There are so many dogs who need happy homes. Not ready to adopt? Fostering could be an alternative.

Dog with foster parent (caption: How To Become A Foster Dog Parent)

How To Become A Foster Dog Parent & Tips For Fostering (With Personal Experience)

The stigma that shelter dogs are bad dogs is a stereotype that is completely untrue. Unfortunately, too many dogs are in shelters, and people are scared to adopt them because they think there must be some reason that they were sent to the shelter to begin with. Read on to learn the real deal about shelter dogs and what you can do to help…

Two Cavalier dogs on sofa (caption: Adopting & Fostering With Cavalier Rescue USA)

Adopting & Fostering With Cavalier Rescue USA

I adopted our Cav Lexie through Cavalier Rescue USA and wanted to share more about the great work their organization is doing in hopes it could help others who are considering adopting (or fostering) this lovable breed. So we interviewed Michelle from Cavalier Rescue USA to learn more…

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