2018 Hottest Dog Halloween Costumes By State

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Dog in costume getting photo takenNearly half a billion dollars is spent in the U.S. each year on Halloween costumes for pets. 1 and 18% of people plan to dress their pets up in costumes in 2018.

If you’re one of 31 million Americans who loves humiliating their pets (and a good chuckle), you’ll enjoy our study that names the states most likely to dress up their pups (and the most popular costumes this year).

States Most Likely To Dress Their Dog For Halloween 2018

States Most Likely To Dress Their Dog For Halloween In 2018

Source: States Most Likely To Dress Their Dog For Halloween In 2018

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20 Top States For Dog Costumes This Year

Our findings shows that the East Coast and South are much more interested in dressing their pets up for this spooky holiday, while the West Coast and Midwest are not exactly wagging their tails at this idea. The New England area has the biggest fans of dressing up their dogs for Halloween in 2018.

Here are the top 20 in order of most likely to dress their dog up for Halloween in 2018:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Virginia
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Indiana
  6. New York
  7. Missouri & North Carolina (TIE)
  8. Pennsylvania
  9. Alabama
  10. Colorado & Ohio (TIE)
  11. South Carolina
  12. Texas
  13. Illinois
  14. Connecticut
  15. Tennessee
  16. Maryland
  17. Arizona & Florida (TIE)
  18. Georgia
  19. Minnesota
  20. California


We used Google Trends to search “halloween costumes for dogs” and determine the states that had the most interest in this topic over the past 90 days.

Google Trends analyzes the popularity of search queries performed over time via Google Search. This analysis provides directional data of what people in a specific geographic region are searching for most and thus, may be most concerning for citizens.

10 Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes For 2018

So now that you have confirmed your desire to dress up your dog (your state is among the top states for this activity!), you might want to find the most popular pet Halloween costumes!

Well, this year’s trends are yet to be known until we see what dogs hit the streets but according to those surveyed by the NRF, there’s a good chance you’ll see a lot of doggy (and kitty?) pumpkins waddling around.

Here are the top 10 costumes that people are expect to dress their pets up as this year.1

  1. Pumpkin – 11.2%
  2. Hot dog – 7.4%
  3. Bumble bee – 4.9%
  4. Devil – 3.2%
  5. Cat – 3.1% (dogs as cats?)
  6. Dog – 3.1% (cats as dogs?)
  7. Lion – 2.9%
  8. Star Wars character – 2.8%
  9. Super hero – 2.7%
  10. Ghost – 2.5%

Dog Halloween Costumes Tips

Dressing your dog up for Halloween can be fun and entertaining for everyone. But remember, pet safety is paramount.

1. Make It Enjoyable For You And Your Pup

Make sure your dog is comfortable with wearing a costume – for Halloween or anytime of year. You want to make sure your pup is well-trained and won’t mind getting into a costume.

Try out some dog clothing beforehand. Once you (and your dog) feel comfortable with playing dress up, go ahead and try out a costume.  Give it a treat while you are putting on the clothes to keep your canine calm.

2. Safety First

If you decide to take your dog trick-or-treating, be sure that the costume is comfortable and safe. You don’t want anything to cause your dog to choke, block its vision or distract it.

If you don’t plan on taking your dog out, and would rather just show it off to trick-or-treaters, make sure Fido is comfortable with people and won’t become frightened or escape from your house.

It may also be helpful to warn trick-or-treaters that you have a dog before they ring the doorbell (sadly, not everyone loves dogs as much as you do). Consider posting a sign at the end of your walkway to alert visitors. We have an entire article on Halloween safety tips if you want to learn more!

3. Tricks & Treats (But Not Candy)

Last but not least, make sure your dog doesn’t get a hold of the candy! Yes, it is Halloween and everyone is joining in on the fun, but candy is still harmful for dogs. You don’t want your pup to choke or accidentally swallow any wrappers.

Note chocolate is toxic for dogs, so don’t let it run off with any Hershey’s or Snickers!

Happy Howl-o-ween

It is time to put together an unforgettable costume. Then, get ready to celebrate a cautious yet fun Halloween with your canine this year!

What is your favorite dog Halloween costume?

[1] National Retail Federation; Google Trends: “halloween costumes for dogs” (7/26/18-10/24/18)

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My dog dressed as Hillary this year with a pant suit on, it was the cutest thing ever!
Cathy C Bennett
We love costumes (not really), we do however tolerate them for photo opps but as far as wearing them – not really. Hard to find costumes for dogs over 45 lbs that really fit. That would be a terrific market for someone… Costumes for large dogs. Great information – enjoyed the post.