Best Dog Water Fountain: Dispensers, Outdoor, Automatic & More

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Dogs can benefit from a water fountain as much as humans can. Not only do they provide a steady stream of fresh, filtered water, but it’s also a convenient way to make sure you’re not having to constantly fill up their empty water bowl. Pet drinking fountains come in a variety of options depending on your pet’s needs and your preferences. We’ll take a dip into the best water fountain for dogs on the market and our top picks for each category, from the best outdoor dog fountains to automatic pet water dispensers and more.

At A Glance Best Dog Water Fountains By Category

BasicBattery-OperatedMultiple PetsOutdoorsInteractive
Veken automatic smallPETKIT eversweet 3Veken LargePetSafe DrinkwellTrio Gato Dog Water Fountain
Veken SmallPETKIT EversweetVeken LargePetSafe DrinkwellTrio Gato
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Dog Water Fountain vs Bowl

There are several benefits of dog water fountains, including:

  • Helps Keep Pups Hydrated – Never worry about running out of water if you’re gone for extended periods. Also great for homes with multiple animals where you need to refill the water bowl more frequently.
  • Better Quality Water – The constant recirculation of water keeps it fresh. Most come with filters for an added layer to remove harmful chemicals from the water and a tray to remove debris and hair.
  • Fun To Use – Dogs love the motion of the water trickling and might think it’s a game and want to drink from it more.
Dog Water Fountain Benefits Infographic

Things To Consider In A Dog Fountain

There are several factors you’ll want to consider about what kind of dog drinking fountain to get and where to put your fountain.

  • Near A Plug – Most dog water fountains require a power source, so you’ll need to have it close to an outlet.
  • Low Traffic Area – The dog water fountain might splash and spray droplets of water onto the floor. So it’s best to have it tucked away where you (or anyone else) won’t slip and fall. People could also trip over the cord. You might want to put it on top of a rubber mat for easy cleaning too.
  • Noise Level – The sound of a water fountain might be relaxing or keep you up at night. Make sure you put the dog water dispenser somewhere that’s ideal based on your tolerance level for the noise it can produce.

Best Pet Water Fountain By Category

We’ve reviewed various pet water fountains to help you find the best fit for your pup. Here are our top picks for each category.

Best Basic: Veken 84oz/2.5L

Veken 83

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This pet water fountain is the best overall for a decent starter fountain at a reasonable price. It has excellent ratings and is an Amazon choice.

The Veken has a triple filtration system (carbon, cotton, and ion) and three different flow modes (waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain). It comes in two colors, and both have a mat below for slipping and spills.

3 layers of containment removalNot ideal for larger dogs
Comes with 3 replacement filtersIndoor use only
BPA-freeSmaller capacity to several other fountains we review here (84 oz)
Easy to cleanSome might not be crazy about the flower design
Comes in two color options (grey or blue)


Best Battery-Operated: PETKIT EVERSWEET 3


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If you’re limited to a space that doesn’t have access to power, this battery-operated pet water fountain from PETKIT might be a good fit for you. The fountain has a USB cable and 5V adapter as well, but the battery backup is there if you lose power. It has a 360-water flow and also has three filters. You can use this fountain anywhere, including on the go.

Does not require power (up to 7 days of constant flow before recharging)Batteries and 5V adapter not included
Triple filtration systemNot ideal for larger dogs
Quiet and water pump reduces 25% of noise (less than 30 dB)On the pricey side
Easy to cleanSmaller capacity to other fountains (46 oz)
Small light to see at night
Smart pump automatically shuts off when water storage level is too low


Best For Large Dogs: PetSafe Drinkwell Indoor/Outdoor

PetSafe Drinkwell Indoor/Outdoor

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Have a large dog? It would help if you had a big dog water fountain. This large dog water dispenser from PetSafe is our top pick for the best large dog water fountain due to its capacity of 450 oz. With 3.5 gallons of water, you don’t have to refill it often and can even hydrate multiple big dogs or animals at a time.

Dishwasher safe to cleanLimited filtration system (carbon only)
UV-resistant BPA-free plastic for use indoors or outdoorsBulkier design and limited technology features
5.5′ long, anti-bite cordOn the expensive side


Best For Multiple Pets: Veken 95oz/2.8L Automatic

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Another good option for a water fountain that caters to more than one pet is this Veken pet fountain. It’s more stylish than the larger capacity fountain above and has two levels to make it easy for pets of all sizes to drink from (including birds and cats.) Similar to the smaller Veken fountain we review above, it has a triple filtration system and comes with three filters.

Water level window to see when it needs refillingNo “fountain” stream or adjustable flow
Quiet and long-lasting pumpNo smart shut off feature
Good-grade, BPA-free material
4 colors to choose from (blue, grey, teal, green)
Large water capacity (95 oz)
Triple filtration system (ion, carbon, and cotton)
Comes with 3 replacement filters
LED light
2-year warranty


Best For Dispenser Only: JUNSPOW


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If you need an easy way to keep your dog’s bowl full without the fountain feature, you might want a pet water dispenser. This automatic dog water dispenser uses gravity to fill the water when it’s low. You won’t get many bells and whistles with this essential water dispenser, but it does the trick for those who need convenience and can’t fill the water often.

No pump or motor means it’s quietSmaller water dish, more difficult for larger dogs to drink from
No power required or filters to replaceNo light or smart features
Transparent bucket to see water levelSome report difficult to clean and low quality
Larger capacity (84 oz)No advanced filtration system
Made from food-grade materials
Comes with a pet placemat


Best Drinking Fountain: Pioneer Pet Swan

Pioneer Pet Swan

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This pet drinking fountain from Pioneer mimics the look of a faucet with a downward stream of water for your dog or cat to drink out of (like they would a hose.) It has an 80 oz capacity and limited parts, making it easy to maintain. There’s nothing super fancy about this fountain other than its elegant swan-like look.

For pets that like to drink out of the faucetSingle filtration system (charcoal)
Can regulate the rate of flow with adjustable switchNo reserve tank of water, all in the bowl itself
Quiet designSmaller capacity to several other fountains we review here (80 oz)
Dishwasher safe
Comes with a replaceable charcoal filter
SB or AV plug


Best Stainless Steel: Pioneer Pet Big Max

Pioneer Pet Big Max

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Are you looking for a stainless steel pet fountain? This 128 oz fountain, also from Pioneer, comes in stainless steel (or a white or black ceramic). It’s easy to assemble and clean and has many of the same features as the Pet Swan, including the adjustable flow and charcoal filter.

Multi-level for pets of all sizesNo fountain stream
Can regulate the rate of flow with adjustable switchSingle filtration system (charcoal)
Quiet designNo reserve tank of water, all in the bowl itself
Dishwasher safe
Comes with a replaceable charcoal filter
12V pump and AV plug
70″ cord length


Best For Ceramic: PetSafe Drinkwell Seascape

PetSafe Drinkwell Seascape

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This ceramic fountain holds 70 ounces of water. It’s a little smaller capacity than the other filtered dog water bowls. But this seascape design looks like a zen spa and will blend in with a home without looking like a dog water bowl. It has a dual filtration system that collects hair and debris along with removing odor and bad taste.

Elegant designDoes not automatically shut off
Ceramic material is not prone to bacteria or moldNo reserve tank of water, all in the bowl itself
Dual filtration systemHeavier than other bowls (5.2lbs)
5.5 ft cordOn the pricey side
Dishwasher safe


Best For Outdoors: PetSafe Drinkwell Everflow Indoor/Outdoor

PetSafe Drinkwell Everflow Indoor/Outdoor pet water fountain

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Another good option for an outdoor dog water fountain is PetSafe’s Everflow water fountain. This fountain holds up to 192 ounces of water which is the second-largest capacity in our review. It can hook up to your garden house and automatically refill itself when it runs out of water. This outdoor dog fountain is durable and withstands weather elements. And some people have reported turning this outdoor pet water fountain into an indoor one by using a garden hose with their sink or an adapter to connect to their indoor water supply.

Can be used indoors or outdoorsIf used outdoors, requires a power source (not weather-permitting)
Made with UV-resistant, BPA-free plasticOn the pricey side
Large capacity good for pets of all sizes
Dual filter (carbon and foam)
Dishwasher safe
Free-falling stream mimics a faucet
No need to refill (if hooked up to garden hose)


  • Fountain: $74.95
  • Replacement Filter Kit (3 carbon filters + 1 foam pre-filter): $10.95

Best Outdoor Pet Fountain: Trio Gato Dog Water Fountain Step On

Dog Outdoor Dog Drinking Water Fountain Step On

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This outdoor water fountain allows dogs to step on the paw-activated drinking pet dispenser. If your dog is smart enough to figure it out, they can get water that shoots into the air. It also comes with a hose splitter, so you can keep it hooked up to your hose without having to worry about using up your hose. A water fountain for dogs outdoors is fun for the whole family.

Can control water pressureCan only be used outdoors and must be hooked up to a hose
Interactive element for stimulationBetter for larger dogs only
Dogs can drink unlimited water on demand
Made of steel and has friction pads to prevent sliding


How To Keep A Pet Water Fountain Clean

Now that you have a better idea of the kinds of fountains available, you might be wondering how to prevent slime in the fountain. Cleaning instructions vary by make and model, but this video should give you a good idea of the maintenance involved and how to change the filter. It usually consists of disassembling it and washing all the parts with a sponge or brush and warm soapy water (in addition to changing the filter, see below.) Be sure to clean your water fountain regularly to keep it from getting moldy.

Don’t Forget The Filters

While technically, you can use these water fountains without a filter, it’s best to take advantage of having the water as clean as possible for your pup. Each dog water fountain’s filters are unique to the product, so we added replacement filters in the pricing section for each fountain we review.

Do Dogs Like Water Fountains?

Just like water fountains for humans, they are refreshing, and most are filtered. So who wouldn’t like them? (Plus, for dogs, they are more of a game). Maybe your dog needs a little variety in his beverages too? We share some alternative drinks for dogs. Also, learn more about dog water bottles for drinking on the go. And it might be a good time to upgrade your dog food bowl too.

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