Our comparison of two companies or products side by side to see how they stack up and who is the winner.

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Embrace vs Pets Best: Compare Price, Coverage, Customer Service & More

Perhaps you’ve heard of pet insurance through Allstate, Geico, or USAA because they sell pet insurance policies administered by Embrace. However, is Embrace the company you should choose? A Google search may have shown you other pet insurance options, like Pets Best. Which company is a better fit for your dog? Find out in our Embrace vs Pets Best comparison where we discuss coverage, customer service and reputation, claim processing, customizations, and pricing.

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Fetch vs Pets Best: Who’s Best In Class?

Fetch by The Dodo and Pets Best are two of the best pet insurance companies, offering excellent coverage, competitive prices, and easy claim repayments. So how do you choose between the two? As always, be sure to get your own quote to get an idea of what each will cost you. Additionally, consider the criteria we include in this comparison.

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Embrace vs Fetch: Which Offers A Better Policy?

Embrace and Fetch by The Dodo are both big players in the pet insurance industry. You may have heard about Embrace through your insurance carrier if you have Allstate, Geico, or USAA because they sell policies administered by Embrace. Meanwhile, you may have heard of Fetch through Walmart because Fetch services pet insurance policies purchased via Walmart. No matter where you’ve heard of them, you’re probably wondering if they’re reputable companies. Do they offer thorough coverage at a reasonable price? Find out which one we rank better and why.

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Trupanion vs Figo Pet Insurance: Which One Will Fit Into Your Budget?

Trupanion is one of the most popular pet insurance providers and is commonly recommended by veterinarians. Figo is frequently looked at as a more affordable alternative. Both Trupanion and Figo offer excellent pet insurance coverage. But does one cover more than the other? And how do they compare regarding price? We explain why we rank one better than the other.

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Trupanion vs Pets Best: Compare Coverage, Price, Customer Service & More

Have you seen flyers for Trupanion hanging in your vet’s office but heard about Pets Best from a friend? Do they insure the same accidents and illnesses, or is there a reason to choose one company over the other? Read our Trupanion vs Pets Best showdown to decide which company may be a better fit for your pet. We compare coverage, customer service, claim processing, customization options, and price to help you understand what each company has to offer.

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Healthy Paws vs Nationwide: Which Is More Dependable?

Healthy Paws and Nationwide are two big dogs in the pet industry space. However, their business models, the customer experience, and the cost are entirely different. Both companies offer thorough coverage, but there’s a big difference in their reputations, claim repayment time frame, and price. We explain why we rank one company much better than the other below.

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Embrace vs Trupanion: Are They Worth The Higher Price?

We find Embrace to be a better overall pet insurance choice over Trupanion. Embrace has fewer exclusions and more customization options than Trupanion. However, it’s important to read our detailed comparison to determine which provider best suits your pet’s unique health needs and budget.

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Trupanion vs Nationwide: Does A Higher Price Mean Better Pet Insurance?

Trupanion and Nationwide aren’t among our most recommended pet insurance providers, but there are instances where we think they may be better options for your pet. We know pet insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. This is why we explain their coverage, price, reputation, and the scenarios when we think you may want to consider one of them over our top picks. 

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Figo vs Healthy Paws: Which Has Better Coverage?

Figo and Healthy Paws are two of the most commonly discussed pet insurance providers, and we put them head to head and choose a clear winner. While both companies offer thorough coverage, there’s a difference in their reputation, plan customization options, and often price. We explain why we rank one better than the other below.

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