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Canine Journal is the leading authority when it comes to resources for you and your dog. We’ve been featured in the press for pet related news topics and quotes. Here are some of our highlights (click the headline to read the full article).

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Pancreatitis in Dogs
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Pet Sitting and Boarding Tips
Tips for a Puptastic Vacation

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Tips for Dog’s Dental Health

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 Pets Are Now Living Longer

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Tips for Living with Pets

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Are You Ready for a Dog?

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Pet Owners Turn to Insurance

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Guide to Getting Rid of Fleas
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Doggie Dining Out Tips

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20 Pet Care Sites To Follow
DogTipper logoReading Dog’s Body Language
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Are Fruit Cores Bad for Dogs? Why Dogs Bark & How to Stop ThemThe Hunt for Pet InsuranceProtect Your Home from Burglars
Oregonian logoPet First-Aid Awarness

Winston-Salem Journal logoFruits and Veggies can Dogs Eat

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