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Our Trusted Pack Of Dog Experts

We’ve recruited a team of expert pet advisors who live, eat, and breathe all things dog. Every product and service we cover goes through a rigorous review and fact-checking process. We consult veterinarians, our in-house pet insurance professional, and industry experts to ensure our content is as accurate and up to date as possible. Learn more about us.

Did You Know You Can Get Health Care Insurance For Your Pet?

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Best Pet Insurance In 2024

We rank companies based on policy coverage, customer service and reputation, timeliness of claim payment, policy price, plan customization, and what companies excel in.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

The types of plans and what’s covered, plus the benefits and motivating factories to consider.

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What Pet Insurance Covers

Wondering if your dog’s health situation is included and eligible for reimbursement? A full list of common conditions and explanations.

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Pet Insurance Reviews 2024

Our licensed insurance agent fact-checks everything, and we update our coverage throughout the year as providers change their policies, premiums, payout limits, reimbursements, customer service experience, and more.

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Pet Insurance Comparison

Our experts compare plans, coverage, waiting periods, age limitations, pros and cons, and actual price quotes for several dog breeds so you can learn how companies vary and get an idea of how much a pet insurance policy might cost.

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Pet Insurance Companies

Here you’ll find the most comprehensive list of national pet insurance companies in the U.S. Canine Journal’s experts have spent decades researching the pet insurance industry and corresponding providers.

Latest Articles

  • Best Hydrolyzed Dog Food: Sensitive Skin, Wet, Alternative & More
    You, like me, are not alone if you have never heard of hydrolyzed dog food. Many of us only learn about this specially formulated nutritional option if our pup needs it. Hydrolyzed dog food is a specialty product, often available by veterinarian prescription, with the protein broken down into tiny particles, making it easier to digest. Dogs generally only need this diet if they are experiencing food intolerance, allergy, or irritable bowel disease. So, what exactly is hydrolyzed protein dog food? I explain what it is and discuss some top picks.
  • Can Dogs Eat Cranberries? How To Safely Feed Your Dog Cranberry
    Are you wondering about feeding your dog cranberries? These tart berries are found in juices and other recipes and are a healthy snack for humans. They are also often found in commercial dog foods, leading to the question, “Can dogs eat cranberries?” Your dog can eat cranberries, but not all preparations are safe. Before adding this food to your pet’s diet, it is essential you know all the facts, benefits, and risks that come along with it.
  • Embrace vs Spot Pet Insurace: Which Can Offer Better Coverage At A Reasonable Price?
    Embrace has decades of experience providing pet insurance for dogs and cats. Spot is one of the newer companies to enter the marketplace, and it’s showing promising signs with extensive coverage and plan options. Overall, Embrace has a few more things to offer than Spot, but every situation is different. So, it’s important to read our detailed comparison and get quotes to decide which provider is best for your pet’s needs and your budget.
  • Nearly Half Of Pet Owners Would Consider Euthanizing Their Pet When Facing High Vet Bills (NEW STUDY)
    The cost of vet care is rapidly increasing, putting pet parents in an exceptionally agonizing situation of choosing between their finances and their dog’s health – and even ending their pet’s lives prematurely in many cases. Canine Journal’s study concludes that getting pet insurance can result in fewer pets being euthanized due to financial hurdles. Find out how much dog parents spend on health-related costs and how to avoid going into debt to pay for pet care.
  • Does Pet Insurance Cover X-Rays?
    The use of radiography (X-rays) is just as common in veterinary practice as it is in human medicine — and, relatively speaking, just as expensive. Veterinarians regularly use X-rays, as well as other imaging tools (ultrasound, MRI, CT), to diagnose health conditions in our furry friends. Pet insurance may cover X-rays, but it depends on several factors. We’ll explain when X-rays are covered by pet insurance and the reasons your dog may need this crucial diagnostic tool.
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