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2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs sniffing each other on leash, one tri-color one Blenheim

Lemonade Pet Insurance vs Healthy Paws: Coverage, Customer Service, Price, Repayment, Discounts, And More Compared

Lemonade is a pet insurance newcomer, while Healthy Paws is a veteran. We compare these two pet insurance companies head-to-head and choose a winner. We explain our reasoning for our rankings below. Remember, you should always get quotes for your specific pet and location and read the policy before signing up. Ultimately, we feel that coverage should be a leading factor for you to consider before purchasing, but we also realize that cost is important.

Two white large dogs with snouts touching in a field of grass and blooming yellow flowers on leashes

Healthy Paws vs Nationwide: Which Is More Dependable?

Healthy Paws and Nationwide are two big dogs in the pet industry space. However, their business models, the customer experience, and the cost are entirely different. Both companies offer thorough coverage, but there’s a big difference in their reputations, claim repayment time frame, and price. We explain why we rank one company much better than the other below.

2 small dogs sitting on the edge of the bed looking down about to pounce one with tongue out

Figo vs Healthy Paws: Which Has Better Coverage?

Figo and Healthy Paws are two of the most commonly discussed pet insurance providers, and we put them head to head and choose a clear winner. While both companies offer thorough coverage, there’s a difference in their reputation, plan customization options, and often price. We explain why we rank one better than the other below.

Two spotted terrier dogs looking at each other off leash one is growling and they are standing in tall grass on a sunny day

Pumpkin vs Healthy Paws: Side By Side Comparison With A Clear Winner

Pumpkin is quickly creating some buzz with its extensive coverage and plan customization options. But how does it compare against Healthy Paws, a stable pet insurance provider? We put them head to head and choose a clear winner. We compare coverage, customer service and reputation, claim processing, pricing, and customizations and explain which company we think is better. Remember that each pet and household budget varies, so obtaining quotes from multiple companies for your situation can help you get the best policy and price.

Lab puppy with green toy in mouth running away from a white Maltese dog outside off leash

Healthy Paws vs Pets Best: Which Has Better Coverage & Lower Prices?

We pit two of the most popular pet insurance companies against one another and choose a winner between Healthy Paws and Pets Best. We explain our reasoning below but want to remind you that you should always get quotes for your unique pet and location. The price may play a more prominent role in your decision-making process if coverage is similar.

White Eskimo dog and Corgi touching snouts outside in grass smiling and standing looking at each other

Healthy Paws vs Fetch: Who Comes Out On Top?

Pet insurance is essential for all responsible pet owners. It prepares you financially to deal with any unexpected (and expensive) accident or illness. This is why we regularly review the top pet insurance companies to find out who comes out on top. This time, we’re putting two big name insurers in the ring, Healthy Paws vs Fetch by The Dodo, to see which plan is a better value and the best fit for you and your pup.

2 collies sitting kissing each other sitting on purple and orange rope leashes

Trupanion vs Healthy Paws Pet Insurance: Compare Coverage, Customer Service, Pricing, And More

Pet insurance is a great proactive solution if you sign up before a health emergency occurs with your dog. It’s your responsibility to think ahead in case something terrible happens. Could you afford treatment for a cancer diagnosis? Perhaps Trupanion or Healthy Paws is the solution you need to reduce your financial risk. Find out which pet insurance provider is the top dog. Our experts compare features and give you a side-by-side quote comparison to show you the different options.

Yorkie at the vet with owner holding him and signing clipboard that vet is showing owner with expenses for services

Best Pet Insurance Companies In 2023: Reviews & Comparison Tables

To help you select the best pet insurance for your pet, we rank companies based on policy coverage, customer service and reputation, timeliness of claim payment, policy price, plan customization, and what companies excel in. We review the pet insurance industry’s most reputable companies, research extensively, and analyze customer feedback. Our licensed insurance agent fact-checks everything, and we update our coverage throughout the year as providers change their policies, premiums, payout limits, reimbursements, customer service experience, and more. Who are the best pet insurance companies this year? Let’s find out.

Dog with pumpkins (caption: Pumpkin Pet Insurance Review)

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Review: A Newer Pet Insurance Option

Pumpkin is a newcomer, entering the pet insurance world in 2020. Their wellness program brings something unique to the industry and they are the first pet insurance company to incorporate under a global pharmaceutical giant. At first glance, Pumpkin appears to offer a solid and innovative product to protect pet owners, but let’s learn more…

a happy brown lab looking up at camera smiling with dogs around them in Kentucky

Best Pet Insurance In Kentucky: Companies Reviewed In Lexington, Louisville & More

When it comes to four-legged friends, the Bluegrass State is best known for its rich horse racing culture, but Kentuckians are also huge dog lovers. And your state is filled with fun adventures for you and your canine companion. Explore the many state park trails, go caving in Louisville’s Mega Cavern, tour the Bourbon Trail, enjoy lakeside camping, or hike to Cumberland Falls, the Niagara of the South. However, these adventures and even everyday life come with the risk of accidents or exposure to doggy illnesses. The good news is that both Lexington and Louisville rank in the top 35% of America’s largest cities for superb pet health care and lower-than-average pet insurance premiums. But no matter where you live in the Bluegrass State, pet insurance can help you get the quality veterinary care your furry friend needs without worrying about how you’re going to pay for unexpected, expensive vet bills. We’ve conducted extensive research into the best pet insurance in the U.S., and all of our top-ranked providers offer coverage in Kentucky.

Litter of Kittens (Caption: Best Cat Insurance)

Best Pet Insurance For Cats In 2023: Is It Worth It? Plans, Costs, And Coverages Compared With Free Quotes

They say cats have nine lives, but if you love your little purr-baby, it’s probably not best to test that theory. Cat insurance is a great way to protect your (mostly) self-sufficient feline in the event of illness, accident, injury, and aging-related health concerns. Pet insurance also covers the owner if you find yourself in a tight financial spot (and who hasn’t found themselves a little strapped for cash before?). The table below shows a quick snapshot of top picks for pet insurance providers this year. Additionally included in the table are some quick stats for the top companies to help you quickly see some of the key differences.

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