8 Things You Need To Know About Dogs And Marijuana

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Dogs with Marijuana around neck: Dogs and MarijuanaTo legalize or not to legalize, that is the question. But it is just one of many questions we need to ask as dog owners in a country where the status of cannabis is in flux.

While we cannot predict whether your dog will be as excited about the legalization of pot as you are, we can help you better understand the possible items to think through before administering it to your canine companion.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions surrounding dogs and marijuana and researched them to provide answers for you.

Article Overview

Cannabis vs Marijuana

The language used to describe the cannabis plant varies widely because it has many nicknames (marijuana, weed, pot, reefer, ganja and Mary Jane). The botanical name for a hemp plant is cannabis but we may use these terms interchangeably.

Can Dogs Get High?

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Yes, dogs can get high a few different ways.

  1. Ingesting marijuana leaves/buds directly
  2. Ingesting food laced with marijuana (cookies, butter, etc.)
  3. Secondhand smoke

What Happens If A Dog Eats Weed?

What happens if a dog eats marijuana? The dog gets high. And, if a dog ingests too much, then it could die. This video shows the marijuana effects on dogs and what you should do if your dog gets into your edibles.

What Does Marijuana Do To Dogs?

Size plays a significant role in how cannabis effects dogs. If two dogs—one 8 years old, 75 pounds and the other 12 weeks old, 3 pounds—get into the same size stash, the smaller dog will have a different reaction than the larger dog.

Some dogs also become more “paranoid” after getting high; this is often shown by them panting and pacing. It’s a challenge because you can’t determine which dogs will have this reaction until they are high.

How Does Marijuana Affect Dogs?

Below is a list of the affects of marijuana on dogs.

  • Lethargic
  • Breathing problems
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Abnormal heart rhythms
  • Loss of balance
  • Urinary incontinence

Is Marijuana Bad For Dogs? (Research Studies)

Is marijuana safe for dogs? There are cases where some dogs have had longer lifespans thanks to the use of marijuana. Despite the opening for funding due to a hemp provision in a 2014 farm bill, however, there is very little research that has been done to date. For this reason, we are unable to provide you with 100% accuracy as to whether marijuana is bad, good or safe for your dog.

Since 2016, there have been two clinical studies by Dr. Stephanie McGrath, a neurologist and assistant professor at Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. She studied the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) in dogs with arthritis or epilepsy.

Is Cannabis Poisonous To Dogs?

According to the Pet Poison Helpline, the risk of cannabis poisoning in dogs is moderate to severe. If your dog accidentally eats marijuana, you should call your veterinarian or Animal Poison Control immediately. The ingestion of too much marijuana can be life threatening.

Symptoms to look out for:

  • Severe depression
  • Walking drunk
  • Lethargy
  • Coma
  • Low heart rate
  • Low blood pressure
  • Respiratory depression
  • Dilated pupils
  • Coma
  • Hyperactivity
  • Vocalization
  • Seizures

What About Medical Marijuana For Dogs?

Cannabis for dogs is a hot topic of debate. Some people are administering medical marijuana to their dogs on their own, while some pot shops are even selling dog treats laced with pot. Unfortunately, due to a lack of research, it’s unclear the proper dosage amounts for dogs, so administering it yourself can be dangerous to your dog. Different types of weed and cannabis oil for dogs has similar effects on dogs as they do to humans—increased appetite and decreased nausea. Medical marijuana has provided dogs relief for arthritis and cancer, but it is still not approved by the AVMA, ASPCA or any other organization.

Is CBD Oil Okay For Your Dog?

Yes, it is if it made with no more than 0.3% THC. This is the only kind that you will find when you buy from the companies that we recommend. You can read more about the companies and products that may help your pet most in our CBD oils review.

Infographic: Dogs & Marijuana Guide

Learn more about marijuana and dogs in our infographic:

Dogs and Marijuana Infographic

Source: CanineJournal.com

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More Research Needed

While we aren’t saying marijuana is bad for your dog, we aren’t saying it’s good either. There just isn’t enough research on dogs and weed right now. The dosage amount for dogs is different than it is for humans, so it can be a scary result if your dog has too much. We warn you to be careful and keep your dogs safe. We know for sure that these foods should be avoided, so reference it in case your dog ingests something else it shouldn’t.

Warning: It can be dangerous to give your dog marijuana. If your dog needs it for medical reasons, be sure to follow your vet’s protocol closely. As with any drug, giving your dog more than recommended, or giving it to your dog when it’s not necessary, is irresponsible. 

Do you think your dog needs medical marijuana?

The information contained in this article and website is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional safety advice; it is provided for educational purposes only.

About The Author:

Kimberly received her Bachelor of Arts in multimedia journalism from Simpson College. She has been writing about dogs since 2014, covering subjects such as dog insurance, training, health, accessories and more. Her natural curiosity helps her research as she seeks the truth when learning about, comparing and personally testing canine products and services. With every piece she writes, her goal is to help our readers find the best fit for their unique needs.

Kimberly grew up in a family that loved Labrador Retrievers and remembers running and playing in the yard with them as a child. In 2017, she and her husband adopted their Coonhound mix, Sally, from a local shelter. Kimberly's research was put to good use since Sally faced some aggression issues with other dogs and needed some training to be an inside dog. She worked daily with Sally and sought help from professionals to help Sally become the happy pup she is today.

One of Kimberly's favorite pastimes is spoiling Sally with new toys, comfy beds and yummy treats (she even makes homemade goodies for her). She tries to purchase the safest products for Sally and knows that each canine has their own specific likes and dislikes. Kimberly is passionate about dogs, and knows the bond between humans and canines is like no other.

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Alyzza Leija
My dog loves weed. He likes when I blow smoke in his face, he’ll try to lick the smoke when I blow it and when he knows I’m smoking outside he’ll come running up to me and will jump on me until I blow smoke in his face, I don’t blow alot in his face maybe 2-3 times and that’s it and he’ll be fine. He just chills there with me until I’m done and then we go inside and take a nap. I don’t do it often tho. And I never give him a lot, and I don’t give him edibles. But yeah my dog’s a stoner
Absolute BS. Eating raw leaves, buds, flowers, anything raw will not produce any effects, human or otherwise. The material MUST be decarboxylated to produce any psychoactive effects. Edibles, yes, smoke, yes. Raw plant materials, will not harm.
Pow wow
Humans and dogs are 2 different species and dogs can eat raw weed and it gets them very high. I know cause this happened to my puppy he ate a raw bud and you should google dogs and marijuana and get up to date with your info..
Not THC but CBD has definitely helps with our dogs joint pain. It has helped my neighbours dog with anxiety.
Jay Bogart
Not really sure how a dog or anyone or thing else can get ‘high’ from eating a leaf or bud. In order for the plant to have psychoactive properties it needs to be heated up, whether burning it, heating it in the oven to use in a recipe, or simmering it in a carrier of some sort such as butter, coconut oil, etc. After heating the THC, it becomes THC-A which is what has the psychoactive properties. Without the heat, you got nothing to get you ‘high.’
My sister used to eat buds by there self and she said she got high. And when my dog ate a bud that fell on the floor he was wobbly and couldn’t walk straight so he definitely got high. So I don’t think u need to heat it up for it to work. Unless ur body heat is enough.
My sons dog ate some marijuana off his plate. We figured this out in hind sight. He was very sick. Couldn’t stand up, hugely dilated pupils, incontinent of urine. We brought him right away to the vet who knew right off what happened. He said it was the 3rd case that day. Anyways he threw up on the vet table ( which was a good thing.) He had to stay overnight with an IV in. When i got him in the morning he was completely back to normal thank God!
Dogs senses aren’t like humans they are highly more sensitive. The 1st time I made edibles I gave some to my dog. Sheepdog so he’s a big boy. I understood I gave him too much & felt horribly. In the last 2 years he has been using CBD have had several brands including traces of THC. He loves his cannabis. He has an impingement syndrome & is getting reaki healing. Also arthritis. We ran out of CBD but I have Canna butter so I gave him some this morning. Not even a chunk just a little nibble & he is so much more relaxed than he’s been since he ran out & is receiving this healing treatment. CBD that I prefer is over $100 ,vwhich I can’t afford. My personal fave brand is onyx and rose CBD. I feel the affects right away so I know my big Puppa feels them
Have tried others & I get no affect at all. My woofer still licks his lips when I say Cannabis. So I gave him the pinch of butter today & so far so good. The dosaging is my biggest issue. He may weigh over 100 llbs but as his mom I know he is sensitive to meds so I assume he is sensitive to THC
Ryan Chaney
Jay, I came here by being linked on a google query about acid ph and cannabis chemistry. I am aware of more than one study related to the topic, and one key point is that the decarboxlation reaction to thca is facilitated by ph as well as Cannabidiol being reverted to THCa, that is CBD back to THCa, in a high acid environment. I think i have the terms right for the compounds, but chem is only a hobby.
Pow pow
Completely false!!
Nicole Simpson
I had to bring my 3 pd., 13 year old Chihuahua to the emergency vet last night, I didnt know what was wrong and they told me that she definitely had ingested some weed,it was so scary! I live in Humboldt, ca. So they said they said it happens her pretty often and didnt seem alarmed. they checked her vitals which were fine and then They said to keep her warm and she would be ok.
This morning she is doing fine, but I stayed next to her all night and helped her to the water through out the night, she wobbled badly and did some intermittent face twitching, Definitely do not want this to happen again! I will be more careful for sure!
I have been giving my dog weed for over 10 years. He comes and tries to suck it right out of my face. The past couple of years I have been making him his own cookies with no sugar. Just peanut butter, oats, and cannabis infused coconut oil. Noticed an immediate difference with his arthritis. He plays like a puppy after a cookie lol. He can barely get up before. THC is not toxic.
Beth Bogerman
Brad…I have a senior dog that I am positive would benefit from this how do you know how much weed to put into your treats via the coconut oil? Thank you so much!
How much thc per dose i have 75 lb german shepherd e arthritis
Mike It
Yeah my dog almost died from eating trim that was left outside in a bag that wasn’t thrown away. Pot, THC, very bad for dogs. Especially with the concentrates that are available now, people really need to be careful. Pot is stronger nowadays as well. So be careful
If it was left outside in a bag it was probably rotten and full of molds which would make the dog sick.
Dick Cheney.
The dog probably got into your crack cocaine, not the trim. You should be sterilized
Justin Rotenberry
Pot it’s self isn’t the issue it’s the dosage, too much and it could be fatal. But they say it would have to be more than what people normally have. That said, being safe is better than being sorry. But in more moderate doses they too can benefit from the flower power
Hmm, there is little research on marijuanas effects on people, let alone pets. Raw weed has little to no effect on people and shouldn’t be any different with dogs. I’ve experienced plenty of “second hand smoke” with little to show for it. Leaving your edibles where children or pets can reach them is an obvious issue. I sincerely doubt, and see no actual evidence that pot is “toxic” to dogs.

Scaremongering at its finest.

Mike It
False, my dog almost died and she barely ate any. You say scaremongering, I say go for it buddy. See what happens and give your dog some weed that she eats. Secondhand is different. Also the ignorance, pot is stronger when you cook and then eat it, duh. Every pothead knows that.
Jay Bogart
What did she ingest? An edible? Something besides a leaf or bud I assume? Nothing about a plant will get you high unless it’s heated. The reason why pot is ‘stronger’ if you ingest an edible of some sort is because your body processes it differently. Ingesting it, the liver processes it and therefore it can cross the blood brain barrier giving you a much more euphoric high. When you smoke it, it can not cross the blood brain barrier. Therefore two different ‘highs’ if you will. Hope your dog is better.
This was an interesting read as an avid eater. I broke my pelvis in 3 places and gave myself a hematoma, spent almost 3 weeks in the hospital on opioids….. Got off them as fast as possible but as a result of the injury i suffer chronic pain. So I use weed medically in a state where it is perfectly legal to do so. I give my elderly dog a little cbd oil made for pets just before thunderstorms because they upset him so much and the cbd helps him stay calm… I am less concerned about the effects of marijuana on dogs, as I don’t give it to my dogs. But *I* eat it as explained. Well, yesterday, my dane curled up right after I ate it beside me and stuck her nose in my face…. So, I blew right in her face just after eating 30 ml….. Anyway…. The look on her face changed. She looked stricken. Shocked…. It almost made me feel like I felt in higschool when my kid sister would chastise me in her DARE t-shirt for having a glass of wine after a full day of school followed by a nearly full time job followed by 5 hours of homework….. Anyway, the dog seemed less than impressed with me cuz she could smell it I am sure on my breath…. My question is, how much do dogs understand human consumption of weed? Do they understand it’s effect on us? That it is frequently outlawed? etc…. And, is there an opening in some temperance society somewhere for my great dane? She wishes to join.
What was your point bollocks to u we want to know what happens to dogs from the thc. Not the fact that you don’t give it to your mut
Monique Perry
Thank you for sharing and spreading awareness for fur parents too, like me. I hope that a lot of people will be aware of the effect of marijuana on our fur buddy.
So basically I love animals but my moms chihuahua has issues. The biggest one is that he can not bring himself to relax and enjoy human company. Only two people are even allowed to touch him then only if he comes to you. I hate this dog for a variety of reasons but to the point, we have to dose him with some pills to even trim his nails. Could second hand smoke in small amounts help to calm this high anxiety dog?

Also the dog pees everywhere out of spite so I don’t think he peeing on himself to be the worst side effect

My dog is also a chihuahua. I occasionally dose him with second hand smoke. It completely calms him down. Since I’ve had him, he hasn’t had any problems with his bladder. He used to pee all over his old home 3+ times a day
Does anyone have info about making suppositories for dogs using thc? My dog is a 19# mini schnauzer & was just diagnosed with anal sac cancer. Cancer removed but the surgeon said she could not tell if she got clean lines. I discontinued the chemo pills after 1 week bc he got too sick. Would rather let him enjoy life. I saw a YouTube video where she was putting a suppository in her big dog which didn’t seem to mind; but she did not give proportions for a recipe using molds. She said all dogs cancers are healed very quickly with thc.
My mom has a mini Schnauzer & her butt glands get weird as well. She is also a senior dog. They thought she was going to to die, for she would collapse some days. I told her about CBD & she ordered treats from Earthbuddypet which turned her around. She can’t hear anymore but feels so much better.
My puppy 2mos just ate leaves from my plant i did not see him, and now he is drunk like and it is freaking me out Weed is not ok for dogs or pups we are not all the same or can handle the same things nore are we animals, this is so dangerous to the point my pups biting his tongue and in a coma i know he will be ok but i would not suggest this to any animal owner what so ever please supervise ur dogs around any kind of drugs “even if you think” there is no danger cuz God just proved me wrong ….. My pup is gonna be ok just got off the phone with vet and aslong as he is not vomiting or has diarrhea we dont need to take him in but he must be watch carefully ….
I think you missed some things in the article. Read it again, the part that says it can be bad if they ingest too much. It can be very beneficial to your dog for a variety of reasons.. I feed my dog marijuana every day, he seems to be healthier & happier then ever.
My rabbit used to love eating my weed until I sent him the bill
How much do you give your dog? Mine is a 50kg boerboel that loses his mind when it rains… No medication has helped yet.
Mona Augustine
My dog has bone cancer and in a lot of pain
Going to make him canna butter
Not sure how much to give him
I’m all for smoking weed….and that’s how my pup got into some, you can all say that’s unless it’s heated to a certain degree it won’t effect them etc etc but my dog ate straight bud that fell into my bed in the middle of the night and was jacked up, in the morning we knew something was wrong she was wobbly, lethargic, peeing without knowing it, we took her to emergency vet and they gave us activated charcoal to administer at home but her breathing was very slow, heart rate low, it’s now hours later and she’s still f*** up, this is very scary we are hoping everything will be fine, it’s great if it’s worked for some of you but I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through this, it’s been an absolute nightmare so please be careful
Im going thru this right now with my girl Zoey. Shes just resting and lethargic. Open eyes and looks at me but im watching her closely. I use for pain of radiation damage to my back & hips and i have fibromyalgia. I must have dropoed a small bud. But dogs get high from raw cannabis. She’ll be ok. Sleeping it off in her bed. She has several beds. She urinated on one earlier…side affect and i just feel so bad for her. I’m always so careful too. Praying for God to protect her
Was she okay?
Raegen Dawn Ogden
I have a German shepherd that’s a year and a couple months old. He has seizures and we give him medicine prescribed from the vet down here, but we also give him CBD oil capsules because when we don’t give him the capsule he will still have a seizure. I dont know if it’s the mixture of the two or that the CBD is building up in his immune system. But we ran out of the CBD capsules we have and got some more from a man who makes them for his son who had seizures but Is seizure free now. But these pills look a little darker than usual like they could have a little bit of thc in them and I dont see my dog act high but he does get very sleepy and its sometimes hard to wake him up which scares me but we cant not give them to him because he would have more seizures and im just wondering what I should do
I do not feed my dog edibles, nor would I. The THC potency is too high and the other ingredients aren’t safe for dogs. My dog however loves weed smoke. She sits beside whoever is puffing at the time. Licks the smoke and if someone throws it out in the yard she will go find it and eat it. (Doesn’t happen too often because I use tips, my friends throw theirs) She doesn’t act like these dogs though. She usually just goes to sleep or wants cuddles.
same for my toy aussie. she loves eating stems too
Kandy Daniels
Giving my Baby a 10:1 now. Suppository style do to tumor’s on end. He’s doing Great..!!!
emily temple
Kandy have you ever noticed anything? I gave my dog the same and it was not good. Trying to figure out if it was that or the disease. I’m scared to continue because he was vomiting all night.
Is that ratio CBD:THC or the other way around?
The only way weed will kill any one, your dog or cat included is if a ton of it is pushed out a plane and lands on them and crushes them!!!! It will make them sick/high but I have yet to hear of any death attributed to marijuana. Please post some proof of your supposition instead of spreading false information
Thank You Shane I’m hoping you’re so right. ❤️✊
Hiya guys. I’ve heard that prolonged use of cannabis products (edibles) for dogs is potentially toxic as there livers cannot process it? It’s similar to the effects of chocolate ingestion over a prolonged period of time. Is there any truth to this? I have a 86kg/190 pound Boerboel male who suffers with elbow displaysia & I’m considering using edible cannabis products for him but have a lingering concern about what a canine liver can handle for a prolonged period. Any suggestions or info on this topic will be much appreciated. Many thanks.
Alex Schenker (Admin)
Hi Lisa, can you elaborate on which cannabis products/edibles you’re referring to? I ask because the term “edibles” gets thrown around a bit loosely these days. Are you referring to oils such as CBD or hemp or edibles containing THC? Also if you wouldn’t mind sharing your research, we can dig in and give our readers more accurate information on this topic, thanks!
i give point 1 of a gram to my dod if i have to treat a injury never had a problem.
i used it over 20 times
its thc cbd full plant extract .
my last dog i was advised to get ger put to sleep at 12 yeRs old i gave her oil she lived until 17
My dog has spinal cancer as well as some cancer the grows into her nervous system. I was told if removed they grow aggressively and my dog will be miserable. I started give gabbapenton my dog started having small seizures or strokes. Even though it’s supposed to stop them. I removed all meds and went cbd. Dog perked up and starts living a normal life. 2 years later I’m seeing a bit more stiffness and pain. So I used my thc vape pen a small blow through her nose and my dog runs around like a puppy at 14 years old with spine cancer and unremoveable tumors pot saved my life and it’s saving my dogs get over pharma
Dart Barreras
You really need to rewrite every “Marijuana” to “Cannabis”… for the sake of all things good. Thank you. <3 PS:Less robots on the "ask a dog vet now" area if possible!!
My bulldogs are so my healthier now after chewing marijuana stalks!!
Jennifer Smith
I love cannabis. I guess my dog loves it too!
Jennifer Smith
My dog loves to sniff on my cannabis edibles! I think they also love the effect!
There definitely needs to be more education and information out there about animals and cannabis. This video makes me sick. It is seriously not funny what these poor pets are feeling. I almost lost my dog due to her eating cannabis. Cannabis that was put up high and in a sealed container, which she hunted down and chewed her way into. These pets cannot tell us how they’re feeling, if they’re scared, or in health danger. My 100 lb lab pup ate muffins that only had cannabis sugar dusted on top, but ate many…which equaled to Alittle over 100 mg of THC ingestion. She was definitely high, very sick the first day, very lethargic the second, and started having severe tremors on the third. Several weeks later, she is still periodically having tremors while she’s resting or whenever she gets anxious. When this originally happened, I immediately took her to our emergency animal clinic and then followed up weekly with our vet, and even the veterinarians in my area have very little or no information on treating this. Unless there is an actual health need that requires you to give your pet cannabis, don’t do this to them. Don’t blow it their face, don’t feed it to them because they act funny. They don’t always like it. And it’s a shame to see how people laugh because their pets are high. You can cause life long problems for these poor animals. Which is not only extremely scary but very costly. I personally wish there had been more information out there for me to read so I knew what was happening and how to help her.
My dog had eye problems but her meds are causing harm now and I am hoping for an alternative. I know THC reduces eye pressure…but I also don’t want my puppy to be high or sick from pot. She also has tumors that bother her the vet said they can do surgery but the tumors always come back…I want her to be comfortable in her last days…What is the lowest dose to give a 7 lbs dog to reduce her interocular eye pressure? Anyone’s constructive thoughts are welcome.
The easiest way would be to blow smoke in her face honestly 2 or 3 slow consistent blows should be more than enough she’s only 7 lbs and you’re not trying to get her baked just relief
Use a thc pen you do not have to inhail for every hit its 90% thc 10 gbd since in vape form no threat to the dogs lungs. My dog has spinal cancer is 14 and runs around like a puppy
Heather Martinelli
1mg per pound cbd oil will make her feel so much better. Rags my 10lb shihzu is 10yrs with eye issues(swelling, pressure, sometimes pain)from cataracts so he doesn’t see well and runs into stuff. Not to mention arthritis and inflammation. On this regimen he has become a pup again sparkling eyes and all. Definitely recommend trying this therapy over pills, they just cause more problems and money. My 70lb 8mth old lab mix got a hold of a joint roach and it did the same as far as energy which he definitely doesn’t need help with cause after about 15min he was a tornado for at least 30min. So I would say its a case by case situation. Dont by any means leave your stuff where you dog can get it. Thats how our babies get into trouble.
thank you!! very well said!
Tyler Ford
There’s more info than you think. Very little actual science has been done about k9’s and cannabis. CBD proven to be helpful. I keep hearing people say that it’s like dogs eating chocolate….who did these studies that compare the effects of pot and chocolate and says there body reacts the same way. Here’s a thought be a better pet owner. .. i noticed right away when my puppy chihuahua might have ingested some but i don’t know that for sure took him to the animal hospital incase he got to roach poison. Completely different effects i found out roach poison your dog will act more amped up racing heart etc. Since 2016 there’s only been a few studies on the effects of thc and k9. There has been no conclusive evidence of either being good or bad. Alcohol is bad for us and kills our liver yet a glass of red wine can help you. Just because your dog ate too much (which sux) but it is very rare that any complications happen. My chihuahua now likes it sometimes a little smoke blown his way he’ll actually jump up in my lap so he can get some. He then likes to search for things play with his toys then sleep. When i took him to the animal hospital he wasn’t able to keep his eyes open and just wanted to sleep. Dogs aren’t all that different from us when it comes to pot it’s about correct dosage which is where “good” pet owner comes in you should know your dog well enough to know if your dog doesn’t like the effects or the effects are too much. My pit before he died would move a little farther away when he didn’t want the effects. Which brings me to another point… in humans how is it that someone can sit in a hotboxed car breathing the second hand smoke yet still pass a drug test? Because they thc levels are greatly reduced to very small amounts think about it how are we getting high if we’re blowing out all the thc? I remember when it was legalized in Washington and i smoked some oil that was much stronger than anything I’ve had before and with a very low tolerance. ..effects i was nauseous and actually threw up couldn’t keep my eyes open due to it making me feel sick to try and focus on anything i just wanted to sleep it off. Sounds pretty similar to dogs. Here’s my suggestion as an animal lover and someone that just wants dogs to be happy… first off if your going to get your dog high you should probably wait till they’ve matured (just incase there is any effect on developing young dogs minds to be on the safe side until more studies have been done) then if u decide to…for anyone who has never done any drugs. .. make it an experience for them give them a treat our two let them experiment with how they feel, i like to compare it to mushrooms the kind not sold in stores. . Treat them like you were tripping with a friend and it was thier first time. ..set the mood reassure them that thier ok and thier a good dog. Then change thier minds to something else if thier not liking it aka a treat or favorite toy. Pot always makes everything taste better your dogs will agree. Make sure you go on the lighter side smoke is easier to give them a more accurate dosage, one you can see the effects almost immediately, it doesn’t last as long, edibles your assuming you know how much to give them. Edibles and dogs eating actual bud is different if they eat the weed a large portion of the thca will not become thc the edibles if done correctly you’ve turned the thca to thc by heating it. If your dog doesn’t like it, it may be too much or a strain they don’t like same for people try something with higher levels of cbd in it and a low thc. When i do give my dog some i usually use oil that’s not been made using butane. I get something that’s got as much cbd in it as possible and enough thc to have the desired effect. I use oil opposed to bud so that it is more pure and he doesn’t need very much meaning less smoke which he doesn’t care for as will most dogs. If you want to make sure it’s a very small hit then hold it in longer before blowing it out to absorb more of the thc out of it. There’s no science to prove anything right now but what we do have is tons of experience people have been getting thier dogs high for a long time and you’ll here good and bad stories. Then examine them further what were the conditions did the dog get into some edibles did it inhale some smoke, etc. I know to lots it’s as simple as use your head, know your dog, and moderation. But to people that believe every horror story they hear without actually doing the research or having enough common sense, there has been little to no actual research that’s been done and no conclusive answer so anything anyone tells you including your vet can’t tell you definitively anything really. If they are telling you like it’s aknown fact then you know for a fact that this person already doesn’t know what their talking about and that’s a fact. If your getting your dog stoned just to laugh at them then grow up. Treat your dog like you love them because they dont have the option of leaving and finding a new family. Pots not a deadly drug we need to fear…more research. ..of course! We always can use more research but until that’s been done we can only use our best judgment. Personally cbd oil from the vet doesn’t do much for my chihuahuas anxiety and pot doesn’t always help either different stains have different effects. ..if possible when you find a strain that seems to have the desired effect try to stick with that. Like people most may not want to go out where there’s alot going on until it’s built somewhat of a tolerance to it and the levels it can handle. For the first few times just have only people close to it be around and try to make it enjoyable for them. Sometimes your dog will just want a little and fall asleep in your lap that’s where i notice the help with anxiety those little noises from Neighbors or whatever else that normally make him edgy and not let him get into a good deep sleep. Instead he’ll start snoring and not react to things outside the house. They’ve prescribed dogs pot unofficially for years fir dogs With cancer or other life threatening illnesses especially when it’s taken your dogs appetite. Like i said pot always makes things taste better. I’m just so tired of misinformation… until there’s actual studies on k9’s and weed it’s most likely misinformation or opinion. So ask them is this a fact or are you assuming something and why? If they tell you fact at this point in time probably bs if they say it’s because the vet told them. … the vet doesn’t have access to information that we don’t so how do they know better. They studied animals but not pot. And assuming someone else is right about a something neither side knows for a fact is true is just reckless. There are so many bad vets out there allot of good ones but too many bad. No one should know your dog better than you so the best option is to use your best judgement. Do some research using studies done on humans as a way to setup a hypothesis and take it slow. Your not going to have an answer in your dog’s lifetime unless you feel it’s worth trying. Because if they haven’t started yet it’ll take a few generations of dogs to get any kind of data on the long term effects. Make your dog happy, a happy dog lives longer. And even if it took a year off thier life did it make the rest of thier lives better? That’s how you know if you should or shouldn’t is thier quality of life better with or without it, something a very can’t necessarily answer your the one that’s there everyday your the one that’ll know. ☺
Heather Martinelli
Beautifully said
Mama Bear
Hello, can you please elaborate on what the Jets did when you take your dog again. For instance, did they make him throw up? Did they give him charcoal? Did they put him on medicine?
Finally an informed person
I have a 45 pound dog that is a retriever/cattle dog mix. He is a rescue and had a rough start in life. Even though quit spoiled he goes into these fits where he is terrified. It could be wind or a car ride etc.. He becomes crazy and unmanageable and can’t calm down. Vet gives us doggie Valiums which don’t work and I am loathe to up the dosage. What works is I have started making batches of cannabis infused oil. I bake the cannabis to decarb it then put it in a crock pot with organic coconut oil and let it rest on low overnight. when he starts to get crazy I give him a small amount( pencil eraser size) He chills very quickly and will relax. He sleeps some but mostly just chills out and enjoys the ride. His heart rate and breathing get back to normal and when let out to stretch his legs will run and have a ball. I am careful how much I give him and have not seen any side effects. I use about half ounce to a pint of oil. He has regular vet checks and I feel very confident that I am not doing him harm but helping. There are lots of opinions but I would argue that nobody knows that sweet boy as well as I do. I don’t understand the opinion that if it comes from the drug store its fine but I am irresponsible for giving him a natural substance. I do agree that it is very important to have a good idea of dosage.
I don’t have any idea how to do this, and I don’t think it’s approved (pot) in my state yet, I need to find out…but my dog has eye pressure and mammary tumors as well. She is 13 and surgery options for both issues are off the table. She only weighs 7 lbs. I am afraid of overdosing her since she is so tiny. Would I just use more coconut oil in her case? I don’t want my baby to miserable in her last days and the vet said one of her meds is degrading her eyes and to stop giving it to her…but now I am afraid she has too much pressure. Any thoughts are appreciated.
Heather Martinelli
Cbd works awesome for this issue. 1mg per pound dopped on a treat. My boy has been on for a year, hes so much happier. Hes 10yr old eye, arthritis and anxiety issues
thanks for getting specific. I have a lab with similar issues — good dog most of the time but car rides and a couple other things set him off
Very interesting my daushund die Aug? A friend said to ease his pain blow pot smoke on him… He was 15 years old.. I didn’t cuz I don’t smoke pot.. He did wait till I fell asleep to die..he stroked out.. I’m crying now miss him… RIP Odie
It is great information, right dosage and use can be helpful for pets. So one must keep into consideration that dosage being used for medical marijuana
Tatiana Wilson
It got me when you said that CBD is okay for dogs for as long as the owners follow the recommended dosage of not more than 0.3% THC. I am not sure about how CBD can help my dog, so I will go to the vet to ask all about it. My brother just suggested it to me after seeing my pet a little bit lethargic. Hopefully, it turns out that it can really help. I’ll just make sure to follow the rules.
My dog seems to like it. I can be in my house with the back door open with her sitting in the garden, when she gets a whiff of it she comes in and sits next to me. I don’t know whether she likes the smell or effect or the fact that not long afterwards I’ll probably get some snacks out and there’s a great chance of getting some food.
I have a 10 year old 60lb Catahoula hound . She has two torn acl’s for the last three years. Just in the last six months , she has gone down hill. Not getting around to good, breathing hard, and in pain. Vet had her on Tramadol but gives her costapastion. Now i’m Researching marijuana for her. These days it is scary! You here about it being laced with other stuff!
This will be a last ditch effort before putting her down as I don’t want her suffering. Any information will be greatly appreciated .
Really unlikely to be laced
Erin StJean
hey my name is Erin StJean and Inmake my jack Russell with similar issues peanut butter cookies I like knowing what is in them this many recipes later my dogs love the peanut butter recapies iv yiu would like to try it I use CBD cocanut oil always bought from online dispensarys that are licensed I can send you links to the site I use and the recipe my dogs love all it takes is a small portion of cookie and her seizures go away she seems not in any pain acts like a puppy but never acts like dogs high in that video… feel free to contact me erin_dalestjean@hotmail.com or facebook Erin Greenwood StJean
You have to get it from a dispensary. Colorado, Washington state as well as other states have legal dispensary. Don’t go to some street thug. You have no idea what is in that!
I truly don’t mean any harm by this but, “some street thug,” is more likely to give you a lessor quality weed rather than lacing it with something nefarious.
Don’t buy it off the blackmarket unless you really know someone. Check the legal states around you the ones with recreationally legal sales will sell to you with ID. Ask the bud tender for something for pain and sleep.
If you are not close to a rec state, find the old hippies. Bring your dog. They will help you. They are hippies. Hippies can’t help helping you, and they can’t help helping your dog.
Heather Martinelli
Damn straight why put crap in your body thats just gonna tear it down, medication. When a lot of issues can be resolved or helped with natural items that grow as easily as the weeds in your yard. For humans and animals. Old school best school. Bless y’all
My 80 pound blue nose has what is called cluster seizures.he developed epilepsy at the age of 4.it started w 1 seizure a month then the next month it doubled.i researched for days and found out as long as the seizures were not frequent and didn’t last longer than a minute that I should just monitor him,if the seizures start becoming more frequent or lasting more then a minute or so then I should start being concerned (obviously every case is different)well last month he had 44 seizures in one night,I rushed him into the vet.he suffered neurological damage from his brain not being able to reset itself from so many back to back seizures. Thought he was gonna die.long story short,the phenobarbital worked for 2 weeks and the seizures started coming back.he wouldn’t sleep for 3-4 days cuz the seizures happened 9 times outta 10 when he was sleeping.and I honestly feel like he knew that cuz he fought sleep for those days,he would pace all night long and whine like u never heard a dog whine before.the not sleeping was effecting him like it would us,it was making him a dog that I didn’t recognize, aggressive, acting very weird.seemed like he didn’t know wtf was going on.i gave him half a weed cookie and he slept for the first time in 4 days and zero seizures that night. I said frig yeah and made a big batch in my crock pot the next day(plenty of slow cooker weed butter recipes on YouTube).hes been on a small amount t of butter now for 2 weeks twice a day and no word of a lie,night and day difference. When u couple the phenobarbital w a small amount of thc it works wonders.and I don’t k ow if this proves my poi t or not but 1 week ago I was like,jesus maybe I’m effing up my dog,hes obviously high all the time now,kinda wobbles around like a drunk person maybe I’ll take him off the weed butter for a couple of days to see if the phenobarb has leveled off in his system and maybe we can take him off the butter all together…24 hrs later he had another seizure….put him back on the butter that night,haven’t had another seizure since.my vet and I are on the same page,she says I cant legally tell u to give ur dog thc but nobody knows you’re animal better than yourself, if u are finding that this is working for you then keep doing it,if ur dog is walking around like a zombie and sleeps all day long maybe u have him to much.i recommend experimenting w the dosage and finding what works for u.hope this helps if u have a dog w epilepsy. Any more questions email me at threeprecenter@gmail.com my name is Josh.
I am so glad you found a solution for your pup. It makes me so frustrated that this natural, rather benign plant(compared to scripts) is an issue. I know my dog would benefit and get relief from her gloucoma and mammary tumors (they itch her) but I am nervous because I don’t think my state has approved pot yet…and probably never will… last I heard it was up for a bill… So stupid I should have to stress out over this. I feel sorry for my dog because I know I am denying her comfort that SHOULD be available at a time like this. I think it’s inhumane in a way but I do my best with her…
Bully Ma
Research CBD oil. Will not cause a “high”, as there is no THC. Sold legally online to most, if not all states, and in health stores.
Good luck!
First of all not all the the information on this article is correct. If a dog gets into your stash it is like eating greens outside with even benefits behind that. What I am trying to say a dog can only feel the affects of weed if it is decarboxilated. In other words burned already and although it acts as an irritant when blowing in face small
Amounts will not hurt them. If you intentionally get your dog high just for your entertainment that is wrong but if you are trying to subside anxiety or pain then it would probably help.
Just Me
This is not correct. For people they need to heat/burn it, but the vet just told me they are very sensitive to it and react to it raw. I have seen the scary first hand effects of a dog that ate a raw bud off of a plant.
My 7-pound, Chihuahua mix had to be euthanized because she had THC poisoning/toxicity. We have no idea where or how she ingested it, but we can only surmise someone threw their leftover butt into our yard because she had not been outside of our fenced yard (5 1/2 foot privacy, wood fence). It affects different dogs differently, and of course the size of the dog matters. It is the THC that killed her. She had labored breathing, very low heart rate, and sliipped into a coma. Don’t give your dog marijuana unless you know the risk. Would I give my dog a CBD bisquit for dogs, probably – the THC is removed. Would I ever knowingly give a dog marijuana – absolutely not – a dog does not have the ability to chose. Again, know the risk.
M R S. Garland C.. Hunt
Absolutely do not give any dig cannabis. It can and will kill them, especially small dogs.
If they recover their personality/temperament may be altered permanently.
You have very strong opinions on this subject, May I ask if you are a vet or have training? I would say that the key as with any medicines is dosage for size, and watching for allergic reactions.
Bully Ma
People should also remember that prescribed medication often have quite severe side effects. For example, prednisone is often prescribed to calm skin issues. But trying different (quality), foods can bring the skin to normal in many cases. Just saying it’s not harmful to have an open mind on all options to help an ailing loved one, human or not.
Poor little thing…I am so sorry for your loss…but thank you for sharing. I am ambivalent about what to do for my poor little pup (13 yo) who has multiple health issues. I’m glad to hear a contrary point. Bless your little fur baby. <3
A roach wouldn’t kill the dog. If weed killed the dog (highly unlikely, and you never said it did for sure just listed symptoms) it would have taken much more then a roach even for a small dog like that
So I have a 4 mouth bugle chwawa Pom mix she got a hold of my mothers medical marijuana and she was bobbing her head back and forth and now she is nodding of and sleeping her stomach is really hot and her nois is dry please tell me what to do
BIG Savage
Nothing. Just supply water and a kind hand to hold them. They will be fine.
My dog got a hold of a nick of weed. He’s 5 years old do you think he’ll be alright
I don’t want to be critical of weed, although I haven’t used it and don’t intend to. But my 200 lbs St Bernard has seizures and even on the phenobarbital he gets two minor seizures once a month. What I don’t like about this discussion is the fact that there is no, absolutely no, guideline for how much to give, and what to give, proportional to weight. It’s a bit typical of the as yet non-scientific data on use of marihuana in general, since here, in Canada, and in most of the US, it has been illegal for so long so it was impossible to do proper research either for humans or animals. So we have to go by incidental comments and build our own experience. For larger breed dogs, vet bills are prohibitively expensive since any med treatment is a multiple of smaller dogs. Phenobarbital is not that expensive (about $50 per month), but it does not fully solve the issue for my dog. I’d like to give him edibles, but have no idea as to the quantity.
I have an 11lb 1 1/2 year pom. 1-2 times per week I give her about 0.1gram of organic plant. I make sure not to give her enough to make her dizzy or uncomfortable.
I think you should just give it second hand smoke because if you don’t know the amount it’s better to blow smoke in his face‼‼
Have u tried CBD oil for dogs. It is the healing part not the THC part. I give it to my Koa who is 100 pound staffy. He was a bait dog before we got him and it left his memories with anxiety. It has helped him. They also have the 1 on 1 ration CBD oil and THC. MY FRIEND TOLD ME ITS THE BEST OF WORLDS. Speak to your doc. I got my stuff at a local pharmacy where I get my meds.
I just bought CBD/THC 6 mg of each. I was going to give to give my 100 lbs bully a drop a day. I’ve read a lot about the THC being bad for dogs so now I’m not sure what to do. Any suggestions would help.
Thank you
James R. Steffel Jr
Give him a half dose(.03mg) and he should be fine
James R. Steffel Jr
I have a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever.He is larger than the average adultale,by about 40 lbs.At close to 100 lbs,I give him a half of a edible gummy or brownie.In either case, it’s about .05 THC.Seems to work well for his anxiety ( especially when there are a lot of people around,),and I have noticed zero side effects
We also have a 195 lb Saint Bernard but has bone cancer I took him off the Tramadol and use vet Cbd 1:20 for day and kinder spirit 1:1 and at night I use papa Barkley 1:3 the vet Cbd oil has instructions for dogs weight the other kinder 1:1 I give .25 the same with the 3:1 he was only given 2 weeks it’s now been 3 months he is full of life and his tumor on his leg has stabilized so much better then when he was on his RX. I just monitor him for side effects. The cannabis stores are pretty helpful in helping you with doage
I have fead my pit edibles before and he’s just fine… he gets super relaxed and just falls asleep for a while…
Never ending scare tactics made by non-users and illogical people with a degree. How many dogs have died from eating cannabis? 100’s? 1000’s? 0? “Life Threatening” Fak…everything COULD BE considered life threathening. “The young boy drank life threatening amounts of water during the hockey game.” What is a life threatening amount of THC for a dog? Nobody has a clue so stop using these fear mongering words when discussing cannabis.
My dog recently ate 1/2 a brownie that fell on the floor and was tossed the woods for the ants to enjoy. He was stoned 8hrs. I stayed up with him to make sure he didn’t freakout at any point in time. He was mostly sleepy. After a few hrs I took him for a pee. He was wobbly going out, but after was hyper and energetic until he saw the couch again. Dogs experience the same symptoms humans do. It last longer with them due to body size, but it won’t kill them or cause any serious problems. That statement is far more accurate without an education to back it than the comments some of these vets and doctors are putting out there who have never consumed cannabis themselves.

Point is, don’t feed your pet cannabis as they can’t express their choice to consume drugs, but if your pet does consume cannabis, just know that in 2-10hrs they’ll be fine.

My 13lb, 14 year old mini schnauzer recently became extremely lethargic after a short walk around our town. I let her sleep that night and in the morning when she is normal full of energy, she was same, extremely lethargic and her eyes were bothering her. Vet said most likely ate a marijuana butt. I watch her constantly so she doesn’t eat things on a walk because people throw out all kinds of things. If you have an older, small dog you don’t know what could be wrong with it when they act like that! It took her 4 DAYS to completely be back to normal. People need to be aware what can happen to your dog if it eats cannabis. NOT all dogs will be fine in 2-10hrs!
Monique Guevara
I think the same may have happened to my dog what did you have to do for her?
Ms. Courtney "Cork!" A. Coleman
Not scientific, canines die from THC, suppressing their heart rate they slip in a coma.
The information in this article seems very out of date. The only people who refers to dispensaries as “pot shops” are anti marijuana advocates. I’m no PHD but I have formal education in Cannabis (cultivation, breeding, extraction, genetics). As far as dogs getting sick from eating raw cannabis, I would like to see your sources. Harvested cannabis, i.e. nugs, joints and processed marijuana, it’s possible that some of the oils and resins on the flower could affect your pet. Overall, there is no evidence of cannabis ever killed anyone or anything without additional contributing factors. With animals it is most likely the toxins like chocolate and artificial sweeteners (Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in products such as gum, candy, mints, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Xylitol is harmful to dogs because it causes a sudden release of insulin in the body that leads to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Xylitol can also cause liver damage in dogs.) found in many edibles. Understand that CBD and THC are different things. By all means give your dogs, kids, grandparents etc. CBD. Cannabis is the only source for THC. However, interestingly enough it is not the only source for cannabinoids. Human beings also produce cannabinoids, that is the reason we have an endocannabinoid system. This system is actually the largest group of receptors in the body. Most CBD products have trace amounts of THC. That small amount of THC activates your endocannabinoid to make better use of the medical properties of the CBD. That high feeling from THC is your brain telling you that it has more than enough THC, thanks. Too much CBD can make you feel loopy. Neither side effect is deadly. The reason your body holds onto THC for so long, is because your body is not rejecting it like other drugs that leave your system within 72 hours or sooner if flushed out. That being said, dogs are one of the many species, like humans, that have an endocannabinoid system. Meaning, dogs have receptors for THC and CBDs and it is not a foreign substance to them.

I recommend using CBD products for dogs over getting them high. If for any reason, dosage. It is too difficult to determine how much is too much from smoke since the dog can’t tell you. CBD products tell you how much is in each product, and dogs don’t need the THC, they are happier than we are most of the time already. Imagine that your dog already sees in Blacklight (UV Spectrum), do they really need a psychoactive?

All of us in colorado calls them pot shops
Ya lots of people still call them pot shops, but I agree it’s an old term. Depends on where you live and your circle of friends. Dispensaries is what we call them.
M R S. Garland C.. Hunt
The best comment read on this topic. Every article you can find on the internet is mostly biased. Non are peer-reviewed or have citations.
M R S. Garland C.. Hunt
That was a waste of time trying to impress with your complete lack of scientific knowledge on the ACTUAL SUBJECT…
Thank you for that. I heard it’s the THC that helps with tumors and eye pressure problems. Both of which my 13 yo dog has… would CBD be if any benefit? I also don’t want my dog to feel crappy and high either. So I am not sure how to proceed. She is only 7 lbs and I feel like she could easily overdose on cannabis with THC…Any thoughts? Would CBD help her eye pressure and her tumors with no THC?
By far, CBD for dogs is the best thing I’ve done for my dog. My dog started having seizures and it was so scary and hard to watch. I couldn’t afford her meds forever so I looked into CBD for dogs and she hasn’t had one seizure in 3 months. She had them about 2 times a month for 8 months. Shes back to her old self again. I hope I could help someone.
Kathleen Ann Rubenstein
My largeish-for-a-chihuahua has seizures about every other month. I’ve gotten cbd oil for her and squirt it in her mouth when she has one, and the seizure ends within about 10 seconds. Now my son has medical marijuana, and when she has one, he blows the cbd one in her ear. He says that’s how you’re supposed to administer to a dog. It works great. Also she has separation anxiety when I go out, so he gives her some then too, and she chills out.
Brian Winiarski
Have you tried giving it to your dog on a regular schedule, perhaps morning, noon, and before bed? Maybe you could prevent the siezures from even happening.
Jim Gibson
I have a blue bulldog. Sorry, I just have him second smoke! Though I also cultivate cannabis using what I learned.
I know accidents happen but for god sake people: keep your edibles far from reach when handling them, making them, cooking them.
Also, the idiots blowing smoke i. Their dogs face…you wouldn’t do that to a child and you should t do that to a dog. What the hell is wrong with you idiots? I have absolutely nothing against marijuana but for Christ sake, “ don’t give it to your animals!”
Not so funny when your dog goes into respiratory failure! Wtf.. get a clue! Information is free
M R S. Garland C.. Hunt
Exactly, respiratory FAILURES, for canine emergencies nationally up 79 percent since legalization.
Take care.
All this is b******t. Why because my 5 pound chiweenie loves to eat the stems. Ive had him since he was 4 wks old. He had his first smoke sesh with my wife and i at 12 wks old. He was so hyper when he wasnt stoned. He would bark, tear up everything until he would smoke with us. He would hear me getting our supplies to roll up and you would see him run to my side cuz he knew what i was getting ready to do. Now 3 yrs later ive never had to take him to a vet for anything. He is one healthy stoner chiweenie with all his shots and vaccines. Never gets sick. Eats only dog food no people food at all. I think it depends on how much you give your dog is how it determines how high he will get. Just be careful. He enjoys it and we he does not have it he is still an awesome pup! Smoke away stoners!!
Golf Wolf
brace for the impact of euthanasia
Nee Bee
Why would you want to be euthanized… Well wait with your lack of intelligence… No loss…
That’s not how weed works sir. Stems have very little actual potency in themselves. They are mainly made of plant fiber and plant matter unless extracted with isopropyl and made into rso. Do a little more research on the things you out into your body before saying anything is false
Cannabis is not psychoactive until it has been decarboxylated and the THCa turned into THC. That is done by heating to around 240 degrees F. So the idea that raw untreated cannabis makes a dog act differently seems to lack logic. Now if it is cooked in say brownies then yes the dog would show signs of being stoned. But at that point you have a bigger issue that the dog at chocolate. A study done in Colorado of vets showed only two dogs dying out of over 200 and it was unknown if they ingested chocolate or not. It may not be a good idea to give your dog weed but I really question the validity of these death stories I am reading here.
It sounds wrong, but it’s right. I grew up around a German Shepherd that ate marijuana and he got high every single time and came out of his high very aggressive. He’d break out of his yard and terrorize everyone. This was in the 80’s in a rough neighborhood but I’ll never forget it because he chased me and my siblings home. There’s something about a dogs system that differs from ours and allows them to get high off of ingesting marijuana
M R S. Garland C.. Hunt
YES, YES, YES, ABSOLUTELY. WEneed Public Service Announcements.
I’m sure you probably give your dog acid too and think it’s cute. Dogs are different from human as they are from cats.. do you really think all species have the same reactions as we do. Your pretty stupid!
As for the people who have had luck with giving it to their dog. Every dog is physiologically different. What may be way too much for one can or may be fine for another.. the fact is ..” why are you willing to chance your pets life?” Is it really worth it so you can make videos of your dog stoned , talking down, and lethargic?”
Really funny stuff? Do you watch trainwrecks too? Haha they hilarious!
You’re *
Been there done that
Nope, I have a friend who for over 20 years has eaten rather than smoke his raw bud and gets high. Eyes red and glossy and all the tell tale signs of a stoned individual. I have first hand seen that eating raw bud does indeed get one high. I personally have handled a decent amount of very sticky keef covered bud then licked my fingers several times throughout handling only to feel a mild buzz a bit later so the need to heat to 240* for the psychoactive effects to take place is not true.
M R S. Garland C.. Hunt
I’ve seen it up close. Just because it’s great from humans doesn’t mean the same for canines.
Nee Bee
Please stop talking. Literally every comment you’re running your mouth on lies. Get a life.
I’ve heard this too about decarbocylated but am positive it is untrue for dogs, my dog got into my sack of weed and was beyond f**** up, so much so we ended up taking her to the emergency vet and having to get activated charcoal for her, from what I’ve gathered their cannabinoid receptors are a bit different from humans. Just speaking from personal experience here and know for a fact that that’s what did it.
My 75lb GSD suffered an accident in the home a year ago. He has been paralyzed in the rear since. ThHC and CBD have been a life saver for me. Yes, he gets THC in tincture form daily. I use 1-1 and high dose THC dosed for his needs and size. He also gets stress ugh CBD when needed. It helps with his pain and anxiety and he sleeps through the night now. Without it I probably wouldn’t have been able to manage him and he wouldn’t have such a good quality of life. He has never had pharmaceutical drugs and I was not going to start now. No vet here could offer ANYTHING except euthanasia. So…. I am on my own, well educated and a big believer. You all need to decide for yourselves and in your own circumstances. But pharmaceutical drugs are man made and have horrible side effects. This is a plant. Makes a difference to me. Good luck to all.
I was given a “pen” syringe full of what is said to be 89 % thc and was wondering if it would be safe to put a drop in 140 lb dogs food for pain? He has several tumors and is also old aged. Do you think this is to potent for him? Unfortunately we cannot afford a vet at this time. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. Thank you!
Mary check out rick Simpson’s website and use that to help u. U will not what treatment is right for ur dog. Educate urself and don’t be afraid to have different opinions on the medical treatment of ur dog. I was in the same place as u at one time. Now I am very educated and very comfortable in my choices for my dog. Good luck. I wud say more but a public forum such as this is not the place.
Rhonda Foster
I was given a syringe too and was told to give my 100 lb. Gsd half the size of a grain of rice two times a day.
One time my dog was throwing up over and over again (we were over two hour drive from the nearest vet) and i thought he was going to die so i blew like five hits of weed into his little 9 pound self and he stopped throwing up immediately and laid down and went to sleep. So i call bull**** that it can kill your pet. Maybe if it ingest some ungodly amount? Its up to you to improvise when things get whack.
Please be careful with blanket statements regarding marajuana and dogs. I just took a dog to the vet who could not stand up, lost bladder control, throwing up, and foaming from the mouth. He had inadvertantly on a walk eaten marajuana as his urine analysis was positive.his breathing was so shallow that we thought he would die. This was a very sick dog. It can be very toxic to dogs and cats. Even lethal. This information should be made available to anyone who engages in the use. They can pick something up off the ground and be dead on a few hrs if not taken to the vet. Thank you for reading this. I hope you will pass this on to anyone else.
Marijuana has to be decarboxilized in order to be effective—unless your dog is 1/2 dragon and has a fiery stomach—your dog was not under the effects of marijuana.
Carboxylized to get high and get the terpenes as. However ingesting marijuana in even a small account can kill a dog. She just wasn’t Getting the high and benefits when she passed. Sweet spirit, RIP.
Not true at all. My dog ate a joint last night and she was F’D up! Her pupils were huge, she was wobbly, she was paranoid, and she didn’t want to eat or drink. I gave her activated charcoal and she threw up twice and got it all out and then she was pretty much back to normal – still tired but not like she was before …but anyway the point is that all of u saying that the marijuana can’t get dogs high if they eat the weed – def not true
M R S. Garland C.. Hunt
Get the facts, science, ever hear if that?
How is your dog now? What did the vet do to cure him?
J Ro
Yes, pot can kill a dog.

Case Study: 80 lb. Weimaraner died less than 48 hours after ingesting THC;
Source and Amount of THC: Unknown. Owner suspects passerby fed edible to dog;
Symptoms: Lethargy, Imbalance (wobbly);
Objective Test: Urine test positive for THC;
Post mortem necropsy by Colorado State University Veterinary Pathologist found no toxins, no abnormal tissue and no disease. Only cause of death is THC consumption.

The fact this article says there is a lack of evidence is a joke. All of the data we have on marijuana comes from testing it on animals just like any other drug before its legal for humans. Researchers have injected concentrates of THC directly into dogs bloodstream using dosages that are pretty much impossible to occur in real life. The worst that happened is the dogs went into weed comas sometimes for a day or two but came back completely normal if just a little scared because they just traveled to another doggie dimension probably. I think its also irrelevant. If your dog doesnt like you blowing smoke in their face then leave them alone and dont put their comfort and risk for your enjoyment.
Complete farce. We have too many anti-cannabis posters here already
Accidental ingestion by the pets is the only reason why i kept my stash locked and hidden away from the pets, as it is the general behavior of the animal to investigate anything that looks unusual.
My 4 month old puppy ate a tiny piece of a nug, and she was not able to control her pee, she wasn’t walking, and when she tried to stand up her back legs were super shakey. I gave her food and water and during the night she threw up, and about 5 hours later, she’s fine. Just super sleepy.
Doc l
Donald Bang on! natural cannabis contains THCA you need to remove the A to get any effect this is done by decarbonisation. You can get plenty of benifits as long as it’s not abused
My basset hound has dementia and requires gabapentin and amitriptyline daily. She is out of control and difficult to handle without it. We have to take her on a road trip in several weeks, a thought that equals torment for us with her in the car. Car rides and this dog do not get along. She goes berserk with or without her medicine in the car. Boarding her would probably mean her complete meltdown. We are in Colorado and have access to flavored marijuana juice. We’re considering it as opposed to some pharmaceutical that would knock her out for most of the road trip and back. We’ve tried this juice ourselves and are going to experiment with about 1/3 of the recommended dosage and see how she does. In her case, it wont be for our entertainment, but for our peace of mind on this trip
I would use marijuana type products for my dog. Just my opinion. Especially if the owner lives in Colorado or some legal state lol. But that’s just me!
Gabapentin can cause muscle, joint pain, don’t understand why dog is on it. Look up side effects of it. I have tried it on myself twice and I developed more nerve pain, as well as muscle, tendon, joint pain. Have you researched that drug? If it affects me, it would affect a dog. Go off slowly, or will go into withdrawal. Ami is an antidepressant used for sleep and pain issues, I have been on for 30 years. Again, why is dog on that? A dog dying of cancer lived her life in peace with cbd daily, at 14 she even played with the other dogs. THC I don’t know much about that for dogs. I use cbd for nerve pain. THC causes my pain to get worse if I use even a tiny bit, so research this further. Not in this format, but look for vet blogs for real information and not just personal experiences.
My dog has been having seizures so I thought a little bit of a maryjane cookie would be good.. unfortunately he had a seizure early morning? Did I f*** up? Thought it would help w/ his seizures?
I would try some type of oil known to stop seizures. I would mix a couple of drops in some wet and dry food mixture
Was it a cookie for people or for dogs? How old is your dog? What size is your dog? Have you seen a vet about his seizures? If it’s a people cookie it’s too strong for the dog, and it’s purpose is not the same as specific dog CBD infused medication. You can get a CBD extract and cookie at barkshop.com and some other CBD dog treats at Weedbay.ca if you’re in Canada.
MaryJane cookie? What else was in it? Hopefully no chocolate.
How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd products for my dog? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.
Chihuahua ate brownie
My five pound chihuahua accidentally ate a bite of a marijuana brownie. She ran around excitedly for a few minutes, stopped suddenly, started losing her balance, became ridiculously relaxed, and then wide eyed drooled buckets of drool for 8 hours. It was very scary. After four hours she threw up on her own and four hours after that she was all better. It was awful.
China Buck
I thought brownies were made of chocolate. Chocolate bad for dogs. I have been giving my dog about 6 mg THC + 10mg CBD for about 6 months.
it seems to help his hip problem and improves his gate.
China Buck, do you give this dose once a day, several times, or in divided doses? Glad your dog is doing better.
M R S. Garland C.. Hunt
Gosh, I’m so glad your pup came out of it. I hope my does or i might just die.
Donald Payne
Bull**** this article is so full of shit THC is not what you would find in cannabis. In fact THC-a is the natural cannabinoid. THC-a has no effect on either cannabinoid receptors as cannabis has to be decarboxalated to pass.
THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical compound in cannabis responsible for a euphoric high. But what more is there to know about cannabis’ primary psychoactive component? Whether the question comes as a newbie to the cannabis world or an experienced consumer who would like to know a bit more about the most famous of cannabinoids, THC has likely been synonymous with cannabis in your mind for as long as you’ve known about the plant.
I agree with David. THC is the main ingredient in cannabis. It’s the part that makes you high, It is very easy to identify in a urine or blood test. THC is what they test for to determine if someone has been using pot. I thought everyone knew that.
M R S. Garland C.. Hunt
Science, they teach it in schools. Try some.
Katelyn McAllister
Just a side note…. One of my kittens started having a seizure from licking his flee medicine. I had no way to get him to the vet until my boyfriend got home. The first thing I thought to do was get him a tad bit high to stop the convulsions. Sure enough with in the next 15 minutes he relaxed. Im not suggesting get your pet high everyday but in some scenarios it can be quite the lifesaver.
My dog has had 3 seizures in the 7 years I’ve had him and I wonder if it is from my secondhand smoke…I don’t smoke much, but when I do I usually do it outside but I bring my dog with me. He’s a 90lb German Shepard and I’d think it’d take a lot for him to get high like in the video but maybe he was already susceptible to seizures and it just made it worse? I stopped smoking 5 months ago and he hasn’t had one since…I’ll probably keep him away from it just in case.
Or maybe I have it backwards…idk I love my dog too much to risk the unknown :,(
Victor Timmons
I started my dog on 2 drops of a tincture 250mm cbd/5mm thc per oz of product. A human dose is about 2/3 of a eyedropper or 20 to 25 drops. So what i’m giving my dog is a very, very tiny amount. SO what are the results? His skin has cleared up after years of different things. He was on about 10mg pregnazon per day and now 2.5mg every other day. His skin was healthy enough to get fleas this year for the first time (poor guy just can’t win). I started giving to my other dog just because she is getting older. She has had eye boogers for years they are all gone now. Neither dog get high at all, or at least nothing I can see. Both have had positive results. This is in no way a recommendation, I am not a vet or do I have any medical training. Please check with your vet before trying especially if your dog is on any kinds of meds
I cannot believe all the hate in these posts. I am pro cannabis, however my dog just ate a pile of brownies, and is now at the vet on an iv, and having charcoal tablets in his tummy. Poor baby, I have never seen him like that. He was so very baked. I would never do that to him intentionally. These vets or admins are trying to give the best advice that they know of. We all know that pot cant kill humans – but when animals ingest edibles, no one really knows what could happen. Stop the hate people!!!
Brownies are mad we from chocolate. Chocolate, especially the dark variety, kills dogs even in small doses. If it was store bought I too is even worse, artificial sweeteners are even more poisonous to a dog than chocolate is.
Nee Bee
Yeah brownies are chocolate genius…. Not the weed the chocolate made them sick. Educate yourself before speaking and looking ignorant.
Richard A Lytton
Should i let my dog fall asleep? She ate a sugar cookie edible (complete accident and i feel absolutely horrible about it) and its been about 2 hours now, i got her calmed down from the gitters and siezure like actions but she wont drink any liquids and i made her throw up once i found out after a hour after she ate it. Is it safe for her to fall asleep
Aside from any of the potential physical side affects, it just isn’t ethical to get your dog high. They can’t understand what’s happening to them, why they’re feeling disorientated and odd, and there’s no way you can explain it to them. It’s a well known fact that weed can cause extreme anxiety for some people, however even these people have the advantage of knowing that their panic is stemming from the drug. Dogs very likely won’t grasp this concept, their correlation skills just aren’t the same as ours. Don’t make medical decisions for your animals without asking your vet.
Plain and simple people. You have the bigger brain now use it!
TRACIE GARDNER {have to leave a reply like this because this retarded won’t accept the captcha :/ )

What on Earth are you talking about?

Coming from somebody that has used cannabis practically every day for 30 years, co-runs a music agency, is a music producer (not just some student claiming to know everything on a subject that they clearly have no first hand experience of) and can easily converse with anybody, about almost anything, and with an adequate amount of knowledge on said subjects…… your phd is an utter failure and a lie.

The only studies that have ever said this nonsense are those old, outdated studies that big pharma funded.. That was in the days when science of this sort was only carried out by those with the time and money to do so, which, again, are funded by the very same companies that would be threatened by the cannabis industry as they have known for decades that it is medicine and not poison; why else would they have had it in many medicines before the 1930’s? As a point of fact, they effectively banned it in 1937 with the Marijuana Tax Act; funnily enough, they introduced chemotherapy, as it was then, in 1943. Today, they are finally admitting what they have known all along; that cannabis kills cancer dead and this knowledge has been known for decades. If you honestly believe that cannabis kills brain cells, which is tantamount to brain damage, trying telling that to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or even Carl Sagan!!! Intelligent people smoke cannabis, maybe you should try it haha?!

In fact, it has been found after many new studies that it actually helps with concentration and opens up the creative side of the brain, as well as having no basis for the assumption that it kills brain cells. What has been found to have an effect on cognitive decline though, is the use of tobacco…… of which a lot of stupid people put with cannabis to smoke it. Look closer to those that are making BILLIONS from peoples deaths and you’ll be one step closer to the truth!!!

I hope you like the inevitable HUGE mound of debt you have for the privilege of having been misinformed on this particular topic! :/ Go you!

Soooo.. Neil, You have no schooling in bio-sciences are a musician but that makes you an expert on a biology topic, somehow?
Neil, this is an article about dogs, not humans. Do you know how many things humans can injest that kill dogs?

Marijuana Tax Act in relation to an article about dogs. LMFAO.

I am a huge proponent of legalized marijuana and smoke myself. But again, this is about dogs. D. O. G. S.

Dogs are not human. They don’t use the same drugs or eat the same food as humans. Being in the music industry has nothing related science if medicine or dogs.
My one year old puppy ate some weed, and it was scary as Hell. She threw up at home before we took her to the vet, and we had no idea why. When we took her in, he knew right away what it was and he sent us home because he said that’s all he would do, induce vomiting. She couldn’t stand or walk, and was twitching like she was having a seizure. It is definitely toxic, and it only takes a tiny amount. She only ate either a tiny nug I must have dropped, or possibly one gummy bear. Really not sure, but she didn’t break into my stash or anything like that. It was super scary, and there might be THC based dog medicines, but the dose is probably very small. I would never intentionally put my dog through what we went through. It was horrifying, and it really made me feel like such a piece of garbage. Be careful loading your bowls, or tapping them out, and keep edibles where the dog can’t possibly get them.
My 1 yr old husky ate the 1 oz of THc cream I use to rub on for pain. She is really affected over it sleepy and jumpy when you wake her, she was having tremors but they stoped now 4 hours later, now she is sleeping. I called all over and no one has the same story as to what it will do . My vet said if she is not better by tomorrow then bring her in. I am at a loss as to what to do.
If your dog is anxious or disturbed, DON’T give them pot! Don’t get me wrong, I’m half-stoned 24/7 to manage chronic pain, but I don’t share with my dogs. Many things that are 100% natural kill dogs. Garlic, onions, raisins, avocados, LOTS of shrubs, etc… If your pet is in pain, and you can’t get ahold of your vet, the best bet is to call an emergency vet who can tell you the proper dose of Benadryl to give the dog until business hours. Benadryl works well because (like in humans) it makes dogs foggy and drowsy, therefore less likely to notice pain. NOW, that said, NEVER GIVE A DRUG TO YOUR PET UNLESS FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIONS OF A VET/TECH! What is safe for my Rottie is NOT safe for my Frenchie! And if your pet has fallen from a high place, been bitten, is bleeding a lot, etc. VETERINARY CARE IS A MUST! The local shelter is usually able to stabilize a pet for relatively cheap prices.
-Former rescue worker
My 15 month old puppy is very anxious and out of anxiety starts to attack people. It got worse last week when he bit my mom who came in the door, he realized too late who it actually was. Now I have kids at home and spoke to trainer and vet…either I regime him to place with no human interaction or put him down. No one giving me any other options. I am thinking to try weed to help with anxiety and aggression. I never done weed myself but had some stoned clients …Does anyone know if weed would actually make his aggression worse? like paranoia? I am worried about kids around him with or without weed but euthanasia seems so cruel, at times he is just most loving and happy pup.
any suggestions please offer.
Tracie Gardner
If your dog is terminal or severe pain I can understand you want relief for it, but in general it is not a good idea. It is not a good idea to smoke it around your dog either. It has THC in it and that is a mind altering drug. Maybe you have done it for a long time but studies have shown it kills brain cells and causes many other problems. If we know what it does to humans than we know what it can do to pets. Be sensible about it. I am not saying don’t; I am saying do it for the right reasons. I am almost finished with my PhD and know what I am talking about before you start in on me.
A guy that knows the doesn\'t kill brain cells.
If you know what you are talking about, please show me one study that shows that thc kills brain cells. Oh yea, what’s your PhD in?
I’m sorry Tracie but you’re mistaken. THC does not Kill brain cells. What are you getting a PhD in that makes you think you know what you’re talking about when it comes to cannabis. I don’t mean to sound rude but you are getting some misinformation. My dog takes upwards of 300mg a night. It’s given with a suppository but the fact is, he is getting that many cannabinoids every night. It goes directly into his bloodstream. He’s also getting 30mg orally. Yea that does get him a bit high but with the right strain and building up a tolerance it’s making his life better. You should look up Dr.Christina Sanchez and take an experts word for it or just not comment on something you’re making assumptions about. Someone might read that and think and think because you mentioned your getting a PhD your informed. Clearly, you are not.
Did you ever think that your PHD is so you can… “Practice…Medicine”. 90% of my doctors I have ever gone to for any reason, I have had a conversation about weed with and they wish more states would get their heads out of their asses and just make it legal.
Nee Bee
Your pretend PhD stands for Professional hamburger Dispenser or Pizza hut Driver… You’re so fake
I just need my older, arthritic, possibly ‘Alzheimer’s’ afflicted pooch to chill in the evenings. He is driving us absolutely nuts with his (what I think) is sundowning. He can’t take anything they would normally prescribe because his kidneys are only at 25% function. He is otherwise, physically healthy. He enjoys walks & occasionally gets in a good, albeit short run. After dark, tho’…he is different. Very anxious. If it’s possible that a vet ‘would’ prescribe something medicinal for him, I’m wondering if they’re ‘able to’.
I just need my older, arthritic, possibly ‘Alzheimer’s’ afflicted pooch to chill in the evenings. He is driving us absolutely nuts with his (what I think) is sundowning. He can’t take anything they would normally prescribe because his kidneys are only at 25% function. He is otherwise, physically healthy. He enjoys walks & occasionally gets in a good, albeit short run. After dark, tho’…he is different. Very anxious. If it’s possible that a vet ‘would’ prescribe something medicinal for him, I’m wondering if they’re ‘able to’.
I suggest you look into Melatonin. We have a senior dog who has doggy dimentia, and this helps her. Should be perfectly safe for your dog, as melatonin is a naturally occurring substance in both humans and dogs. Can be purchased just about anywhere in the supplement isle. I wish you the best of luck!
Dont talk about cannabis when you know nothing of it…

My dog has been a cannabis patient for 2 years 🙂 friends dog 9 years with cannabis…
You cant die from cannabis… education is key.. not pulling bull**** out of your a**…

Btw you dont need to waste money taking them to a vet lmfao such a scam !!
Ps stop being so ignorant and try cannabis or why dont you take your booze bottle and down it 😉


My 8 week old puppy ate about 5 grams of weed and died over night so they can and will die

Your 8 week old puppy shouldn’t have been away from its mother for at least another 4 weeks, so you started that poor dog off on the wrong track to start with.
Not, really. Puppies are often weaned before 8 weeks and 8 weeks is the earliest that you can sell them.
I am sorry for your loss. I hope that you are all okay.
About 8 years ago in 2009, a boneheaded ex-roomate (hence “ex-roomate”) left a Pot Brownie out on our kitchen counter. Stupid. Tilly, my at the time 4 year old 12lb. Jack Russell/Pomeranian mix, hopped right up on the counter and munched away on it. She was SUPER STONED for about three days. In retrospect it’s funny (especially remembering her silly droopy facial expressions, her flopping and lolling around, and her lack of barking in her usual feisty manner) but at the time I COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT & immediately took her to the Veterinarian. Boneheaded ex-roomate, ex-friend at this point, got the vet bill. ANYWAY, she vomited up the Brownie, which helped, because then she was ridding her system of the toxins in the Chocolate. But, here is the INTERESTING bit: the Vet said that if she had eaten just a regular non-marijuana Brownie, she would have died from the toxins in the Chocolate, BUT the thc allowed her system to relax so she could just throw it up, and she was EXTREMELY high, BUT, she wasn’t in danger of dying once she got the chocolate out of her system, thanks to the pot! So, honestly, based on that experience, I’ll say this: Marijuana is not necessarily harmful to dogs, because it kept mine from dying. To this day, I give her Canidae Treats for Joint and Muscle health, and for now being a 12 year old Senior, she’s in FANTASTIC health! I’m of the opinion that it probably helps them more than hurts them, but every dog is different. Just like pot affects different people in different ways, same with dogs. Anyway, I would also say that there are more harmful things to your dog than pot out there, and that’s just practical thinking based on experience.
My three-month-old Chihuahua ate some pot about 3 1/2 four hours ago he’s been sleeping off and on he’s eaten some kibbles out of my hand and he’s drinking some water through a syringe through mouth he won’t drink I his own he is on medication for ringworm he take it four times a day should I give him his meds or wait till tomorrow?
Nothing makes me angrier than an adult harming/abusing an animal or child, and giving marijuana, alcohol, or other drugs to your pet IS abuse.

Your dog or cat is NOT human, and substances that humans eat, drink, or smoke can kill your animal.

It’s time for these idiotic, irresponsible, moronic buffoons to grow up and get a life.

Your dog is not your drug buddy or your drinking partner!

I don’t think you read the article bud. In fact it sounds like you have never tried marijuana yourself. Abuse? Absolutely not! As a long time user of marijuana (20+ years) I strongly diisagree with you and to suggest that the dig might even die from marijuana is absolutely ridiculous! This article had nothing to do with drinking alcohol and marijuana is not a drug.Do you consider oregano, thyme, parsley, or camomile to be drugs? Marijuana grows naturally and without any modification or synthesizing or processing you can ingest the plant. Doesn’t sound like a drug to me.
Drug: “a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.”

Pretty sure marijuana is a drug… Maybe you should chill out with the drug use in the early hours of the morning eh? Can’t even spell dog right.

The use of marijuana on a dog in any way other then medical is not cool. They can’t exactly consent to that and it appears to be traumatic to some dogs with the paranoia aspect. The average, healthy dog is perfectly fine living its whole life without recreational drugs.

Your an idiot. It’s only when the dog has to much is when they act all f****d up the same as when people eat to many edibles. It’s very simple. Cannabis is great for dogs in small amounts. Do some research.
Antoinne Parker
I have a 12 week old pit, he got into my weed, he ate like a quarter oz. I was sleep but I notice he was going crazy I could hear it. I get up, he chasing his tail, growling going crazy. I watch him for like ten minutes trying to figure out why he was so amped up, so I look for my weed an found the bag ripped to shreads. He drunk a lot of water ran around for a while then went to sleep. Now when I smoke he sits right in front of me. I keep telling him he didn’t put in!!
That’s a fact Anon and facts matter to a few of us.
Thank you snd FYI my pooch us fine and I let him sleep gave him some kibble and lots of water within 4 1/2 hours he got up and took a really long pee, as soon as he peed it flushed out his system I was very concerned as one could imagine so I did contact my vet he told me that if I bring him in they would give be giving him fluid s in an iv and if I could keep him hydrated and monitor him closely he would be fine so I did save myself about 300 $ over night visit to vet
So opium sap from a poppy is a plant and not drug either huh? Look I grow weed And I disagree with people saying it’s plant and not a drug. It’s a plant and a drug. Coffee beans are part of a plant and have caffeine in them and caffeine is a drug.
You are ignorant as f***.
Dallas McSnuggle
I feel the same without the hatefulness. Yesterday I took my 50lb pit mix to a friends house of mine so him and I could catch up (the friend) and my dog could play fetch in his yard giving that it’s bigger than mine and he hasn’t ran that day. We’ll start this story by me telling you idk what other to believe than the fact my dog is accident prone
Lol. I never comment on such idiocracy, but I can not resist. Your biased opinion is ABUSIVE. MARIJUANA is a NATURAL PLANT. It is NOT a DRUG. If your dog eats it’s bodyweight in treats, drinks it’s bodyweight in water, or eats its bodyweight of any substance of any kind ie marijuana- It then can be harmful and ONLY then. Are you suggesting that despite health and interpersonal benefits provided by marijuana, we should neutralize any studies or helpful non harmful interactions that could benefit medical studies and one day keep your furry friends alive longer? (And us, but that’s for another forum) MARIJUANA has the potential to completely eliminate cancer and other autoimmune diseases&disorders. Please open your mind and think before forming such harmful blind opinions.
Cannabis is a drug. You may not like the term ‘drug’ but it doesn’t make it any less of one. The term has a negative connotation out of societal reasons, not because a drug is inherently bad.

drug (drug)
1. a chemical substance that affects the processes of the mind or body.
2. any chemical compound used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease or other abnormal condition.
3. a substance used recreationally for its effects on the central nervous system, such as a narcotic.
4. to administer a drug to.

drug. (n.d.) Dorland’s Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers. (2007). Retrieved March 23 2018 from https://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/drug

It’s not an opinion that marijuana (or the compounds in it such as THC and various cannabidiols) are a drug and it’s not abusive to call it a drug. It’s laughable that you even would say it’s abusive to call marijuana a drug just because it’s a plant. You know what else are plants? Belladonna, hemlock (you know, the plant Socrates was forced to drink a tincture of for his execution?), strychnine is extracted mainly from either Strychnos nux-vomica (a tree native to Southern India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia off the Malabar Coast, and it contains strychnos, already a poison) and Strychnos ignatii (a climbing shrub found in the Philippines, the seeds in this species contain more strychnine than commercially available products), formaldehyde is created in small quantities by the human body; I could go on listing drugs or chemicals that you wouldn’t care if they were called a drug or chemical despite them being natural. Call marijuana a drug and watch the uneducated, so pro-marijuana that fact is apparently abusive come out of the woodwork.

Educate yourself. Everything surrounding you is a chemical. Your body is running in a major part courtesy of chemical reactions.

Regarding autoimmune diseases and disorders, wow, thanks, I’m cured. I’m guessing mental illness, too? Funny since no matter how I consume it or the strains I’ve had, indica, sativa, hybrids, doesn’t matter. It exacerbates my anxiety and causes my mental health to deteriorate by either causing manic episodes or depressive episodes. I also have lupus and fibromyalgia, marijuana has never helped. I get horrible migraines that last about 3 days at best, up to 5-6 days for bad ones (prodromal phase for about 18-24 hours and and aura shortly before before the migraine onset, at least 24 hours with a migraine, sometimes ones that have lasted around 72 hours, and followed by the postdromal period for about another 24 hours). I’m more functional with the symptoms of my health problems.

I know it’s wonderful for some people, but like any drug, it’s not one-size-fits-all.

With dogs, just like chocolate, onions, grapes, and many other foods that humans can eat without problem, simply because it’s safe for human use does not make it safe for dogs. Most dogs will eat anything even if it may make them incredibly sick or kill them. Dogs (and all invertebrates of I’m recalling correctly) have endocannabinoid systems. The concern is that a safe dose has not been established and whether dogs are more sensitive to marijuana. Also given the range in sizes of dogs, doses have a good chance of needing to be adjusted for weight. You wouldn’t give a 3 pound Chihuahua the same dose as a 210 pound Saint Bernard. Using marijuana safely in dogs needs further study.

Natural ≠ safe.

And there’s my long reply to a year old post, but I don’t care.

A cat
I have fibro and very likely lupus as well (it looks like I have flare-ups and we’ve only caught it being active once) and I can say without hesitation that you really haven’t tried everything if every strain you’ve tried makes you paranoid. Consider getting CBD tintures and you’ll see the difference. A real one will not get you stoned at all. But you will notice that the pain is eased. It doesn’t kill every pain but is great for fibro because it scrambles the signals your nerves send just slightly so that only strong sudden pain is understood as important. It is one of the best drugs for fibro hands down. Don’t give up hope. And seriously don’t smoke it. Edibles are a much more reasonable and controlled means of dosage. And so far I’ve found very little diminishing returns from edibles. I have been able to stick to one dose size and it works the same every time.
Just smoked a bowl of Indica. I have to be 100% with you on this one $214327071. If you put down chocolate the dog takes it and dies. We have to protect them from human food and fun.

That being said, My guy was 12 in the car after I smoked up. I swear he looked up at me from the passenger seat and said. Dude, you better let me drive.

anonymous user
Why in the world would someone give pot to their pup? No abusive substance (legal or otherwise) should be given to animals, that’s cruel!
Because marijuana can offer pain relief in a dog with arthritis type problems and it is far better for their organs and rest of their long term health than prescription pills.
Vet tech
The problem is no one knows the proper dose. This article states that (and it’s true) this drug can kill your dog. Seizures, respiratory depression, low blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, and coma are all things that can lead to brain damage and death. I have seen my fair share of “pot dogs” and these poor dogs are often terrified and very sick. Thank goodness with fluids, induced vomiting, and other medications we have never had a dog go beyond saving at the clinic I work at.
I’m blown away by the attitude of humans that think its funny to watch an animal act out of control. I smoked dope when I was young, I would never gave any consideration to giving it to our animals.
Humans would like to believe they know what their dog likes, and that they like to be out of control and flopping on the floor and running into walls. Perhaps its time to go to our state government and make this an illegal action.
Fine if ya wanna do your pot but sharing with your pet? Really?
Since your pet cant talk and tell you what they really want, lets not.
Nicole SugarLeaf
Has anyone offered a suggestion of CBD? Or even THC-A?, both of which have no psychoactive effects, yet provide a myriad of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory help.
I would also note that we have a patient who administers a low dose THC/high CBD strain to his husky who has an autoimmune disease. The dog is able to eat and the muscle deterioration has slowed to almost nothing. The strain is Cannatonic and is the ONLY strain for his dog that works because this couple has done EXTENSIVE research.
I think the key is research. I don’t think it’s necessary to just see what happens when your pet get stoned. There are so many people who think it’s funny or think nothing will happen. The truth is we just don’t know, because as with humans, cannabis, especially edibles, affects all of us differently. There is a delicate balance, so for those of us who are not daily smokers, giving us the same amount to smoke or ingest as someone who is a daily, frequent smoker, is probably not the best way to go. Im a huge advocate for cannabis use and CBD use, however we must be smart about it and take time to understand the dynamics of this wonderful, natural plant.
What we should remember is that if we are on the same page, the arguing should be limited and we should unify. We may not agree about administering cannabis to our pets, for example, but we should work as a community to find the best possible solution, whether for person or pet, so both get optimal health benefits from this plant we ALL agree provides tremendously for us.
I think it’s important to just be cautious, as with anything involving the care of one’s pet. Remember they are all prescious, and I doubt very strongly if any of us are writting in this forum, wish nothing but the absolute best for our fur babies.
If anyone has questions, please contact me. If I can’t help, I will try my best to figure out how I can.
Kaylie Jensen
Nicole, I am interested in THC-a as a possible treatment for cancer. I have started my dog on CBD, but have heard that low levels of THC are what actually kills cancer cells. I am not interested in getting my dog high and am very interested in learning more about a low dose THC/high CBD strain, as I am not an experienced consumer myself. If you have any information or can point me in the right direction, I would be very much obliged.