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Pet insurance is the human health insurance equivalent, but for your pet. Having your dog or cat protected by a good health insurance plan can put your mind at ease knowing that large unexpected medical bills will be covered.

Canine Journal has decades of experience in pet health insurance, our experts have reviewed over two dozen providers and bring you our top picks in our comprehensive pet insurance reviews.

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Figo Pet Insurance Reviews: What Does It Cover? Cost And Quote, Customer Service, Promo Code, Cancellation Policy, And More

Figo offers customizable coverage for you to choose one of their three extensvie plans. You can then add-on coverage for Wellness, Veterinary Exam Fee Coverage, or the Extra Care Pack. Figo is one of the only pet insurance companies to offer up to 100% reimbursement so big vet bills won’t break your bank. No pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, but Figo will help you identify those conditions at the start of your policy. If you don’t think you’ll get value out of pet insurance after your initial review, just cancel within 30 days of signing up to get your money back. Find out if Figo offers the coverage you’re looking for and if it will align with your budget.

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CarePlus By Chewy Pet Insurance Reviews: Unique Plans With Chewy Perks

If you’re a frequent buyer on Chewy’s website, then you may be intrigued by its CarePlus insurance and wellness plans. CarePlus plans have some interesting features, including Chewy perks (we’ll go over that more below). Let’s find out what Chewy’s insurance and wellness plans cover and if they fit your needs.

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AKC Pet Insurance Review: Does It Offer The Best Coverage At The Lowest Price?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is well-known in the pet world for its expertise in breed, health, and training for dogs. PetPartners, Inc. partnered with AKC in 2003 and administers AKC Pet Insurance. PetPartners offers group coverage and AKC Pet Insurance offers pet insurance for individuals and focuses more on purebred dogs and AKC customers. However, they can also cover mixed breeds. Find out what an AKC Pet Insurance policy covers in our review below.

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Toto Pet Insurance Reviews

Toto was founded in 2018 and offers accident and illness coverage for your furry family members. Plans are customizable with various deductible, reimbursement, and payout limit options. Toto is unique because it offers Final Respect coverage, an optional add-on that reimburses you up to $300 for the cost of necropsy (autopsy), cremation, and urns. Other pet insurance companies don’t offer coverage for these items. Toto doesn’t allow you to transfer the plan over to someone else if ownership of the pet changes. This is something that other competitors allow through their policies. Additionally, Toto may change your premium, coinsurance amount, annual deductible, and policy terms and conditions at renewal.

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Trupanion vs Fetch: Compare Price, Coverage And More

You should always take your dog to the vet if you think he’s ill or injured. However, you shouldn’t have to choose between your wallet and your pet’s health. That’s why they offer pet insurance. Trupanion and Fetch by The Dodo are two of the leading pet insurance providers. But does one company offer more thorough coverage at a more affordable price? Find out which one we think is better and why.

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Fetch vs Pets Best: Who’s Best In Class?

Fetch by The Dodo and Pets Best are two of the best pet insurance companies, offering excellent coverage, competitive prices, and easy claim repayments. So how do you choose between the two? As always, be sure to get your own quote to get an idea of what each will cost you. Additionally, consider the criteria we include in this comparison.

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Fetch vs Nationwide Pet Insurance: Is One Better & More Affordable?

Fetch by The Dodo and Nationwide are two powerhouse pet insurance providers. While they each offer unique pet insurance plans, they also have many similarities in their coverage and policies. We compare Fetch and Nationwide’s coverage, customer service and reputation, claim processing average, price, and plan customizations to help you see what similarities and differences they have. We also choose a winner and explain why we think one company comes out on top of the other.

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Healthy Paws vs Fetch: Who Comes Out On Top?

Pet insurance is essential for all responsible pet owners. It prepares you financially to deal with any unexpected (and expensive) accident or illness. This is why we regularly review the top pet insurance companies to find out who comes out on top. This time, we’re putting two big name insurers in the ring, Healthy Paws vs Fetch by The Dodo, to see which plan is a better value and the best fit for you and your pup.

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Fetch by The Dodo vs Figo: Choose The Best Pet Insurance For Your Dog

Fetch by The Dodo and Figo offer some of the most extensive coverage in the pet insurance industry. Fetch offers unique coverage for things like advertising and paying a reward for a stolen or lost pet and virtual vet visits up to $1,000. Meanwhile, Figo’s prices are often hard to beat. So which one will cover what you need and fit into your budget the best?  We compare coverage, customer service and reputation, claim processing, customizations, and prices and explain which company we think is better. But keep in mind that every pet and budget are different, so we recommend getting quotes from multiple companies to ensure you get the best value for your unique situation.

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