Emma Braby

Emma is a dog fanatic with over 20 years of experience and the proud mom of two rescue dogs, Bonkers and Chips. Before becoming a freelance writer specializing in canine content, she worked as a professional dog walker and sitter for many years. She has undergone various canine care courses and has looked after several breeds with different needs. Emma dedicates countless hours researching the latest pet care, health, food, and training developments to keep her two best buddies and other doggy clients as happy and healthy as possible.

Emma Braby
FluentPet dog buttons with box laying on the floor.

6 Best Dog-Talking Buttons: FluentPet vs Hunger For Words vs Vocal Pups vs Mewoofun & More

Have you ever thought that life as a dog parent would be so much easier if your dog could talk to you? They can, thanks to dog-talking buttons, sometimes called dog button boards. This fun training tool enables dogs to learn how to communicate and is a great way to bond with them. Dog talking buttons are more than just a social media fad, and there’s actual science behind them. Here, I explore everything you need to know about training a dog to use buttons and the features you need to look for. I also review the best dog talking buttons and offer tips on how to train your pup to use them.

6 Best Dog-Talking Buttons: FluentPet vs Hunger For Words vs Vocal Pups vs Mewoofun & More Read More »

Chihuahua scooting butt on a dirt road.

9 Home Remedies For Dog Scooting & When To See Your Vet

Have you ever caught your pup dragging their butt across the carpet and wondered, “What are they doing?” You are not alone, and this behavior is called dog scooting. Although this quirky act might provoke a giggle, it’s a sign that something might be wrong. I explore why dogs engage in this activity and suggest 9 home remedies for dog scooting. Hopefully, they will help alleviate their discomfort and stop them from itching their butt on your carpet. With important information about when to see a vet and our personal experience with itchy dog butts, let’s more than scratch the surface of this issue.

9 Home Remedies For Dog Scooting & When To See Your Vet Read More »

Dog sniffing Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE box with vial on a blue background.

Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE Review: Detox First Aid Treatment

Are you a paw-rent always on the lookout to keep your furbabies safe? Or perhaps you’ve got a demon doggo like I have who is forever eating things they shouldn’t, and you need life-saving treatment at home for when an emergency strikes. That’s where Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE comes into play. ReadyRESCUE is a pet detoxifying pack containing three activated carbon vials, buying you critical time before getting to the vet. In times of crisis, every second counts. This is why this life-saving charcoal product is quickly becoming a necessity in every responsible owner’s first aid kit. I review Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE, exploring how it works, key features, the pros and cons, prices, and more. So, let’s dive right into the detoxifying details.

Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE Review: Detox First Aid Treatment Read More »

Bentley rescue dog standing outside in grass.

Britain’s Loneliest Dog Seeks Forever Home

If you’re a sucker for a lonely heart’s story, this one is bound to pull at your heartstrings. Bentley is a super handsome Great Dane and Greyhound mix. But Lady Luck hasn’t been on his side since he found himself without a home. Bentley has been at a small rescue center in Lincolnshire, England, since February 2017. This means Britain’s loneliest dog has been in the shelter for over seven years.

Britain’s Loneliest Dog Seeks Forever Home Read More »

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