Infectious Disease

Unfortunately, dogs can catch all sorts of germs and diseases from other dogs and be exposed to from the air. Find out how to prevent, care for, and stop the spread.

Parvo In Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention & More

Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious virus that’s particularly prevalent in puppies. Parvo can cause severe symptoms that often lead to death if left untreated. Read on to learn more about this disease, its symptoms, how to treat it and prevent it from spreading to others.

tick close up

Everything You Need To Know About Lyme Disease In Dogs (According To A Vet)

Lyme disease is a fairly common illness in dogs, just as it is in humans. And cases continue to rise in both species every year. Despite widely available preventative measures for dogs, the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CACP) reported that confirmed cases in the U.S. rose over 43% between 2017 and 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about spotting the symptoms, preventing, diagnosing, and treating this expensive tick-borne illness. Symptoms can take months to develop so it’s important to keep an eye on your pup long after a tick bite.

Sick grey dog laying down (Caption: Distemper in Dogs)

Distemper In Dogs And Cats: Signs, Treatment, Prevention & More

Although they are caused by two entirely different viruses, canine and feline distemper are highly contagious and potentially fatal diseases that are 100% preventable. That’s why it’s so important to get your pets vaccinated as young as possible. Find out how you can prevent your furry friends from contracting these terrible diseases.

Small wire hair dog coughing (Caption: What Is Kennel Cough?)

What Is Kennel Cough? Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Is your dog coughing more than usual? Is he making a hacking sound (like he has a hairball stuck in his throat)? Has he recently spent time around other pups? If so, he could have kennel cough — also called canine infectious tracheobronchitis. In most cases, kennel cough isn’t serious and will clear up without treatment. However, in some dogs, the disease can be more severe. Learn more about the symptoms, when you should seek veterinary care, and how you can reduce your dog’s risk of contracting this highly contagious illness.

Pug dog with face mask (Caption: Coronavirus & Dogs)

Can Dogs (Or Cats) Get Coronavirus? Tips To Keep You & Your Pets Safe

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a small number of pets worldwide, including dogs and cats, have been reported to be infected with COVID-19, mostly after close contact with infected people. However, the risk of pets spreading the virus to people is low. See the latest news on COVID-19 and pets and CDC recommendations for pet owners.

Dog barking aggressively and drooling (Caption: Rabies Symptoms In Dogs)

Rabies Symptoms In Dogs: Signs It’s Time To See A Vet

When most of us think about rabies, we picture an animal foaming at the mouth and acting aggressive or erratic. But there are many other signs of rabies in dogs. Learn more about rabies symptoms in dogs, what to do if your dog gets bitten by an infected animal, and how you can easily prevent this devastating disease. 

Dog drinking creek water (caption: Leptospirosis In Dogs)

Leptospirosis In Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention & More

If you were a pup parent several years ago, you might recall leptospirosis hitting the news locally, regionally, or even nationally. Dogs contracted this disease from simply swimming in local streams and rivers and becoming seriously ill and even dying. It became a popular news topic for a fleeting moment. While the news hasn’t focused on this disease as much lately, it can still be a very real threat to your dog, depending on where your dog roams. What do you need to do to prevent your dog from getting sick? And if he does, what are the symptoms? We give you all the information you need to know about this disease that can become severe quickly…

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