, so finding a new lump or growth on their body can be a worrying time. If your dog has been diagnosed with fibrosarcoma by a veterinary professional, you may be confused and worried. Let’s learn more about this type of tumor, what causes them, and what can be done about it.

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