dog eating wild earth dog food with fresh ingredients in bowl

Wild Earth Dog Food Reviews: Is This Vegan Dog Food A Healthy Option?

If your household is vegan, you may want to check out Wild Earth’s dog food, treats, and supplements. Their all-natural vegan dog food is made with only plant-based proteins. Also, the company claims that their dog food is an excellent option for dogs with allergies. But is Wild Earth a healthy, complete, and balanced dog food since it doesn’t contain animal protein? We give you the lowdown in our Wild Earth dog food review.

dog sampling different vegan dog treats off a table

Best Vegan Dog Treats: Our Picks For Best Jerky, Soft Chew, Crunchy & More

Dog owners know how important it is to find healthy treats for our furry companions like, and that is good for them. While most dogs love meaty treats, a rising number love veggie-based and vegan dog treats. Are vegan dog treats good for dogs? Yes, in many cases, they sure are. In fact, they are an excellent pick for pups with food allergies or those who have trouble with animal proteins. There are a ton of options to choose from, and as dogs can be picky, this can be quite a challenge. We have taken a look at 13 different veggie-based dog treats and share our findings.

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