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Did You Know You Can Get Health Care Insurance For Your Pet?

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Pet Insurance Reviews

Top-ranked companies by category with pros, and cons for each along with claims, pricing, and policies. Find out who is the top picks for this year.

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Pet Insurance Comparison

Everything you need to know about pet insurance and a comprehensive comparison including coverage and sample pricing.

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Pet Insurance By Need

We rank companies based on policy coverage, customer service and reputation, timeliness of claim payment, policy price, plan customization, and what companies excel in.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

The types of plans and what’s covered, plus the benefits and motivating factories to consider.

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What Pet Insurance Covers

Wondering if your dog’s health situation is included and eligible for reimbursement? A full list of common conditions and explanations.

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  • American Journey Dog Food Review
    American Journey is a relatively new brand on the dog food market. However, in a few short years, they’ve managed to make a lasting impression on pets and pet owners who have tried their products. They have food that caters to all three life stages: puppy, adult, and senior. This is excellent because each life …

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  • What Is Pet Therapy? And Is Therapy For Dogs Worth It?
    Do you think your dog is suffering from mental and emotional issues? Is there such a thing as a dog psychiatrist? Yes, the pet equivalent of a shrink is a behavioral therapist. Of course, pet counselors don’t use talk therapy like their counterparts for humans, but they do have expert training in techniques to help pets showing a variety of worrisome and harmful behaviors. We’ll help you know how to tell if your dog needs counseling, how to find a certified pet therapist, and more.
  • Pumpkin vs Healthy Paws: Side By Side Comparison With A Clear Winner
    Pumpkin is quickly creating some buzz with its comprehensive coverage and plan customization options. But how does it compare against Healthy Paws, a stable pet insurance provider? We put them head to head and choose a clear winner. We compare coverage, customer service and reputation, claim processing, pricing, and customizations and explain which company we think is better. Remember that each pet and household budget varies, so obtaining quotes from multiple companies for your situation can help you get the best policy and price.
  • 7 Best Dog Training Apps For iPhone & Android
    Do you want to train your dog anywhere, anytime? For a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional trainer, mobile dog training apps can give you a ton of training help — and some even provide virtual assistance from professional dog trainers. We’ve found the best dog training apps to help you choose what’s ideal for you and your pup’s needs.
  • Best Airline-Approved Pet Carriers For In-Cabin & Cargo Use
    Flying with your dog can be a nerve-wracking experience for both of you. To make the journey more enjoyable, a comfortable airline-approved pet carrier is a must. We’ve done our research to help you find your best options among the dozens upon dozens of pet carriers on the market. All of the products we review here are for in-cabin use, except for our top pick for the cargo area for large dogs. But a word of caution — always check with your airline about their current requirements and restrictions when flying with pets. We’ve found that policies can change fairly frequently, so it’s best to verify your airline’s most current regulations.
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