There are so many ways to have fun in the sun with your pet. Ways to explore the great outdoors while keeping your pet protected.

girl sitting on a park bench with her dog on a summer day near the water

What Are The Most Common Summer Dangers For Dogs?

The number one priority for pet owners should always be ensuring the safety of their animals. However, as we move into warmer months, the rise in temperatures and increased likelihood of outdoor activities means there may be a heightened risk of specific injuries and illnesses to our beloved pets. We analyzed Google Trends and Google Search data to highlight the most searched-about canine injuries and provide expert tips on how to manage these accidents. We also explored common summer illnesses among dogs and review how owners can spot these conditions quickly.

two small dogs sitting on a pink floaty in the pool wearing sunglasses

5 Best Dog Floaties For The Pool, Beach & More

Your family’s warm-weather fun isn’t complete until your canine buddy joins in. Dogs enjoy nothing more than being part of all of your activities. And that includes cooling off on a relaxing raft in the pool, floating or boating around a lake, or riding ocean waves on a floaty. But canine claws can clash with rafts designed for humans. Fortunately, you have some super durable options made with materials that can withstand your pup’s nails and bouncy personality. We give you our recommendations for the best dog floaties, water safety tips, and more.

Man spraying grass in a flowerbed in his yard with weed killer watched by his cute little golden cocker spaniel dog in a high angle view

Is Roundup Safe For Dogs? Should You Use This Popular Weed Killer On Your Lawn?

It’s so challenging as a pet parent to know which household cleaning and lawn-care products are safe to use around our pups. When it comes to lawn and garden care, the health risks for your pets can be quite high and even lethal depending on the products you use. Millions of homeowners and commercial farms use Roundup and other products containing glyphosate. But is Roundup safe for pets? We’ll share the suspected and known health risks, what experts have to say, and much more.

small black dog sniffs at grass with dandelions

Best Pet-Safe Weed Killer: Dog-Friendly, Homemade & Natural Options

Weeds are quite possibly the most annoying thing in your yard, especially in the warmer months. They make their way through cracks in the driveway, find their way into flower beds, grow proudly in the garden, and sprout just about everywhere imaginable. But if you’re like us and have kids or pets around, you probably don’t want to spray your yard with harmful chemicals like the ingredients in Roundup. For those hard-to-reach spots or persistent weeds, we bring you the best natural weed killers, including pre-made products and organic weed control recipes.

dog sniffing grass and weeds

Can Dogs Get Poison Ivy? Symptoms, Treatment & More

Keeping your dog safe and happy is every pet parent’s top priority. Poison ivy may concern dog parents when walking in areas with lots of plants. For those of us that have had the unlucky experience of touching the plant ourselves, we know just how irritating and uncomfortable it can be to our skin. So, does poison ivy affect dogs in the same way?

two small white dogs confronting each other walking on leashes on the sidewalk

Trail Etiquette For Pet Owners

Dog owners can spend close to 300 minutes each week walking their dogs — that’s nearly five hours of outdoor activity. Many pet owners choose to walk their dogs on public trails, introducing their dogs to wildlife, fresh air, and even other dogs. When dogs — and people — come into contact with each other …

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