As embarrassing as it may be, dressing up pets in cute outfits and gear is fun. Our favorite options are fashionable and functional.

Dog swimming in pool with life jacket (Caption: Best dog life jackets)

Best Dog Life Jacket: Prevent Drowning With A Flotation Vest (With Our Personal Experience)

Don’t risk losing your beloved pet when you’re having fun in the sun. A dog flotation vest can comfort you, knowing that your dog is safe if an accident occurs in the water. Learn the reasons why you should use a life jacket for your dog and some of our top picks. It’s also critical to make sure your dog’s vest fits properly. We’ll share some tips on how to measure and select the size you need for your dog. 

collie dog outside on pavement wearing dog booties

Best Dog Shoes For Hot Pavement: How Hot Is Too Hot For Dog Paws?

These boots are made for walkin’ — and for protection when your dog’s paws could blister in the sun. Yes, it’s true: dogs can scorch their paw pads from the hot ground on a sweltering summer day. Read our reviews of the best dog shoes for hot pavement to learn how to protect your dog’s paws and how you can test the temperature of the pavement yourself to ensure your dog’s safety.

Goldendoodles with Walkee Paws in snow and rain (Caption: Walkee Paws Dog Leggings Review)

Walkee Paws Review: The Best Choice For Paw Protection?

As humans, we understand the need to protect our feet from the elements. The same goes for our pups. It’s essential to be aware of the potential hazards when walking your dog on hot pavement or icy sidewalks. Dog shoes can help keep your dog’s feet safe, and Walkee Paws waterproof dog leggings, as seen on Shark Tank, might be the right choice for you.

Person putting bootie on dog's paw in the snow

Best Dog Boots And Coats For Winter (To Keep Your Pup Warm)

Are you looking to keep your pup warm in the winter? Just because your dog has a fur coat doesn’t mean they can’t get cold. When temperatures plummet, your furry friend might need an extra layer of warmth and protection (on their paws, too), just like their owner.

A white Retriever mixed breed dog with brown markings wearing a red and white checkered bandana and relaxing in the grass

10 Best Dog Bandanas: Cute, Stylish, Funny, Cooling & More For Dogs Of All Sizes

A dog bandana is a fun way to personalize your precious pooch for any occasion. They’re inexpensive, comfortable accessories that won’t overheat your dog like statement sweaters. And most dogs are happy to keep them on, unlike other doggy apparel that they get annoyed with quickly. See our reviews of our favorite dog bandanas.

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