Dog paws are prone to pesky dirt and debris. Make paw pads a priority and ensure you understand the risks from exposure to elements.

collie dog outside on pavement wearing dog booties

Best Dog Shoes For Hot Pavement: How Hot Is Too Hot For Dog Paws?

These boots are made for walkin’ — and for protection when your dog’s paws could blister in the sun. Yes, it’s true: dogs can scorch their paw pads from the hot ground on a sweltering summer day. Read our reviews of the best dog shoes for hot pavement to learn how to protect your dog’s paws and how you can test the temperature of the pavement yourself to ensure your dog’s safety.

woman using paw cleaning tool to clean legs and paws of her poodle dog sitting on a sofa

Best Dog Paw Cleaner: Washer, Wipe, Cup & Mat Solutions

Let’s face it. Dogs’ paws get dirty and not just when it rains or after being dragged through the mud. Everyday walks on the sidewalk and playing in the yard can cause your dog’s paws to collect germs in her pads and paw fur. Over time, the buildup can lead to more serious health problems like yeast infections. But what’s the best way to clean dog paws, so you don’t have to bathe your dog after every potty break? The best paw cleaner for dogs can help keep your dog’s paws fresh so you can have guilt-free snuggles in bed and not have to worry about ruining your rugs.

Can Dog Paws Freeze? What Can You Do If They Get Too Cold?

As humans, we often tend to think if our feet get cold in the wintertime then so do our dogs’ paws. But what does the research say? And should you be concerned about your pup’s paws? And how do you keep their pads protected in the winter (and summer) months? We’ve got the answers plus some recommended products

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