Does Pet Insurance Cover Allergy Shots & Testing?

Dog at vet getting shot (Caption: Does Pet Insurance Cover Allergy Shots & Testing)

Allergies are known to cause more issues during specific times of the year, depending on each dog’s allergen sensitivities. Once a dog is diagnosed with allergies, they will likely experience them for the remainder of their life. This means you could face thousands of dollars in unexpected vet bills for allergies alone throughout your dog’s lifetime. Is that something you can afford? If not, a pet insurance policy bought prior to diagnosis may be able to ease the financial burden and help you focus your attention on your dog.

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Nationwide Pet Insurance Reviews: Claims, Coverage, Customer Service, Plans, Coverage, Cancellation, And More

Dog wiht owner in background (caption: Nationwide Pet Insurance Review)

Nationwide pet insurance can be a little overwhelming to understand. It offers a more traditional type of pet insurance plan as well as one with a benefit schedule. Read below to unravel the complexities of these plans, get a better understanding of how it all works, and learn how it could benefit you.

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Pet Insurance Reviews 2021: The Best Companies And Plans Reviewed By A Licensed Professional

Two golden cocker spaniels looking up sitting in grass (Caption: Pet Insurance Reviews )

Fido just leaped for a frisbee, and now he’s limping. What’s wrong with him? Do I need to take him to the vet? How much will it cost? This is why pet insurance is so critical. In a time of panic, you should focus on your dog’s health, not worrying about paying for it. Our pet insurance experts (including a licensed professional) review the industry’s most reputable companies, conduct extensive research, and analyze customer feedback. In addition, our pet insurance reviews are regularly updated throughout the year as providers undergo changes to their policies, premiums, payout limits, reimbursements, customer service experience, and more. Who are the best pet insurance companies this year? Let’s find out.

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Pets Best vs Figo: Which Offers Lower Prices For The Best Coverage?

White and black dogs staring at each other on a walk (Caption: Pets Best vs Figo)

Pets Best and Figo are both known for offering thorough pet insurance coverage at some of the lowest prices in the industry. But does one cover more than the other? And does one pay out claims faster? We compare coverage, customer service and reputation, claim repayment, customizations, and prices and explain which company we think is better.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It? How Does Pet Insurance Work And Should I Get It?

Dog At Vet (Caption: Is Pet Insurance Worth It?)

A big misconception about pet insurance is that it’s too expensive. We spend hundreds of dollars on ourselves and our families each month for health insurance, yet we don’t get coverage for our furry “children.” In reality, paying $48 per month* for pet insurance could end up saving your pet’s life. Instead of being hit with an $8,000 vet bill because your dog needs cancer treatment, you can have a vast majority of it covered through pet insurance. The worst scenario is learning that your dog has cancer but having to turn down treatment because you can’t afford the bills. No one wants to face this decision, and signing up for pet insurance can take care of most of the cost. Pet insurance allows you to make the best choices instead of the least expensive ones when an emergency arises. Pet insurance can also prevent a tragedy commonly referred to as “economic euthanasia.” This is when a pet owner can’t afford treatment and has to ask the vet to put down the pet rather than care for him due to financial limitations. For this reason, it’s vital to consider buying pet health insurance to protect your canine (and your wallet) from some of life’s most unfortunate incidents.

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Does Pet Insurance Cover Surgery?

Large dog on operating table with vet performing surgery (Caption: Does Pet Insurance Cover Surgery?)

Are you wondering if you can get pet insurance for surgery? It all depends on the current state of your dog’s health. What does that mean? Pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. So, if your dog has already been diagnosed with an ailment and you know she needs surgery, then it will most likely be ineligible from coverage. However, there are still many other instances where getting pet insurance makes sense, especially if you are trying to minimize unmanageable vet bills in the future.

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Pet Insurance Comparison Charts 2021: Compare Quotes, Plans, Coverage, And Waiting Periods

Young dog with red collar sitting obediently as it has its pulse checked by veterinarian (caption: Pet Insurance Comparison).

Our article compares the most popular pet insurance companies. See what type of plan you can get through each provider. What deductible, reimbursement, and payout options do each offer? Then see how they compare in terms of exclusions. Find out if one company excels in policy coverage or is lacking in a certain area. You can also compare waiting periods to see when coverage will take effect. We have comparison tables to help you examine apples to apples without feeling overwhelmed by the options.

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How Much Is Pet Medical Insurance & Where Can I Buy It?

Female vet holding a french bulldog in arms (Caption: Pet Medical Insurance)

Pet medical insurance is more commonly referred to as pet insurance. Pet insurance helps pay for veterinary treatment covered by your chosen pet insurance provider. It works similarly to human health insurance. So if your dog experiences an illness or accident, you can focus your attention on helping your dog heal instead of stressing about your financial circumstance. 

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Best Pet Insurance In Washington State: Companies Reviewed In Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue & More

Dog standing in the rain puddle (Caption: Pet Insurance Washington State)

Whether you’re a first-time pet parent or well-versed in all things dog-related, having pet insurance can give you peace of mind should your dog experience a health concern. We help you learn more about your options so you can decide which pet insurance company is best for your dog in the Evergreen State.

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Embrace vs Pets Best: Compare Price, Coverage, Customer Service & More

Two dogs running in field (Caption: Embrace vs Pets Best)

Perhaps you’ve heard of pet insurance through Allstate, Geico, or USAA because they sell pet insurance policies administered by Embrace. However, is Embrace the company you should choose? A Google search may have shown you other pet insurance options, like Pets Best. Which company is a better fit for your dog? Find out in our Embrace vs Pets Best comparison where we discuss coverage, customer service and reputation, claim repayment, customizations, and pricing.

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