Bringing a dog into your family should be a thoughtful decision. Our experts bring you various how-to guides to make the transition from adoption seamless so you can welcome your new furry family member to your household.

Sad dog next to pee stain on carpet with human pointing to it

How To Get Dog Pee Smell Out Of Carpet: Best Cleaner For Dried & Old Urine

As dog owners, we’ve all been there. You got delayed at the office or running errands, and your dog couldn’t hold it any longer. Of course, he picked the perfect place on the carpet to pee. Or even worse, your pet has chosen a regular spot to relieve himself in your home because you haven’t been able to completely eliminate the smell. Never fear! We’ll give you some expert tips on how to get dog pee smell out of carpet for good.

Senior woman with dog resting on shoulder (Caption: Best Dog Breeds For Seniors)

Guide To The Best Dogs For Seniors: Considerations In Picking A Pup

The later years of life can be lonely for some people. Finding a furry companion may be just the thing to help you enjoy life at this stage a little more. However, it’s crucial to consider which type of dog is best suited for a senior lifestyle and your specific situation.

Grey French Bulldog with owner in the background outside jpg

Am I Ready For A Dog? How To Be A Responsible Dog Owner

If you didn’t grow up with a dog or take part much in its upbringing, you might not know how much care they truly need. Before bringing home a new four-legged family member, prospective owners need to look at what taking on the responsibility of a dog truly means. Dogs need daily care and interaction and require a significant amount of money to be properly cared for. We encourage you to seriously consider all the costs and time commitment involved so you can give your pet the loving home they deserve. So, are you ready for a dog? Find out what to consider before you jump in.

bulldog getting face wiped by a person overhead shot

Best Dog Wipes For Paws, Eyes, Ears, Teeth, Butt & More – With Our Personal Experience

Bathtime with your pup can be challenging, and many dogs don’t like it one bit. The good news is that you have options when it comes to keeping your pet clean. Pet wipes can help quickly clean up a dirty dog. From head to tail, there’s a wipe for almost anything. We’ll take a look at all your options for the best pet cleaning wipes for all of your grooming needs.

emotional support animal laying in grass with ESA vest on

Best ESA Certification: Legitimate Emotional Support Animal Registration

I wouldn’t say I suffer from a major mental illness, but I do experience anxiety from time to time, especially in more stressful situations like when I’m traveling or at home alone. It turns out, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), that one in five adults in the United States has some form of mental illness. Studies show that being around dogs can help relax and calm people in as little as 10 minutes. So, it’s no wonder that it’s common for people like me to use dogs as emotional support animals (ESAs). Having embarked on my own emotional support animal journey, I wanted to share the process of how to apply and put an ESA to use in real-life situations.

woman bonding with rescue dot on a pation drinking a fruity beverage

How To Bond With Your Rescue Dog Or New Puppy

Let’s discuss how to bond with your rescue dog after you bring her home (learn more about the rescue process) and why bonding with your dog is so important. Here are some ideas on how to start making sure there is a smooth transition for you both and finding ways to make your relationship grow. Especially with rescue dogs who might be coming from a traumatic experience prior to adoption.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with towel on head groomed at home with people holding tools

How To Groom A Dog And Find The Best Dog Grooming Kit

Getting your dog professionally groomed can be expensive, costing upwards of $100 every couple of months. That’s cutting a big chunk of change out of your wallet. Why not try cutting your dog’s hair yourself…

Dog wearing a party hat (Caption: Pet Holiday Calendar)

2023 Pet Holidays: The Ultimate List Of Dog Celebrations

If you haven’t noticed, we love dog holidays here at Canine Journal! The only thing better than human holidays is an excuse to celebrate our beloved pets and spread awareness about our furry friends. We put together all our favorite dog holidays in one handy place to reference (so you and your pup can plan accordingly). Here is your ultimate go-to guide to all the holidays this year and beyond…

dog walking through yard carrying a basket with garden tools in mouth

Best Pet-Safe Lawn Fertilizer: GreenView vs Scotts vs Sunday vs Gnome vs Espoma

Most people want to have a lush lawn that knocks our neighbors away. But did you know that many lawn fertilizers are harmful and even deadly for your pets? If you have dogs who go outside often, you need to make sure you keep them safe from all the toxic chemicals in most lawn care products. Fortunately, you have some pet-friendly lawn fertilizers that can help you achieve your grass goals. Surprisingly, there aren’t many pet-safe lawn products on the market, so we’ve done our research to help you find your best options.

woman using Gnome Lawn Care spray in yard with dog sitting watching

Gnome Lawn Care Reviews: Features, Pricing, Plans, How It Works

Most pet owners can relate to the struggle of maintaining a fresh, healthy yard of green grass. The lawn is a place people and pets use frequently. Serving the dual role of pet playground and pet potty can leave some serious maintenance and recovery work. Finding products that are safe to use on the lawn can be a challenge. Gnome Lawn Care offers all-natural liquid fertilizer that is 100% safe for kids and pets. They also have an organic line. Our experts look closer at this subscription-based liquid fertilizer company to learn more about what they do and how well their products work.

Small dog sniffing person vacuuming rug

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair: Dyson vs Shark vs Eureka vs Bissell

Do you need a better way to tame those tumbleweeds of pet hair rolling around your home? Is your current vacuum not cutting it? The best vacuum for pet hair will eliminate that pesky flyaway fur. Our best vacuum for dog hair review looks at the best vacuums by type, the benefits of getting a gadget specifically for pet hair, vacuum alternatives, and other ways to contain that mane. 

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