Dogs need to drink water to stay alive. But what are the best ways to keep them from getting dehydrated? Our guides and gear to gulping.

dog drinking from a yeti dog bowl outside

Yeti Dog Bowl Review: Features, Pricing & More (With Personal Experience)

While a lot of focus gets put on what goes into a dog’s bowl, the feeding dish itself can make a difference. One doggie dish that has gotten a lot of attention in the last few years is the Yeti Boomer dog bowl. The company is famous for its sturdy coolers, drinkware, bags, apparel, and other products. Unsurprisingly, these feeding bowls are popular, but are they worth the hype?

Dachshund drinking water out of a spill proof dog bowl

Best No Spill Dog Water Bowls: Splash-Proof Options For Messy Dogs For Home, Crate & Travel

As much as we love them, dogs can be messy, especially around the water bowl. Does that puddle under and around your dog’s bowl look familiar? Sick and tired of cleaning up water messes every time your pup takes a drink? You are not alone. This problem is something that breeds of every size can have. Some dogs are simply messy drinkers who gulp water down quickly and sloppily. Fortunately, there are water dishes made specifically for messy drinkers. The best no-spill dog water bowls can make a big difference in controlling that wet mess. There are a few different kinds to choose from.

Dog panting in hot car (caption: Heat Stroke In Dogs Prevention & Treatment)

Heat Stroke In Dogs: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention And More

Warm weather is ideal for pet owners to enjoy the outdoors with their furry best friend. It’s tempting to take Fido with you to run errands and on family trips. But what happens when your dog becomes too hot? As the temperature rises, dog owners must be aware of the potential warning signs of heat stroke in dogs and how to prevent it before it’s too late.

big dog drinking from a dog water fountain

Best Dog Water Fountain: Dispensers, Outdoor, Automatic & More

Dogs can benefit from a water fountain as much as humans can. Not only do they provide a steady stream of fresh, filtered water, but it’s also a convenient way to make sure you’re not having to constantly fill up their empty water bowl. Pet drinking fountains come in a variety of options depending on your pet’s needs and your preferences. We’ll take a dip into the best dog fountains on the market and our top picks for each category, from the best outdoor dog fountains to automatic pet water dispensers and more.

overhead photo of dog drinking from a portable dog water bottle on the grass

Best Dog Water Bottle: Portable For Travel, For Crate, Walking, Bowl Size, For Hiking, With Toy & More

You’re out for a walk and take a break to give your dog some water. You’re probably one of two people. If you’re the first person, you uncap your shared water, attempt to form a bowl with your hands and try to get him to drink as much of it as possible before it all drips through the cracks. If you’re the second person, you’re lugging around a bowl with you, pour some water into it, and she drinks about half of it resulting in you tossing the remainder. An easier alternative would be to bring your dog its own water bottle with a bowl built in. Your dog will drink more water and less will go on the ground. No wasted water, no mess, and no extra bowl needed.

Dog Drinking Water and Being Reflected by Water

Water Intoxication In Dogs: How It Happens & Treatment Options For Homeostasis

It was back in 700BC that a greek poet said “Moderation is best in all things”… and though it might come as a surprise to some, this is also true of drinking water! Indeed, for people and animals alike, drinking too much water too quickly can cause serious problems. From a medical standpoint, this is called water intoxication or “dilutional hyponatremia” and is perhaps more common than people think.  Find out more about what happens when dogs drink too much water and what to do if your dog has water intoxication. 

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