Figo Pet Insurance Review: Is It The Best Value?

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Dog laying on bed (Caption: FIGO Pet Insurance Review)Figo is consistently among the least expensive pet insurance providers based on reader feedback and our own test quotes. But does it offer similar coverage as some of the more costly pet insurance companies? Will Figo cover accidents and illnesses for your pet during an emergency?

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Article Overview

Figo Pet Insurance

4.5 / 5
Figo Pet Insurance
Policy Coverage 4.5
Customer Service & Reputation 4.0
Timeliness of Claim Repayment 4.8
Policy Price 4.8


  • Annual deductible (not per incident)
  • BBB rating: A
  • Claims are typically paid within 5-7 business days
  • Vet exam fee can be covered for an additional cost
  • App available to support claims via iOS and Android
  • Covers advertising lost pets, canceled vacation due to pet illness, etc


  • 6-month waiting period for knees (waived if vet exam during first 30 days shows no pre-existing knee conditions)
  • 5-day waiting period for accidents and 14-day for illnesses
  • If there is a knee injury prior to enrollment or during the 6-month waiting period, Figo only covers CCL (ACL) on a second leg if the first leg remains healed for 12 months
  • One-time $9 admin fee + $2/mo or $10/annual fee (waived if ACH setup w/bank)
  • No wellness plan

Key Features

  • Underwriter: Markel Specialty
  • No exam required
  • Pre-existing conditions defined by Figo:
    • A medical condition which first occurred or showed clinical sign(s) before the effective date of this policy or which occurred or showed clinical sign(s) during the policy waiting period (See Section H.2.). If you cannot provide medical records showing your pet’s annual health exam by a vet occurring within the twelve (12) months prior to the effective date of this policy, the first documented veterinary examination after the effective date of the policy will be used as the basis for determining any pre-existing condition(s).
  • Bilateral exclusions (a condition or disease that affects both sides of the body): cruciate and soft tissue injuries to one knee prior to the effective date or during the first 6 months of the policy
  • Processes a majority of claims within 5-7 business days (closes nearly half in 24 hours), and you can submit them via app, fax, email or mail
  • Direct deposit reimbursement is available
  • Pet Cloud app reminds you of upcoming vet appointments, gives you popular pet places around you, access to 24/7 live vet, file a claim, meet pets near you and more
  • Customer service hours:
    • Phone, text, chat, email, fax, Facebook Messenger or Twitter: Monday – Friday 8am to 7pm CST and Saturday 8am to 6pm CST
    • Text only: Sunday 11am to 3pm CST

What Does Figo Cover?

Here’s a list of services that Figo covers and does not cover (as of January 2019). Services included are not limited to this list and are subject to change.

CoveredNot Covered
Vet exam fee (optional)Pre-existing conditions
Emergency and hospitalizationRoutine or preventative care
SurgerySpaying or neutering
Hereditary and congenital conditionsTraining classes and devices
Prescription medicationGrooming
Cancer treatmentBreeding, pregnancy or giving birth
Specialty careEating disorders
Chronic conditions
X-rays, MRI's, cat scans, ultrasounds, bloodwork
Ligament and knee conditions (after 1 year waiting period)
Hip dysplasia (after 1 year waiting period)
Rehabilitation (optional)
Prosthetic and orthotic devices
Physical therapy (optional)
Holistic and alternative therapies (optional)
Stem cell therapy
Non-routine dental (limited to being related to accidents only)
Costs of euthanasia
Behavioral therapy

Does Figo Cover Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia that first shows signs/symptoms after the 14-day waiting period for illness may be eligible for coverage.

How Much Does Figo Cost?

Figo offers a variety of deductible options ($100, $200, $250, $500 and $750) as well as reimbursement selections (60%, 65%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%). Figo is the only provider we’ve reviewed to offer a 100% reimbursement option. Please know that all of the deductible and reimbursement options are not available in every state.

Below is a table showing examples of quotes from Figo. You can put your pet’s information directly into its site to get a better estimate for your pet (use our link below for the best discount).

BreedLabrador RetrieverEnglish Cocker SpanielGerman ShepherdYorkshire TerrierYorkshire TerrierYorkshire TerrierMixed Breed Cat
Age2 years8 years4 years6 years2 months2 months2 years
(zip code: 33134)
(zip code: 60290)
(zip code: 90001)
New York
(zip code: 10001)
New York
(zip code: 10001)
(zip code: 60290)
Washington D.C.
(zip code: 20001)
Price Per Month$62.09$68.68$64.85$67.06$43.16$29.18$23.48
Reimbursement Level80%70%90%80%80%80%80%
Annual Deductible$250$500$500$250$250$250$250
Annual LimitUnlimitedUnlimited$10,000$10,000$10,000$10,000Unlimited

You can get personalized price quotes for your pet(s) from reputable companies when you fill out just 1 short form. You can also visit our Pet Insurance Quotes page to see how the cost of Figo stacks up against the competition.


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Waiting Periods

  • 5 days: Accidents
  • 14 days: Illness
  • 6 months: Cruciate ligament events and knees (can be waived if your vet conducts a healthy knee exam within 30 days of new policy — vet needs to specifically note in the medical records that the knees are healthy and have no existing issues)
  • 14 days: Hip Dysplasia

What Do People Think Of Figo?

Positive Reviews

I cannot rave about figo enough. Super easy to file a claim on their app and they get back to you in a few days. They have helped me cover all my fur baby’s expenses without any issues and I feel very confident that my pets are covered from snout to tail. – Victoriya S., Yelp 12/7/2018

FIGO is a great pet insurance company. They have a great online system for keeping track of all documents for our dog, from immunizations to annual vet visits. Whenever we have had to file a claim, they have been very responsive and have settled everything quickly. – Jan, TrustPilot 1/5/2019

Negative Reviews

I am so disappointed with Figo Insurance.  My friend and I both adopted dogs at the same time, and both got Figo Insurance.  Since we got our puppies, EVERY CLAIM for both dogs (with different ailments) are DENIED. They are two different policies.  My puppy had worms, took the antibiotics and took another sample and was CLEARED. (i didn’t put that claim in because it was before insurance).  THREE months later, my puppy has worms and they are stating it was a pre-existing condition.  UMMMM no, Unfortunately, she contacted them again!!!! Thank god I did month to month, so I can get different insurance ASAP. – Maria N., Yelp 1/8/2019

The worst insueance company the r a scam they take ur money and when u have an emergency and need to put a claim in they dont want to cover it. – Riley, TrustPilot 12/5/2018

Is Figo The Best Pet Insurance?

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Figo is one of the more affordable options, and it offers comparable coverage to other top pet insurance companies. We’ve compared Figo against other top pet insurance companies and ranked our top 3 in our Pet Insurance Reviews. You can see if Figo made our top picks and which companies we feel are the best.

Would you cover your pet with Figo pet insurance?

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Rene St. Johns
IFigo is a rip-off! I have been a customer for two years and NOTHING has been covered! They would not pay me until I pay my vet bill IN FULL no matter haw large the bill. And they have successfully managed to find a way to judge EVERY claim as a pre existing condition or otherwise not covered. I have paid at least $ 1400.00 in premiums and gotten absolutely NOTHING in return. I could have banked that money and not had to jump through all of iFigos hoops and paperwork and STILL had money left after paying my vet bills out of pocket. Run do not walk away from IFigo!!
Michael Win
Policy Holder: FGO10000068866

I’ve had a terrible experience with Figo. It came highly recommended through a friend so I signed up and became a member in mid 2018.

During Christmas 2019, my dog, who had been perfectly healthy all her life throughout all her vet visits, started coughing strangely and we found specks of blood on her snout. We quickly took her to the vet and had the clinic send the insurance claim for the veterinary bills.

The whole process took over 2 weeks with Figo closing, re-opening my claim, disappearing for days and requesting more and more my pet’s previous records since her birth..
I managed to send them all the records from vets we had visited which clearly shows that *Karlie had no know issues.*

And once all seems to be set, all my claims were denied and not a single cent was covered with Figo using ‘pre-existing conditions’ for all her expenses regarding this new symptom thatstarted in Dec 2019. I felt robbed knowing that my healthy dog has never had any issues before and having had Figo insurance for 2 years, they won’t cover anything by claiming her condition was pre-existing while it was only discovered 2 weeks ago by the vet, after 1.5 years after being a Figo customer.

At the end of the day, I feel robbed by Figo. It’s not what I expected it would be.

Beware of FIGO and their unexplained rate hikes every year. they dont tell you this when you sign up. My rates for puppy where $45mo, now they are $105 for a 2 year old dog. I am stuck and cant go anywhere else because of preexisting conditions I wish I knew this before I signed up. I wonder if there are any companies were you know the rates ahead of time or what the annual increases will be.
Shauna Bell
I have done the math and all the money I have spent on premiums would have paid for every vet bill out of pocket! Do a short term cd and bank the money. That way you will have it and if you never use it for your baby you have a little nest egg!!
They do not cover dental, nor do they cover wellness. So for the cost of their monthly coverage, it’s more money than many of the plans out there. Try Embrace, they’re wonderful
Thomas Forte
I highly recommend FIGO Pet Insurance. My Great Dane was breathing heavy, look lethargic and he was hot to the touch. We took him to a nearby animal hospital and had a 108 degree temperature, they took a blood test and discovered he had a very low white blood count which meant he had a bad infection. They kept him in intensive care and 4 days later , he passed with an aspirated pneumonia and septic. The hospital kept giving me bills and I kept paying them. The final bill was $8,711. A month later I submitted my bill on a Wednesday night at 9:00pm and I got an answer on Thursday morning at 10:00am stating they are going to cover the bills, plus the $1,000 Mortality benefit. Since it was a life threatening illness they did not charge me the $500 deductible or the 10% copay. They only took out $36 in hazardous waste fee. I received a check for $9,675. I would have spent anything for my dog and thank God I had FIGO to take the burden of the bill. FIGO I truly want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart.