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Dog licking its face (Caption: Why Do Dogs Lick?)

Why Do Dogs Lick? Answers To Why They Lick People, Paws, Themselves, Wounds & More

Is your dog constantly licking, and you have no idea why? Licking is a very natural way for dogs to communicate with one another. After a mother has her pups, she licks them to help them start breathing and clean them. This initial licking sticks with dogs throughout their lives, and they use it for many reasons. Licking for dogs is similar to humans biting their nails — both release pleasurable endorphins, which create comfort and relieve stress.

Two happy friends Pomeranian Spitz dogs lying on the grass on rainbow LGBT color flag smiling with tongue out at summer

Can Dogs Be Gay? Animal Sexual Behavior Explained

Pup owners have a tendency to anthropomorphize their dogs. After all, many of us consider our furry friends as beloved family members. It’s natural for us to attribute human behavior, emotions, or traits to our pups. So, when your male dog humps another male dog, you may wonder, “is my dog gay?” We’ll dive into the fascinating science of animal sexuality to help you understand your pup’s behavior.

dog face sideways on floor sighing

Why Do Dogs Sigh? Deciphering Your Canine’s Sounds

We’ve all been there. You’re hanging out with your pup and all of a sudden she lets out a long, deep sigh. Is your pup feeling content or is something bothering her? It can be hard at times to know what’s going on with our furry friends. We know that our pups use different types of vocalizations to communicate their feelings, but what does it mean when a dog sighs? We’ll shed light on the reasons your pup sighs and when it’s a possible sign that something might be wrong.

Dog licking his private areas laying on dirty ground

Dog Licking Butt: Why Does He Do It So Often? Can It Be Stopped?

As dog parents, we all know our pups can perform some pretty repulsive displays of behavior (especially when we have company over). A dog licking its butt is arguably one of the worst. Why do dogs lick their buttholes? Find out why this behavior could indicate a health concern that requires your attention.

Dog rolling on ground in poop (caption: Why Do Dogs Roll In Poop?)

Why Do Dogs Roll In Poop? (And How To Stop It)

Dogs like to roll in smelly things. What is it about poop, dead things and other smelly stuff that makes our dogs dive in? Find out why he loves smelling nasty and how you can stop this behavior…

tailor taking a little dog's measures for his handmade suit

When Do Dogs Stop Growing? Factors That Affect Size

From crates and dog beds to collars, harnesses, and much more, there’s so much gear you need for your furry family member. It can be challenging, for sure, to know when to size up from your puppy to adult gear. After all, who wants to invest in a new dog bed, only to have your pup outgrow his bed yet again? So, knowing when your canine companion will be fully grown (or close to it) can help a ton. When do puppies stop growing? Of course, with most things dog-related, it depends. But we’ll give you all the information you need to know so you can plan for upcoming growth.

How Many Nipples Do Dogs Have?

Of all the random things you can wonder about your canine companion, have you ever been curious about how many nipples dogs are supposed to have? And do male dogs have nipples? Veterinarians actually get these questions fairly often, so you’re not alone if you’re wondering if your pup is normal. Learn everything you ever wanted to know and more about dog nipples.

Beagle dog sleeps on the couch on his back

Why Do Dogs Sleep On Their Backs? It Means More Than You Might Think

Of all the goofy positions you can find your dog in, one of the most hilarious contortions is when they’re asleep on their back with their legs splayed wide open or pointed in the air. It doesn’t look all that comfortable from a human perspective, but it must be for our furry friends, right? If you’ve ever wondered why dogs sleep on their backs and what it means, we’ve uncovered all the reasons.

Terrier Chasing its Tail (Caption: Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails?)

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails?

Our dogs can act weird sometimes. One of those things that make them special is when they chase their tail in circles. Spinning in a circle like a tornado. But why do dogs chase their tails? The answer is part scientific and hereditary, and each dog might have a different reason he will do the behavior. Let’s find out why a dog chasing tail is so fascinating and if it should be a concern.

Girl playing with dog on grass tickling a dog's belly

Are Dogs Ticklish? And Why Do Dogs Kick When You Scratch Their Belly?

It’s hard to resist a dog’s adorable exposed belly without giving it a good rub or scratch. When you do this with your pup, does she become excited, wiggly, or kick out her hind leg? We know most dogs enjoy a good belly rub, but what exactly are they feeling? Can dogs be ticklish like humans?

Dog being licked on the ground (caption: Why Do Dogs Lick Their Wounds?)

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Wounds?

We’ve all heard the expression “licking one’s wounds” (meaning to recover after defeat or embarrassment). It’s believed that this saying originated hundreds of years ago from people observing animals licking their injuries after a predator’s attack. Have you ever wondered why dogs and other animals lick wounds in the first place? And is it beneficial or harmful to their healing?…

Microscope with gloved hands (caption: How Many Chromosomes Do Dogs Have?)

How Many Chromosomes Do Dogs Have? (And What They Mean)

While many pet parents consider their dogs family members, we all know that dogs have a different genetic makeup than their human counterparts. But do humans and dogs have genetic similarities? Do dogs have the same number of chromosomes as humans? And how much can we learn about our dogs from breakthroughs into dog DNA?

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