Best Dog Water Bottle: Portable For Travel, For Crate, Walking, Bowl Size, For Hiking, With Toy & More


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You’re out for a walk and take a break to give your dog some water. You’re probably one of two people. You uncap your shared water, attempt to form a bowl with your hands, and try to get him to drink as much of it as possible before it all drips through the cracks. Your dog is lucky to get a teaspoon of water. Or you lug around a bowl with you, pour some water into it, and your pup drinks about half of it, resulting in you tossing the remainder because drinking your dog’s backwash isn’t really what you consider a refreshing drink.

An easier alternative would be to bring a water bottle for dogs with a bowl built-in. Your dog will drink more water, and less will go on the ground since it’s a water bottle with dog bowl in one. No wasted water, no mess, and no extra bowl needed. Find out our top picks for the best portable dog water bottle and dog water bottle for hiking, walks, and on the go!

WinnerRunner-UpThird PlaceBest For Crates
Tuff Pupper Water Bottle in BluePerpets Water BottleHighwave AutoDogMugLixit water bottle
Tuff PupperPerPetsAutodogmugLixit
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Winner: Tuff Pupper Water Bottle Review

Tuff Pupper Water Bottle in Blue

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This dog water bottle is the only one in our reviews made of stainless steel. It also has the largest capacity at 24oz (and a 40oz option). The silicone leaf folds up and around the water bottle to form a bowl for your dog to drink from when he’s thirsty. When your dog’s finished, the water funnels back into the bottle, and you can flip the leaf down.

It comes in three color options (blue, green, or purple) and has a one-year, 100% money-back guarantee, so if you’re dissatisfied, you can get a replacement or a refund.

Bottle made of stainless steelDoesn’t work with other bottlenecks
BPA and lead-free
100% food-safe silicone
1-year, 100% money-back guarantee
Excess water returns to the bottle
Strap for clipping


Runner-Up: Perpets Water Bottle Review

Perpets Water Bottle

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This bottle is designed similarly to Tuff Pupper, except it’s plastic. What kept it out of our number one spot? The excess water can’t return to the bottle, it has a slightly smaller capacity (20oz), and the bottle isn’t dishwasher safe. It only comes in one color too. It’s still an excellent option because it works with other bottles and is reasonably priced.

BPA and lead-freeBottle made of plastic
100% food-safe siliconeNot dishwasher-safe
100% satisfaction guaranteeExcess water doesn’t return to the bottle
Silicon drinking attachment is dishwasher-safe
Strap for clipping
Works with other 30mm to 38mm bottlenecks


Third Place: Highwave AutoDogMug Review

Highwave AutoDogMug

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This Highwave bottle is similar to the popular Aqua Dog Travel Water Bottle. However, we opted to include this one instead because the Aqua Dog has limited availability for purchase. The Highwave can hold up to 20oz of water, and any leftover water returns to the bottle rather than wasting it. It also comes in a variety of color options, including pink, grey, and blue.

To use this device, you must apply constant pressure to the bottle for the water to fill the bowl. So, if you have difficulty squeezing a bottle, you may want to select a different product.

BPA freeBottle made of plastic (the one we tried had a very strong plastic odor)
Safe to use with foodDoesn’t say whether it’s lead-free or not
Dishwasher-safeNo guarantee
Excess water returns to the bottleDoesn’t work with other bottlenecks
Strap for clipping
Made in the USA


Best For Crate Mount: Lixit Review

Lixit water bottle

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We didn’t include this bottle in our comparison table because its purpose is different from other water bottles in this article. This Lixit bottle mounts on the inside or outside of a crate. If you don’t want to mount it, you could purchase a water bottle stand. The bottle is available in multiple sizes so that you can select the best one according to your dog’s stature. If your dog is notorious for flipping its water dish over, this is a good option.


Best Dog Water Bottles Comparison Table

The table below compares all of the water bottles we review in this article except for the Lixit bottle, which is not a travel bottle.

1st: Tuff Pupper2nd: TIOVERY 3rd: HighwaveLumoLeafM&MKPET
Price $24.96 $14.99 $19.99 Check Amazon for availability Check Amazon for availability
Bottle MaterialStainless SteelPlasticPlasticPlasticPlastic
100% Food Safe SiliconeCheckmarkCheckmarkNo Silicone, But It Is Food SafeCheckmarkCheckmark
Guarantee1-year, 100% Money-Back Guarantee100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Dishwasher SafeCheckmarkOnly SiliconeCheckmarkCheckmark
Excess Water Returns To BottleCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Strap For ClippingCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkAluminum BuckleCheckmark
Made In The USACheckmark
Connects To Other Bottles35mm to 36 mm Necks30mm & 38mm Necks

LumoLeaf Water Bottle Review

LumoLeaf Water Bottle

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LumoLeaf is almost identical to Perpets (our number two pick), except this 20oz bottle may not be lead-free and doesn’t have a satisfaction guarantee. On the positive side, both the bottle and silicone are dishwasher safe, so you may opt for this one if you want an easier clean-up. And unlike the Perpets, it comes in three color options (grey, green, and teal).

BPA freeBottle made of plastic
100% food-safe siliconeDoesn’t say whether it’s lead-free or not
Dishwasher-safeNo guarantee
Aluminum buckle for clippingExcess water doesn’t return to the bottle
Works with other 30mm and 38mm bottlenecks
Made in the USA


M&MKPET Water Bottle Review

M&MKPET Water Bottle

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This is the smallest bottle in this article, holding only 12oz or 19oz of water, which may be good or bad depending on how compact of a bottle you want. It might be a good pick for a dog water bottle for walking since it’s so small and has a strap to carry it. None of it is dishwasher safe, so you’ll need to hand wash it all.

Its design is different than the others in this article. Water dispenses into the bowl when you hold the bottle horizontally and press the button. The bowl doesn’t fold up like the leaf designs for other bottles. It comes in teal and pink.

BPA free and lead-freeBottle made of plastic
100% food-safe siliconeNot dishwasher-safe
Excess water returns to the bottleNo guarantee
Strap for clippingDoesn’t work with other bottlenecks


What Should I Bring On A Hike With My Dog?

If you plan to go on an adventure with your dog, a portable dog water bottle isn’t the only thing you’ll need to have on hand for him. This article has a list of all the items you’ll need when you go camping or hiking with your dog.

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