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Kimberly leads copy and research strategy for Canine Journal. She has more than a decade of professional writing and editing experience under her belt, including working for multiple newspapers, magazines, and websites. Some popular companies she has helped with include Better Homes & Gardens,, and the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers. Kimberly received her Bachelor of Arts in multimedia journalism from Simpson College. She has been writing about dogs since 2014, covering subjects such as dog insurance, training, health, accessories, and more. She is a member of Dog Writers Association of America, and her work has appeared in many notable brands, including The New York Times' Wirecutter, Reader's Digest, Forbes, People, Woman's World, and Huffington Post. In 2017, Kimberly and her husband adopted their Coonhound mix, Sally, from a local shelter. Sally is a great family dog and is gentle around Kimberly's two children, who are completely infatuated with her. When Kimberly isn't writing about all things dog, you can find her taking walks with her family, playing in her yard with her kids, trying a new recipe in the kitchen, exploring the national parks, and spending as much time outside as possible.

2 dogs sitting in the grass smiling (Caption: Pumpkin vs Trupanion logos)

Pumpkin vs Trupanion: Should You Choose The New Kid Or The Veteran?

Trupanion has been a big brand name in the pet insurance industry for two decades. It’s well-established and trusted by many vets and pet parents nationwide. However, Pumpkin is shaking things up as the new kid on the block with its extensive coverage and plan customizations. Is one a better fit for your pooch? We compare coverage, customer service and reputation, claim processing, pricing, and customizations and explain which company we think is better. Remember that each pet and household budget varies, so obtaining quotes from multiple companies for your situation can help you get the best policy and price.

Trupanion vs Pets Best logos with two dogs running (caption: Pet Insurance Comparison)

Trupanion vs Pets Best: Compare Coverage, Price, Customer Service & More

Have you seen flyers for Trupanion hanging in your vet’s office but heard about Pets Best from a friend? Do they insure the same accidents and illnesses, or is there a reason to choose one company over the other? Read our Trupanion vs Pets Best showdown to decide which company may be a better fit for your pet. We compare coverage, customer service, claim processing, customization options, and price to help you understand what each company has to offer.

Two dogs nose to nose (caption: Trupanion vs Nationwide)

Trupanion vs Nationwide: Does A Higher Price Mean Better Pet Insurance?

Trupanion and Nationwide aren’t among our most recommended pet insurance providers, but there are instances where we think they may be better options for your pet. We know pet insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. This is why we explain their coverage, price, reputation, and the scenarios when we think you may want to consider one of them over our top picks. 

Two dogs laying on bed (caption: Embrace vs Trupanion)

Embrace vs Trupanion: Are They Worth The Higher Price?

Embrace and Trupanion are two of the big players in the pet insurance industry, but they commonly carry higher premiums as well. Do big brand reputations and prices make them the ultimate options for your needs? We compare these two companies head-to-head to help you see their similarities and differences. And if you’re not 100% sold on one of them, we also have additional options for you to review.

Golden Retriever dog and Vizsla dog saying hello and sniffing noses (Caption: Trupanion vs ASPCA)

Trupanion vs ASPCA Pet Insurance: Which Is Better Suited For Your Needs?

Trupanion and ASPCA Pet Insurance are both big names in the pet world. But how do you choose one company over the other for your financial risk management needs? Is one better, and if so, which? We’ll help you decide which pet insurance company may be the perfect fit for your dog or cat’s needs.

Cat being pet by a person (Caption: Best Cat DNA Test)

Best Cat DNA Test For Health, Ancestry, Breeders & More

Have you ever wondered where your cat gets her fluffy tail from? Thanks to a cat breed DNA testing, you can learn about her traits and possible diseases she may develop throughout her life. Depending on what you want to discover, you may choose to buy one cat DNA kit over another.

Two dogs smiling looking up while they sit in grass (Caption: Pet Insurance Reviews)

Pet Insurance Reviews 2022: The Best Companies And Plans

We review the pet insurance industry’s most reputable companies, conduct extensive research, and analyze customer feedback. Our licensed insurance agent fact checks everything, and we update our coverage throughout the year as providers change their policies, premiums, payout limits, reimbursements, customer service experience, and more. Who are the best pet insurance companies this year? Let’s find out.

Vet holding a small white dog with tongue sticking out (Caption: Pet Insurance Alternatives)

Pet Insurance Alternatives To Consider For Your Dog

Are you looking to save money on your pet’s health care expenses? There are alternatives to pet insurance for you to consider. Some companies offer coverage for routine care, discounts on in-network vets, emergency funds, and more. In some cases, you may even be able to use one of these alternatives in conjunction with a traditional pet health insurance policy. Find out what each of these plans has to offer and if one of them could benefit you.

Pet Assure logo

Pet Assure Reviews: How To Save 25% On Vet Bills

Pet Assure offers an across-the-board 25% discount on all of your dog or cat’s vet bills at participating veterinarians. It can be used alone or in addition to your dog’s insurance. There’s no waiting period or exclusions; all pets are covered no matter their age, health or breed. Even pre-existing conditions are covered. So what’s the catch?

Sweet cocker spaniel dog with stethoscope in mouth

24Petprotect Insurance Review: A Complicated Claims Process?

If you consider your pet part of the family, then why not make sure they have health insurance like the rest of your loved ones? Just like humans, pets can become ill or get in an accident when you least expect it. The good news is, pet insurance can help save your family from drowning in debt and keep your canine companion alive and thriving. 24PetWatch is one of many popular pet insurance companies. See how they compare to the pack.

Dog on street in New York City (Caption: Best Pet Insurance In New York)

Best Pet Insurance In New York: Companies Reviewed in NYC, Buffalo, Rochester And More

New York state has some of the highest costs for veterinary care, which means if Fido experiences an emergency, you may face what feels like an Earth-shattering bill. But signing up for pet insurance can direct your focus to your pet’s health instead of your bank account. Find out which company offers the best pet insurance for you in New York. All of our top-ranked pet insurance providers offer coverage in New York. Your monthly premium is based on your dog’s breed, zip code, pre-existing conditions, and more. We’ve provided some information and stats for you to consider before signing up with a company.

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