Liability insurance may be something you should consider when owning a dog. Your dog is probably always sweet and nice but there may be an instance where your dog harms someone like biting. You are liable in this situation.

A dog biting persons face

What Do I Do If My Dog Bites Someone?

So many questions come to mind when you think about what would happen if your dog bit someone. “What do I do to stop my dog? Is everyone okay? Do I need to call for help? Do I report the incident to someone? Could I get sued?” My dog hurting someone is the last thing I would ever imagine. Not only could someone get seriously injured but my beloved pup could be taken away. As dog owners, it’s important that we know what to do should our dogs bite someone.

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two dogs fighting in grass about to bite each other

Dog Bite Statistics (Most Common Breeds & How Likely Are You To Get Bit?)

According to a study from the Center For Disease Control (CDC), approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur in the United States each year, and 800,000 of those bites result in medical care. The U.S. population was approximately 328.2 million people in 2019. That means a dog bites 1 out of every 73 people. These are scary statistics. But scary becomes a lot less so when you’re armed with the right information. From the top breeds to be wary of, to considering your behavior around animals, to why dogs bite in the first place, we give you an arsenal of information so that you can bite back in the dog bite debate.

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Dog wearing muzzle (Caption: Dangerous Dog Act)

Dangerous Dogs Act: What Breeds Are Covered?

The dangerous dogs act was a law passed in the United Kingdom in 1991 aimed to try to reduce the number of dog attacks by specific breeds.Parliament stepped in to create this Act after a slew of incidents where serious injury or death resulted from dog attacks of a particularly aggressive breed that were uncontrolled. This legislative response was designed as a way to protect the people; however, over time many have come to see this Parliamentary Act as being discriminatory and ineffective. Let’s discuss some of the specifics regarding the dangerous dogs act and whether or not this was an effective response to a societal concern…

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Girl walking two dogs on leashes (caption: guide to dog walking insurance and bonding)

Quick Guide To Dog Walking Insurance & Bonding

Being a professional dog walker may be your dream come true, but it’s also a risky business. The most obvious risk is your liability if the dog you’re walking bites someone. However, many dog walkers don’t consider the significant costs involved with injuries to pets or damage to the property in your care. Dog walking insurance can be a valuable tool to protect dog walkers and customers…

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Dog sitter on couch with lab (caption: Pet Sitting Insurance & Bonding)

Pet Sitting Insurance & Bonding: What It Covers & Why You Need It

If you’re an animal lover, becoming a professional pet sitter could be ideal for you. But taking care of other people’s pets comes with certain challenges and risks. The most costly risks involve injuries or damages that could occur when a pet is under your care. In many cases, you’ll be held liable for the costs associated with these incidents — and you could even be sued. That’s why it’s so important to have pet sitting insurance and bonding. They help protect you from a possible financial blow…

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Dog with sunglasses: Dog Liability Insurance

Bypass The Blacklist: Dog Liability Insurance

Having trouble finding a place to live because your dog is blacklisted as a “bad breed?” Can’t secure homeowners or renters insurance that covers your pooch? Many of the top insurance companies won’t provide dog liability insurance for certain breeds of dogs deemed “dangerous.” There are a number of lesser-known insurance companies that disagree with the concept of labeling dogs solely because of their breed. If you own or are thinking about getting a “bad breed” dog, this article is for you…

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Dog sitting on tile floor (Caption: Pet Liability Insurance For Renters)

Pet Liability Insurance For Renters

As a renter, do you worry about the damage your pets can do to the property you’re leasing? What about potential injuries to your neighbors or visitors to your home? The unfortunate reality is that you can be held liable for your pet’s behavior – even if you take all the precautions to prevent your pet from inflicting any kind of damage. All owners know that pets (like children) don’t always follow the rules. So, what can you do to protect yourself and keep your precious pet with you?

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