Dog’s eyesight is important. So don’t let any eye illnesses or infections hinder their ability to see.

Close up of dog's colored eyes (Caption: Can Dogs See Color?)

Can Dogs See Color? Are Dogs Color Blind?

You may have heard that dogs only see the world in black, white, and shades of gray. This was the accepted belief for years. But that thinking is in the past. Research has shed some fascinating light on how dogs see color and how their color vision differs from humans. While dogs can see color, they cannot see all of them the same way humans can. Dog owners have many questions about whether dogs are color blind and what precisely the visible dog color spectrum is. There is more than a simple yes or no when answering the question, “Can dogs see color?”

Close up of person putting eye drops in a Corgi's eye

Best Eye Drops For Dogs For Allergies, Infections, Conjunctivitis & More

Like humans, dogs’ eyes are vulnerable to infections, injuries, allergens, debris, and other irritating problems. Our furry friends are also prone to several chronic eye conditions that require long-term treatment to save their vision. Some conditions are minor and can be relieved from over-the-counter eye drops for dogs. But many require prescription drops from your veterinarian. We’ll explore the best eye drops for dogs for many different needs and give you tips on how to administer drops to your pup.

Loss Of Vision In Dogs: Symptoms, Types Of Eye Issues, & Treatment Options

Dogs, just like people, can suffer from eye problems and progressive loss of vision, especially in their older age. Thankfully, dogs are not as reliant as us on their vision. Their heightened smell and hearing mean they usually manage gradual changes to vision well. In this article, we discuss might cause a pup to lose their sight, what your veterinarian may suggest doing, and how to cope with a blind dog at home. 

Golden with eye opened up by woman (Caption: Eye Conditions in Dogs)

Dog Eye Problems: Conditions, Symptoms, Treatment & More

Have you noticed something strange or different about your dog’s eyes? Perhaps they’re not opening them entirely, or you’ve had to wipe them a few more times than normal? These signs could mean they have an eye condition and need to see a veterinarian. Learn how your dog’s eyes work and how they should look so that you can spot when something is wrong quickly.

Vet's glove opening dog's infected eye (Caption: Uveitis In Dogs)

Uveitis In Dogs: Cause, Symptoms, Treatment & More

Uveitis is an inflammatory condition of the eye that can happen suddenly in dogs for a variety of reasons. Severe cases of uveitis can affect your dog’s vision and even lead to loss of sight. This article will explore what uveitis is, what might cause it, when to seek veterinary attention, and what treatment options are available.

A veterinary ophthalmologist makes a medical procedure, examines a dog's eyes with the help of an ophthalmologic veterinary tonometer at a veterinary clinic (Caption: Glaucoma In Dogs)

Glaucoma In Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & More

Dogs can develop glaucoma just like people. And this serious eye condition can cause your pup pain, vision loss, and even blindness. Learn more about glaucoma in dogs, including symptoms to look out for, when to see your vet, treatment options, and more.

vet inspecting a dogs eye holding the lids open

How Much Does Dog Cataract Surgery Cost?

Has your dog been diagnosed with cataracts? If so, are you worried about the cumbersome cost of canine cataract surgery? It can be expensive. And if left untreated, this progressive condition can lead to total blindness, so it’s a necessity for your pup’s quality of life. But how much does dog cataract surgery cost? And how can you reduce your financial burden for unexpected illnesses like this? Here, we’ll give you the info you need to know about dog cataract surgery, the associated costs, and how you may proactively reduce your financial risk for pet vet procedures.

small toy dog with cataracts in eyes looking sad with person holding their head

Cataracts In Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Did you know that it’s not just humans who can get cataracts? Dogs can too. Let’s find out more information about cataracts in dogs – what they are, why and how they affect dogs, and how they can be treated.

dog with glasses on looking at seeing eye chart

What Do Dogs See? Understanding Dog Vision vs Human Vision

Because a dog’s sense of smell is far more powerful than humans, you might think that our furry friends also have a leg up on us with their ability to see. But when it comes to sight, we generally have the upper hand. So, you’re likely wondering, what does a dog’s vision look like? How different is it from ours? We shed light on what dogs can and can’t see, how to spot signs of vision loss in your pup, and more.

Dog with eye cancer laying on the floor

Eye Cancer In Dogs: Types, Symptoms, Treatment & More

If you’ve noticed a growth on your dog’s eye, it’s natural to immediately rush to the conclusion that your furry family member has cancer. Try to keep in mind that most dog eye tumors end up being benign (non-cancerous). But unfortunately, our canine counterparts can get eye cancer. We explore the various types of eye cancer in dogs and associated symptoms to help you understand what your pup may be experiencing. However, you should always contact your veterinarian about any eye changes you notice in your dog.

A Chihuahua mixed breed white dog sitting in the grass and looking up with tear stains on eyes (Caption: Dog Tear Stains)

Dog Tear Stains: Causes, How To Remove Them & Preventative Measures

If your furry friend often has unsightly reddish-brown staining under her eyes, you’re likely wondering what you can do to get rid of these stains (technically called tear stains). Fortunately, you have several at-home solutions, but removing tear stains in dogs and preventing them from coming back can take some work to find the best regimen and products for your pup. We’ll help you understand why dogs get tear stains in the first place, possible health concerns, and ways to clean, minimize, and even prevent your dog’s tear stains.

Close up of a dog's face wearing Goggles

Best Dog Goggles: Do Dogs Need Glasses? Best For All Sized Dogs

Believe it or not, sunglasses and goggles are popular accessories for dogs. But does your dog need glasses? Are they just a waste of money? Glasses for dogs do more than merely bring out the hipster in your dog. They can help their eye health and vision. Learn more about this functional fashion statement and prescription glasses for dogs.

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