HempMy Pet Review: Do They Offer High-Quality CBD Products?

HempMy Pet oil and treats (Caption: HempMy Pet CBD Review)CBD oils and treats are an increasingly popular alternative remedy for such conditions as arthritis, anxiety, digestive problems and more. But not all CBD products are created equal. You want a high-quality formula without any fillers or harmful chemicals. Do HempMy Pet’s CBD oils and treats meet the highest standards? And what’s their product line? We’ll answer these questions and more.

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Article Overview

HempMy Pet

4.45 / 5
HempMy Pet
Quality Of CBD & Ingredients 5.0
Variety Of Products 3.8
Third-Party Testing Of Products 5.0
Pricing 4.0
Customer Support 4.5


  • Third-party tested (Certificate of Analysis available on website and upon request)
  • They grow their own organic and non-GMO hemp
  • All CBD & ingredients are pesticide and solvent-free
  • CO2 extraction process
  • Biscuits made with organic, gluten-free and cruelty-free ingredients
  • CBD oils and treats are for dogs and cats
  • Made in the USA


  • Limited product offerings
  • 5mg bag of biscuits is expensive for only 15 treats
  • Unclear if 60-day return policy applies to opened or only unopened products

Key Features

HempMy Pet Review features

  • Ingredients and formulations are 100% human-grade
  • Products made in small batches to ensure the highest quality
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract (contains CBD, CBG, CBC, terpenes and other cannabinoids for the full entourage effect)
  • Certified-organic carrier oils (coconut and hemp seed), sourced responsibly and sustainably
  • Oils are vegan (biscuits include eggs)
  • All products contain less than 0.3% THC (the legal limit)
  • Autoship savings program: savings escalate 5% for each recurring order, up to 30% for your 5th auto-ship order – learn more about CBD subscription options
  • In a 90-day clinical trial published in the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, HempMyPet’s 1,000mg CBD oil was shown to improve symptoms in 93% of dogs suffering from arthritis
  • Company donates CBD products to animal rescues and shelters

HempMy Pet oils

Products & Pricing

You can save from 5% to 30% with auto shipping. And shipping is free on all orders.


  • $39.00 for 100mg hemp-infused coconut oil (5 fl. oz. jar)
  • $99.99 for 500mg hemp-infused coconut oil (5 fl. oz. jar)
  • $59.99 for 250mg hemp seed oil (1 fl. oz. bottle)
  • $119.00 for 1,000mg hemp seed oil (1 fl. oz. bottle)
  • Free shipping on all orders
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HempMy Pet also offers hemp-infused olive oil spray for horses (equine).

  • $399.00 for 5,000mg olive oil infused with hemp extract (4 fl. oz. bottle)


  • $25/bag for 2mg, 25-ct. Pumpkin Harvest Biscuits
  • $32/bag for 5mg, 15-ct. Pumpkin Harvest Biscuits
  • $29/jar for 2mg, 25-ct. Peanut Butter Banana Biscuits
  • Free shipping on all orders
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HempMy Pet Dosing Guidelines

Knowing which concentration of CBD is right for your pet and how much to give him can be confusing, for sure. Here are some helpful guidelines from HempMy Pet, but consult with your vet before giving your dog any amount of CBD.


HempMy Pet Dosing Guidelines Chart
HempMy Pet Dosing Guidelines For 1,000mg Hemp Seed Oil

Which oil should you purchase? It depends on whether you’re using CBD as a general daily supplement for preventative maintenance or for therapeutic medicinal purposes (arthritis, anxiety, etc.). Pet CBD experts recommend higher concentrations of CBD for medicinal purposes, while lower concentrations are good for general wellness. So, here are your best options for HempMy Pet’s oils:

  • For general wellness: 100mg hemp-infused coconut oil or 250mg hemp seed oil
  • For medicinal purposes: 500mg hemp-infused coconut oil or 1,000mg hemp seed oil

Each product also has specific dosing recommendations based on your dog’s weight range. You can find these on their website on each product page by clicking on the “Suggested Use” tab. And each product’s packaging includes the dosing guidelines as well.

HempMy Pet recommends acclimating your pet to the oils over the first week by slowly adding it to their diet.


HempMy Pet’s 2mg bag is for small to medium-sized dogs. They recommend giving one biscuit (2mg each) per 10 pounds of body weight. So a 30lb dog would get 3 biscuits. Their 5mg bag is for larger dogs, and they recommend one biscuit (5mg each) per 50 pounds of body weight. However, they don’t specify how many doses to give each day.

How Can CBD Help Your Dog?

Check out this brief video to learn more about CBD oils and treats and how they can benefit your pup.

Learn More About The Benefits Of CBD For Dogs

Alternatives To HempMy Pet

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One of the most important factors when choosing a CBD brand for your pet is the quality — and HempMy Pet delivers in spades. While their products aren’t cheap, you can rest assured that their oils and treats don’t have any fillers that some “bargain-brand” products use. To see other high-quality options, read our best CBD oils for dogs article and our reviews of several other CBD treats.