Dogs love to snooze. But there are unhealthy sleeping habits you should know about. Or maybe your pup is having issues at night catching z’s and chasing squirrels in their dreams. We help make sure your hound gets a good night’s rest.

Small dog who chewed up stuffing from dog bed

7 Best Chew-Proof Dog Beds: Types & What To Consider

We all know how much our dogs love chewing on everything, their bed included. Giving your pet a place to sleep is one important thing we all agree upon. The good news for those of you with super chewers is there are some excellent chew-proof dog beds available. Now your pet can chew to his heart’s content without you having to replace his bed continually. Check out our reviews of the best chew-proof dog beds.

Dog sitting in orthopedic dog bed

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed Reviews: A Comfy Way To Reduce Joint Pain

Your dog deserves a good night’s sleep. Especially as they get older and more susceptible to aches and pains. An orthopedic dog bed can help your dog sleep comfortably and wake up well-rested. Our recommendations will help you find the best based on your dog’s size, sleeping habits and other needs like waterproofing and cooling features.

jack terrier sitting in a dog bed in living room

Best Dog Beds For Every Breed & Need (Our Top Picks By Category)

Finding decent dog beds is no easy task. Dogs, just like their owners, have different needs when it comes to a comfortable place to catch their zzz’s. The most obvious consideration is the right size, but you also should factor in their personality, agility, health issues, and available space in your house.

A cute yellow Labrador is lying on the dog bed. Light background. The dog sleeps on the Plush Fleecy Pet Cave

Best Anti-Anxiety And Calming Dog Bed To Soothe Your Pup

If your pup has anxiety or is just happier with a snuggly dog bed, you have a lot of choices for dog beds that can help soothe your pup to sleep or just hang out when he’s feeling insecure. Our calming dog bed reviews give you some of the top-rated products to help your pup feel safe and secure.

puppy breathing fast while sleeping on humans chest

Puppy Breathing Fast While Sleeping: Is It Normal & Why They Pant

Are you the proud new owner of an adorable puppy? If so, you likely have many questions about your puppy’s health and behavior. Many new puppy owners are concerned about their dog’s breathing, specifically when sleeping. Pet owners will sometimes notice puppies breathing faster when they are asleep. This can lead to anxiety and concern on the part of pet owners. Is a puppy breathing fast while sleeping normal? When is this a situation where owners should worry?

Beagle dog sleeps on the couch on his back

Why Do Dogs Sleep On Their Backs? It Means More Than You Might Think

Of all the goofy positions you can find your dog in, one of the most hilarious contortions is when they’re asleep on their back with their legs splayed wide open or pointed in the air. It doesn’t look all that comfortable from a human perspective, but it must be for our furry friends, right? If you’ve ever wondered why dogs sleep on their backs and what it means, we’ve uncovered all the reasons.

Dog Sleep Position cuddled in a dog bed

7 Common Dog Sleeping Positions & What They Mean

Almost nothing’s more adorable than watching our furry friends sleep, but sometimes our pups can get into the most amusing body contortions when they’re in for a big old snooze. Most canines have several sleeping positions they prefer, but what do they all mean? Why does your pup spread eagle on the floor or go belly up with his paws in the air to catch some z’s? We’ve uncovered what the most common dog sleeping positions can reveal about your dog and some interesting tidbits about canine snoozing habits.

rhodesian Ridgeback puppies lying on elevated dog bed in the grass

Best Elevated Dog Bed: Raised, Chew-Proof, Off-The-Ground Cots & Hammocks

Most of us humans sleep on a bed that’s elevated from the floor, so why shouldn’t our beloved dogs? If you consider your pup part of your family, give him the luxury of a raised bed. An elevated dog bed can be an excellent primary or secondary sleeping space for your pup. And most raised dog beds are great for the outdoors based on their weather-resistant materials. We’ll tell you about all the advantages of an elevated dog bed and give you reviews of some of the best ones you can find.

Maltese sleeping on carpet dreaming (Caption: Do Dogs Dream?)

Do Dogs Dream?

Our dogs are so cute when they are sleeping — twitching, whimpering, and chasing squirrels. But do dogs have dreams? If so, what do dogs dream about, and why do dogs dream? Do dogs dream about their owners? One can wish! Learn more about what might be going on inside a dog’s head when he sleeps and how to tell if your doggy is dreaming when he dozes off.

Dog sleeping on back (Caption: Dog Snoring Guide)

Dog Snoring: Is It Normal Or A Cause For Concern?

There’s nothing cuter than a sleeping dog. But what happens if your sweet pup is snoring like a train. Not only does it take away from the cuteness, but it can also cause some concern if you aren’t sure why it’s happening or if it’s normal…

Man sleeping next to dog in bed (caption: Dog Sleeping In Bed With Humans)

Dog Sleeping In Bed With Humans: Should I Allow It?

Should I let my dog sleep in my bed? If you’re struggling with this question, you’re certainly not alone. There are definite proponents for both sides, but there’s no definitive answer — it comes down to personal preference in most cases. The consensus is that you won’t harm your dog by having him sleep with you. However, there are several factors you should consider to make sure this is a comfortable choice for both you and your pup…

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