Learn more about your dog’s traits, potential health conditions, and ancestry with a DNA test. You might even discover some long lost relatives.

Orivet Dog DNA Test (Caption: Orivet Dog DNA Test Review)

Orivet Dog DNA Test Review: Pros, Cons, Pricing, Features & More

While dog DNA testing has come a long way over the last few years to identify mixed breeds and genetic health risks, not all testing kits are created equal. Orivet’s at-home dog DNA tests are some of the most affordable you can find. But do they give you the accuracy and results you want? Find out in our Orivet DNA test review.

Sally licking man's face (Caption: Wisdom Panel Review)

Wisdom Panel Review: Our Dog’s Results Were Surprising

When my husband and I adopted our dog Sally in 2017 we were extremely curious about her dog breed makeup. We suspected she was hound of some sort but were uncertain of what type or anything else beyond that. So, we decided to take a dog DNA test to learn more. We completed a Wisdom Panel test for her and in less than two weeks, we had the results. What we discovered in the results was completely surprising to us…

Embark DNA Test )Caption: Embark Dog DNA Test)

Embark Dog DNA Test Reviews: Is Your Dog’s Breed A Mystery? (With Our Personal Experience)

Have you been pondering about giving your dog a DNA test but heard that they’re unreliable? You’ll be happy to know, that’s not the case with Embark’s newest at-home dog genetic testing kit. Thanks to recent scientific advances, Embark now offers the most accurate at-home dog DNA test available on the market — for breed identification and genetic health risks. They also sell oral and gut health tests as well as purebred tests. There’s something for every dog owner to learn.

scientist looking at dog dna under a microscope

Best Dog DNA Tests 2023: Embark vs Wisdom Panel vs Ancestry vs DNA My Dog vs Orivet vs EasyDNA & More

Have you been dying to know what breeds make up your one-of-a-kind pup? Are you concerned about certain hereditary diseases your dog might develop one day? DNA dog tests are a fun and informative way to understand who your pooch is and help you develop a better health plan for their future. According to a survey by Wisdom Panel, the primary reason pet owners decide to do a dog DNA test is out of curiosity (56%), followed by a desire to determine and gain a deeper understanding of possible health outcomes.

dog sitting next to dna strands in the background

DNA Testing For Dogs: What You Can Learn, Cost, Accuracy, How They Work & More

We love our dogs regardless of the breed, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to know who Fido’s mom and dad were (and what breed your pup is). With the advent of DNA testing for dogs, finding out your pup’s lineage and breed(s) is now a reality. World DNA Day takes place on April 25 and National DNA Day is an official proclamation in the United States since 2003. A dog DNA test is a fun way to celebrate the holiday while helping to understand your pet better.

Cat being pet by a person (Caption: Best Cat DNA Test)

Best Cat DNA Test For Health, Ancestry, Breeders & More

Have you ever wondered where your cat gets her fluffy tail from? Thanks to a cat breed DNA testing, you can learn about her traits and possible diseases she may develop throughout her life. Depending on what you want to discover, you may choose to buy one cat DNA kit over another.

5Strands pet raw food test collection kit (Caption: 5Strands For Pets Review)

5Strands Review: Are Their At-Home Pet Allergy Tests Reliable?

Is your dog itching incessantly or having digestion problems? Intolerances to certain food ingredients or environmental allergens could be the culprit. 5Strands offers several at-home tests that could help shed some light on what’s troubling your pup. What does 5Strands test for, and are their allergy tests worth considering?

Black and white dog sitting on top of DNA strand (Caption: Royal Canin Dog DNA Test Reviews)

Royal Canin Dog DNA Test Reviews: Is This Vet Test Better Than At-Home Tests?

If you want to know which breeds make up your one-of-a-kind pup and if she’s at risk for developing genetic health problems, you have several options. One test that many veterinarians offer is the Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis test. (Yes, this is the same premium pet food company, if you were wondering.) Are Royal Canin DNA test results accurate? And how does it compare to the best at-home dog DNA tests? We’ll answer these questions and more in our Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis review.

Female vet with dog and microscope (Caption: Paw Print Genetics Test Review)

Paw Print Genetics Reviews: Do They Offer Reliable Dog Disease Screening?

Are you a breeder who needs accurate genetic testing for hereditary diseases? Or do you want to know if your adopted pup has inherited any genetic mutations that could possibly pose health problems during her lifetime? Paw Print Genetics is one of several companies that offer at-home dog DNA testing. While they don’t do breed identification testing, Paw Print’s genetic testing specializes in disease screening. Are their tests worth it compared to similar companies?

Dog getting tested by owner sticking a DNA swab in the dog's mouth

DNA My Dog Reviews: What Can This At-Home Breed Identification Test Tell You?

Have you always wondered about your dog’s mysterious mix of breeds? If you got your dog from a shelter or a rescue, you likely have no concrete idea. With the DNA My Dog breed identification test kit, you may be able to confirm some of your suspicions about what the heck your dog is. But is this the best DNA breed test for the results you want? We uncover all the details about DNA My Dog to help you decide.

Dog sick on bed (caption: Degenerative Myelopathy In Dogs)

Degenerative Myelopathy In Dogs: Symptoms, Prognosis, Treatment & More

Has your dog become less mobile? Is he having trouble going on walks or climbing stairs? There could be many reasons for this, including arthritis and hip dysplasia. But one lesser-known condition he could be suffering from is degenerative myelopathy (DM), an inherited spinal cord disease in dogs. Learn more about DM here to see if your dog could be at risk for this debilitating condition.

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