Our Review Process: Decades Of Trusted Expertise

Whether pet insurance or an invisible fence, no two articles are identical, but our review process is. At Canine Journal®, we strive to give pet parents the knowledge to make informed decisions for their dogs. 

We never recommend any product or service we wouldn’t use ourselves. Sometimes, a brand will pitch a sample to us in exchange for an honest review. We do not give preferential treatment to these brands and ensure we remain unbiased throughout the review process. Only if we genuinely believe pet parents will be interested in the brand and find it beneficial in their lives will we consider reviewing it.

We may earn commission through some of our links, but this does not impact the rankings or recommendations our editorial team provides.

Our Editorial Process

We have multiple internal checks and balances in our editorial process to guarantee all content meets the highest standard of journalism. Each article we publish crosses each expert’s desk to ensure the result is factual and helpful to our readers. Here’s how a concept becomes a professionally and expertly written article on Canine Journal®.

  • Authors – Test the product or service, research the industry and company, listen to positive and negative consumer feedback, read reliable studies and surveys, and conduct mystery shopping to write an article that educates the average pet parent. No overwhelming technical jargon is used with explanation. Also offers ideas for visual elements to assist in presenting the information to our audience.
  • Creatives – Read the article and offer suggestions to improve the content. Create infographics, custom graphics, and videos and add them to the article to display the information in a manner that helps with visual learning.
  • Editors – Scrutinize every aspect of the article to ensure accurate and grammatically correct content and high-quality images are presented in a format ready for publication.
  • Veterinarians – Our content should never replace your veterinarian. However, you can be confident that a vet confirms the information we publish.
  • Licensed Insurance Professional – Analyze every mention of insurance to confirm validity and compliance.
  • Partner Managers – Build, maintain, and enhance critical relationships to help keep content free for our audience and prevent using paywalls.
  • Final Approval – One last read-through for the article verifies precision and then publishes the article for our audience to read.

We have created a system over the past decade and a half that our readers trust. Because we immerse ourselves in the canine world daily, we can give you the most in-depth, unbiased coverage. Once an article is live, it has been reviewed at least four times, ensuring authority.

Why Trust Our Experts?

Canine Journal® has been covering pet topics since 2007, well before most sites discovered people’s passion for and increasing popularity of caring for dogs. Our pet experts are dedicated to bringing you the latest industry trends and reviewing the most reputable products and services. We conduct extensive research, analyzing pros and cons, competitors, customer feedback, product recalls, company ethics, and more.

Our team of experts brings impressive credentials, authoritative expertise, and passionate effort to the table, including:

  • 400+ products and services reviewed 
  • 275+ years of combined experience 
  • 100,000+ hours of research 
  • Free 24/7 dog advice
  • Award-winning content
  • 8 veterinarian degrees
  • 110+ hours of property and casualty insurance license courses
  • 16+ different college degrees

Editorial Updates

Our articles are fact-checked regularly, and reviews are updated throughout the year to ensure accuracy, including changes to pricing, features, user experience, product and company additions, and more. We genuinely care about the well-being of every dog and pet parent who comes to our site and strive for nothing less than perfection.

Credibility To Inspire Confidence

Dogs have been a passion of ours our entire lives. We are loving dog parents that you can count on for honest information. Get to know who is behind the scenes at Canine Journal®.

Things to look for to establish legitimacy when reading online reviews are:

  • About Us – Who works at the company? Are they humans and provide expertise in the topic of discussion?
  • Contact Us – Can you get in touch if you have a question or concern?
  • Disclosure Policy – Do they mention if and how the company monetizes and responds to feedback?
  • Review criteria – How are the winners selected? Our reviews always specify what methodology was applied and how we arrived at the requirements.
  • A Credible Author On Each Article – Did a real person write the review? What outlets have they been published in, and what credentials do they have to back up their expertise? AI writing has really taken off recently, but you can trust that we have real people writing your content.

Do you still have questions about our review process? We’re here for you 24/7. Don’t hesitate to leave us your feedback, and we’ll respond as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy the content we work so hard to publish.

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