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Lily the dog on computerDue to the high volume of contact requests we get, please read the following information before reaching out. C’mon, no lazy dogs! We do not accept guest posts.


We encourage you to use the search box (on the right) to find the answer as most likely we’ve already covered it in an article (or addressed in the comments section). This is paws down the best way to get help!

Still can’t seem to dig up an answer? Ask a Reader Question for advice and one of our readers, pet lovers or very own Canine Journal writers will fetch out a solution or tip for you. And if you see a topic of interest to you or that you have experience with, we encourage you to leave a response too (just no barking please, we want to keep our community free from any dog fights!)

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Considering using Canine Journal as a resource for your news story or site? Great news! We’re always thrilled to find our name featured in the media and web world. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t go to our heads). Feel free to reference or quote any of our content so long as you are willing to give credit to the source with a mention and link back to the original page on our site (and let us know if you quote us so we can share and include on our press page). We are also available for interviews on a limited basis. Just ask! Full syndication of our content is not allowed (only snippets, and we require a backlink to our original article).

Top Dog Features

If you are a Doggy Manager or know an entertaining pup that would be a good fit for our Top Dog feature, please let us know more info about the inspiring pup and provide any links to their website or social media. If you have an email or could make an introduction, that would be awesome!

We Do Not Accept Guest Posts

We are not currently accepting guest posts. Sorry! And we do not accept requests to review individual products unless we feel it’s a good fit for our readers. And obviously, we won’t bat an eye at anything that is not related to dogs or pets.

Other Questions

Still stumped? Well, that’s no fun! We’re here to help and will do our best to respond to you as time allows. If you are a spammer, a scammer, or simply an unpleasant person, don’t be offended if you don’t receive a response because more than likely we hit “delete.” Thanks for reaching out and reading