There are lots of alternative medicines and ways to treat your dog holistically. Find out your options to use to treat dog issues and help alleviate your canine from pain or possibly treat illnesses.

vet using pendulum to check dog's health

Best Natural Pain Relief For Dogs: Holistic & Alternative Therapies, Herbal & Home Remedies & More

Not a fan of pharmaceuticals for your pup? Many traditional veterinarians recommend them for pain relief, particularly in moderate to severe cases. But even vets know that these meds have negative side effects for some dogs. Fortunately, a growing number of vets are incorporating integrative medicine into their treatment plans, giving you safe and effective natural pain relief options for your dog. We’ll explore the best holistic alternatives for many conditions, how to find a vet in your area who offers natural pain relief, and more.

Dog with Turmeric powder juice and root

Turmeric For Dogs: Benefits, How To Use, Side Effects & More

Turmeric is enjoying its moment in the spotlight these days, from its popular use in cooking to human medicinal supplements and beyond. This bright-yellow spice is purported to have numerous health benefits for humans, so the veterinary world (and pet food and pet supplement industries) have taken notice. But first, is turmeric safe for dogs? Yes, for most dogs it’s safe in small amounts. Are there proven benefits for our furry friends? We’ve dug into the research into this golden root, what the veterinary community has to say about the use of turmeric for dogs, feeding guidelines, and more.

Natural raw organic dog meat food in bowl and dogs paws (Caption: Holistic Dog Food)

Best Holistic Dog Foods: What Is It & Why Dogs Need A Balanced Diet

As pet owners become more discerning about the nutritional content of their pup’s food, they’re increasingly turning to holistic dog food as the solution. But what makes a dog food holistic? We’ll help you answer this and many other questions around this somewhat confusing type of pet food.

Dog with acupuncture needles (Caption: Acupuncture For Dogs)

Acupuncture For Dogs: Can It Heal Your Dog?

Wondering if dog acupuncture is a good idea for treating what ails your pup? The only one who can answer that question is a vet trained in traditional Chinese veterinary medicine. However, we can teach you a little about TCVM, canine acupuncture, and why you might want to consider it to help improve your pup’s health.

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