Your pup’s nutrition is one of the most important aspects of their health. We give you a list of what you should never feed your dog, as well as ideas to affordably create variety in their diet that will not only keep them healthy but allow them to enjoy their meals.

dog eating wild earth dog food with fresh ingredients in bowl

Wild Earth Dog Food Reviews: Is This Vegan Dog Food A Healthy Option?

If your household is vegan, you may want to check out Wild Earth’s dog food, treats, and supplements. Their all-natural vegan dog food is made with only plant-based proteins. Also, the company claims that their dog food is an excellent option for dogs with allergies. But is Wild Earth a healthy, complete, and balanced dog food since it doesn’t contain animal protein? We give you the lowdown in our Wild Earth dog food review.

pug eats from a bowl wrapped with yellow measuring tape near a white brick wall

Best Dog Food For Weight Loss: Fresh, Dry, Grain-Free, Wet & More

Is your pup packing on the pounds? Overweight dogs can suffer from many of the same health problems that heavy humans do. If you’re concerned about your dog’s extra pounds, it’s time to make some changes to his diet and lifestyle. But, where do you start?

Goldendoodle standing on hardwood floor next to bowl of dog food

Best Dog Food For Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles are an incredibly popular mixed breed, perhaps the most popular of all the Doodles. Since they first appeared in the United States in the 1990s, the mixed breed of Poodle and Golden Retriever has only risen in popularity. Owners immediately fall in love with these furry, adorable fluff balls and devote themselves to providing the best care. One of the best ways owners provide for their Goldendoodles (also called Groodles) is by ensuring they have a balanced, nutritious diet throughout every phase of life.

Close up of carrots, green beans, and meat (Caption: Homemade Dog Food Recipes)

Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes: Vet Approved And Nutritionally Complete

Imagine if you had to eat the same food every meal, every day of your life. Beyond being painfully dull, wouldn’t you question whether you’re getting a nutritionally complete and balanced diet? Welcome to a dog’s life. Long ago before commercially produced dog food, dogs ate a lot of the same foods as humans. There’s a reason our dogs beg for our food — they’re meant to eat a variety. We’ve cooked up some tips on how to make dog food, nutrition guidelines, and our favorite homemade dog food recipes.

woman preparing human-grade dog food at home chopping fresh food and dog watching

Best Human-Grade Dog Food: Fresh, Dry, Canned, Treats & More

If you’re looking for a high-quality, healthy diet for your pup, you may be considering human-grade dog food. There’s a lot of pet food hitting the market these days that claim to be human-grade, but what does that mean? Are there standards for human-grade dog food? We shed light on these questions and more and give you our top picks for the best human-grade dog food.

dog in an ollie box with food ingredients on plates and ollie food packaging

Ollie Dog Food Review: Upgrade Your Pup’s Mealtime (With Our Personal Experience)

Our furry friends need high-quality food to stay healthy and fit, but many dog owners resort to over-processed kibble or canned dog food full of unnatural fillers and empty calories. Ollie has an easy and very healthy solution.
This company offers human-grade dog food chock full of healthy proteins, veggies and superfoods that they customize for your dog’s particular nutritional needs. And they deliver right to your door. How does Ollie work? And are their meals worth it? See our Ollie dog food review and read our personal experience.

shih tzu dog looking up at a hand holding food

Best Dog Food For Shih Tzus: Wet, Dry, Puppy, For Allergies & More

Shih Tzus are consistently one of the most popular small dog breeds in the U.S. and a family favorite for their highly affectionate and easy-going temperaments. These low-energy puffballs make perfect lap dogs, but, due to their sedentary nature and some common health issues, ShihTzus have special dietary needs. We explain all the nutritional and feeding requirements for Shih Tzus at every life stage and how specific ingredients can be beneficial for your furbaby’s overall health as well as potential health problems common in this adorable breed. Finally, we’ve researched hundreds of dog food brands and formulas to give you our recommendations for the best wet and dry dog food for Shih Tzus.

girl sitting on sofa at home in living room unboxing dog food and snacks with dog in her lap

Best Dog Food Delivery Service 2023: PetFlow vs Chewy vs Amazon vs Ollie vs Farmers Dog vs Freshpet vs Nom Nom & More

You come home from a long day at work only to realize you forgot to pick up dog food on the way home. As pet parents, we’ve all been there. But there’s an easy way to keep your home stocked with the dog food of your choice. Dog’s diets are changing, and thus the options are expanding. According to a 2020 Wisdom Panel survey, 20% of dogs eat grain-free dog food, 19% eat specialty food, and culinary-based and high-protein pet foods are expected to grow by 30% or more in the next four years. Whether you’re looking for fresh dog food meals, personalized diets, all-natural kibble, traditional dog food, or sustainably sourced, we’ve got you covered. Discover the best dog food delivery services we’ve found for your dog’s nutritional needs.

spot and tango dog food all packaging sitting on a table together

Spot & Tango Review: All-Natural, Fresh & Shelf-Stable Dog Food

Making sure your dog gets a nutritious diet without a lot of additives and preservatives isn’t easy. But you can get all-natural, human-grade dog food delivered right to your door with Spot & Tango. They offer fresh meals and a unique shelf-stable alternative, called UnKibble, that doesn’t skimp on quality. We give you the low-down on their recipes, pricing and more. See how our pups rated their food.

fresh pet dog food with ingredients

Freshpet Dog Food Reviews (With Personal Experience)

Fresh food has recently become a preferred choice for many dog owners. Fresh foods are less processed, retain top nutritional value, and taste great. One company that has been making fresh pet recipes for the past 17 years is FreshPet. This was North America’s first company to offer fresh meals for dogs. The company sells its products in select grocery stores and on some third-party websites. The company makes fresh pet meals using locally sourced ingredients. Is this brand a good option for your pup? We give you the details in our FreshPet dog food reviews.

senior black dog eating wet food off a person holding a plate

Best Senior Dog Food: Wet, Dry, Sensitive Stomach, Weight Loss & More

Senior dogs have different nutritional needs and require less calorie-dense food. It is essential that older pups control calorie intake and refrain from eating a diet that is high in unneeded nutrients. They must have a healthy protein, fat, phosphorus, and sodium mix. Additionally, hydration is a big concern for older pets and must be addressed in their diet. Dogs need a healthy diet throughout their lives; as they age, these needs change. We have found some of the best dog food for senior dogs that owners may want to consider. We also discuss aging canine’s nutritional needs and what owners can do to support them.

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