There’s no debate that dogs are dirty. But, we’ve got ways to keep them (and your house and car) clean. Don’t let fido make your furniture and carpet smell with these tips and pet-friendly products.

Sad dog next to pee stain on carpet with human pointing to it

How To Get Dog Pee Smell Out Of Carpet: Best Cleaner For Dried & Old Urine

As dog owners, we’ve all been there. You got delayed at the office or running errands, and your dog couldn’t hold it any longer. Of course, he picked the perfect place on the carpet to pee. Or even worse, your pet has chosen a regular spot to relieve himself in your home because you haven’t been able to completely eliminate the smell. Never fear! We’ll give you some expert tips on how to get dog pee smell out of carpet for good.

woman with dog hair all over dark pants

7 Best Pet Hair Removers For Laundry: Lint Roller, Hair Catcher & More

Pet owners have been battling pet hairs for generations. Animal fur sticks to everything, especially clothing, and can sometimes seem impossible to get rid of. One way that owners can combat the spread of annoying animal hair is in the laundry. Finding the best pet hair remover for laundry is a huge advantage in the process of eliminating these pesky hairs from your clothing and linens. We look at some of the top choices made specifically for getting pet hairs out of the laundry. Removing animal hairs from the laundry is a tricky process. This is because there are many different variables. The kind of animal, the kind of clothing, the type of fabric, and how much hair needs to be removed are all part of the equation. Pet owners can use laundry boosters, dryer additives, and pretreatment to combat dog and cat hair in the wash.

A woman wearing a jacket and gloves spraying her golden retriever dog with odor spray

What’s The Best Pet Odor Neutralizer For Dogs, Cats & Homes?

Does your dog smell in between baths? Other than bathing our pups nearly every day, how can we eliminate their offending odor? By using a scented or unscented dog odor eliminator. The best pet odor neutralizer can even double as neutralizers for floors, furniture, and carpets. 

A smart, calm puppy lies next to a blue bucket of cleaning products in the kitchen.

Pet-Safe Cleaning Products & How To Avoid Poisoning

If you use common household cleaners, you could be slowly poisoning your dog without even knowing it. You could be putting your pooch at risk for developing cancer, kidney or liver damage down the road. In fact, studies have proven the toxic effects of such ingredients as ammonia, bleach, chlorine, gycol ethers and formaldehyde on humans and pets. And pets are even more vulnerable. Pets pick up residues from cleaning products and then groom themselves, spreading these toxic materials on their skin, coat, mouths, nose and eyes. As a responsible dog owner, it’s time to ditch your chemical-laden cleaners for pet safe cleaning products…

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