Dogs are a part of the family. Find the best breed, bonding tips, and how to introduce them to new household members.

Dog licking baby's face (Caption: How To Introduce Dogs And Newborns)

How To Introduce Dogs And Newborns

What’s your dog to do when there’s a new kid in town? Dogs and newborns can become best buds, but it will take some work on your part to ensure everything goes smoothly. Of course, your newborn’s safety is your number one priority, but there are many other issues to consider when it comes to your pup — he’ll need to adjust to new routines, sounds, and very likely need some behavior modifications. We’ll help you think ahead so the transition can be as seamless as possible and keep all family members happy and healthy…

Dog standing at house gate (Caption: Best Guard Dogs For Families)

10 Best Guard Dogs For Families

For as long as dogs have been domesticated, humans have used them to guard their livestock and homes. Some breeds do better at understanding one owner, and other breeds understand the entire family and will protect each member as though it were one of their own. We have researched and ranked the 10 best guard dogs for families and have brought that list to you..

woman bonding with rescue dot on a pation drinking a fruity beverage

How To Bond With Your Rescue Dog Or New Puppy

Let’s discuss how to bond with your rescue dog after you bring her home (learn more about the rescue process) and why bonding with your dog is so important. Here are some ideas on how to start making sure there is a smooth transition for you both and finding ways to make your relationship grow. Especially with rescue dogs who might be coming from a traumatic experience prior to adoption.

Family petting Golden dog (Caption: Guide To The Best Family Dogs)

Guide To The Best Family Dogs: For Kids, By Size, Hypoallergenic & More

Are you on the hunt for the best family dog? There’s no quick answer, but this guide can help you learn some of the top breeds for families, what makes them great, and how to pick the best breed for your family. After all, there are many great family dogs, but just because a dog is characteristically great with families doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for yours.

Baby laying next to dog (caption: Preparing Your Dog For A New Baby)

How To Prepare Your Dog For A New Baby

Many couples begin their family together with a dog. While this dog is their first “child”, they often become concerned when deciding to add a human child to their family. Their concerns frequently revolve around how their dog will react to having a new baby in the household, and it is not uncommon for new parents to be worried that their dog will harm their new child…

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