Two dogs on a walk get to know each other touching noses (Caption: Embrace vs ASPCA Pet Insurance)

Embrace vs ASPCA Pet Insurance: Compare Price, Coverage, Customer Service & More

With a big name like the ASPCA associated with it, ASPCA Pet Insurance has to be the best right? Actually, pet insurance isn’t a one size fits all solution, and each pet’s needs are different. Find out how Embrace and ASPCA Pet Insurance differ and which may be the best option for you. We compare coverage, customer service and reputation, claim processing, pricing, and customization and explain which company we think is better. However, remember that each pet and budget is different, so we suggest getting quotes from multiple companies to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Golden Retriever dog and Vizsla dog saying hello and sniffing noses (Caption: Trupanion vs ASPCA)

Trupanion vs ASPCA Pet Insurance: Which Is Better Suited For Your Needs?

Trupanion and ASPCA Pet Insurance are both big names in the pet world. But how do you choose one company over the other for your financial risk management needs? Is one better, and if so, which? We’ll help you decide which pet insurance company may be the perfect fit for your dog or cat’s needs.

Two dogs looking at each other (caption: Healthy Paws vs Nationwide)

Healthy Paws vs Nationwide: Which Is More Dependable?

Healthy Paws and Nationwide are two big dogs in the pet industry space. However, their business models, the customer experience, and the cost are entirely different. Both companies offer thorough coverage, but there’s a big difference in their reputations, claim repayment time frame, and price. We explain why we rank one company much better than the other below.

Two dogs nose to nose (caption: Trupanion vs Nationwide)

Trupanion vs Nationwide: Does A Higher Price Mean Better Pet Insurance?

Trupanion and Nationwide aren’t among our most recommended pet insurance providers, but there are instances where we think they may be better options for your pet. We know pet insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. This is why we explain their coverage, price, reputation, and the scenarios when we think you may want to consider one of them over our top picks. 

white poodle and cocker spaniel sitting on green grass (Caption: Fetch vs Natinowide)

Fetch vs Nationwide Pet Insurance: Is One Better & More Affordable?

Fetch by The Dodo and Nationwide are two powerhouse pet insurance providers. While they each offer unique pet insurance plans, they also have many similarities in their coverage and policies. We compare Fetch and Nationwide’s coverage, customer service and reputation, claim processing average, price, and plan customizations to help you see what similarities and differences they have. We also choose a winner and explain why we think one company comes out on top of the other.

Two dogs dressed up looking for treat (caption: Lemonade vs Healthy Paws)

Lemonade Pet Insurance vs Healthy Paws: Coverage, Customer Service, Price, Repayment, Discounts, And More Compared

Lemonade is a pet insurance newcomer, while Healthy Paws is a veteran. We compare these two pet insurance companies head-to-head and choose a winner. We explain our reasoning for our rankings below. Remember, you should always get quotes for your specific pet and location and read the policy before signing up. Ultimately, we feel that coverage should be a leading factor for you to consider before purchasing, but we also realize that cost is important.

Golden retriever dog and puppy in a puddle with umbrella

Figo vs Embrace: Which Has Better Coverage?

You’ve narrowed your choices down between Figo and Embrace to decide which pet insurance provider is better for your dog. Both companies offer extensive coverage and various plan customization options. However, there’s a noticeable difference in their pricing, which may be your deciding factor. We pit Figo and Embrace against one another and explain why we rank one better than the other. We point out their similarities and differences to help you feel empowered to make an informed decision.

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Figo vs Healthy Paws: Which Has Better Coverage?

Figo and Healthy Paws are two of the most commonly discussed pet insurance providers, and we put them head to head and choose a clear winner. While both companies offer thorough coverage, there’s a difference in their reputation, plan customization options, and often price. We explain why we rank one better than the other below.

Two dogs standing on wooden dock on lake (Caption: Fetch by The Dodo vs FigoFetch by The Dodo vs Figo logos)

Fetch by The Dodo vs Figo: Choose The Best Pet Insurance For Your Dog

Fetch by The Dodo and Figo offer some of the most extensive coverage in the pet insurance industry. Fetch offers unique coverage for things like advertising and paying a reward for a stolen or lost pet and virtual vet visits up to $1,000. Meanwhile, Figo’s prices are often hard to beat. So which one will cover what you need and fit into your budget the best?  We compare coverage, customer service and reputation, claim processing, customizations, and prices and explain which company we think is better. But keep in mind that every pet and budget are different, so we recommend getting quotes from multiple companies to ensure you get the best value for your unique situation.

Two dogs looking at each other (Caption: Trupanion vs Fetch by The Dodo logos)

Trupanion vs Fetch: Compare Price, Coverage And More

You should always take your dog to the vet if you think he’s ill or injured. However, you shouldn’t have to choose between your wallet and your pet’s health. That’s why they offer pet insurance. Trupanion and Fetch by The Dodo are two of the leading pet insurance providers. But does one company offer more thorough coverage at a more affordable price? Find out which one we think is better and why.

Two small dogs sitting together on grass (Caption: Pet Insurance Comparison Embrace vs Fetch by The Dodo)

Embrace vs Fetch: Which Offers A Better Policy?

Embrace and Fetch by The Dodo are both big players in the pet insurance industry. You may have heard about Embrace through your insurance carrier if you have Allstate, Geico, or USAA because they sell policies administered by Embrace. Meanwhile, you may have heard of Fetch through Walmart because Fetch services pet insurance policies purchased via Walmart. No matter where you’ve heard of them, you’re probably wondering if they’re reputable companies. Do they offer thorough coverage at a reasonable price? Find out which one we rank better and why.

Two dogs sitting (Caption: Healthy Paws vs Fetch by The Dodo logos)

Healthy Paws vs Fetch: Who Comes Out On Top?

Pet insurance is essential for all responsible pet owners. It prepares you financially to deal with any unexpected (and expensive) accident or illness. This is why we regularly review the top pet insurance companies to find out who comes out on top. This time, we’re putting two big name insurers in the ring, Healthy Paws vs Fetch by The Dodo, to see which plan is a better value and the best fit for you and your pup.

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