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Does Pet Insurance Cover Allergy Shots & Testing?

Dog at vet getting shot (Caption: Does Pet Insurance Cover Allergy Shots & Testing)

Allergies are known to cause more issues during specific times of the year, depending on each dog’s allergen sensitivities. Once a dog is diagnosed with allergies, they will likely experience them for the remainder of their life. This means you could face thousands of dollars in unexpected vet bills for allergies alone throughout your dog’s lifetime. Is that something you can afford? If not, a pet insurance policy bought prior to diagnosis may be able to ease the financial burden and help you focus your attention on your dog.

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Pets Best vs Figo: Which Offers Lower Prices For The Best Coverage?

Pets Best and Figo are both known for offering thorough pet insurance coverage at some of the lowest prices in the industry. But does one cover more than the other? And does one pay out claims faster? We compare coverage, customer service and reputation, claim repayment, customizations, and prices and explain which company we think is better.

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Does Pet Insurance Cover Surgery?

Large dog on operating table with vet performing surgery (Caption: Does Pet Insurance Cover Surgery?)

Are you wondering if you can get pet insurance for surgery? It all depends on the current state of your dog’s health. What does that mean? Pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. So, if your dog has already been diagnosed with an ailment and you know she needs surgery, then it will most likely be ineligible from coverage. However, there are still many other instances where getting pet insurance makes sense, especially if you are trying to minimize unmanageable vet bills in the future.

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How Much Is Pet Medical Insurance & Where Can I Buy It?

Female vet holding a french bulldog in arms (Caption: Pet Medical Insurance)

Pet medical insurance is more commonly referred to as pet insurance. Pet insurance helps pay for veterinary treatment covered by your chosen pet insurance provider. It works similarly to human health insurance. So if your dog experiences an illness or accident, you can focus your attention on helping your dog heal instead of stressing about your financial circumstance. 

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Embrace vs Pets Best: Compare Price, Coverage, Customer Service & More

Two dogs running in field (Caption: Embrace vs Pets Best)

Perhaps you’ve heard of pet insurance through Allstate, Geico, or USAA because they sell pet insurance policies administered by Embrace. However, is Embrace the company you should choose? A Google search may have shown you other pet insurance options, like Pets Best. Which company is a better fit for your dog? Find out in our Embrace vs Pets Best comparison where we discuss coverage, customer service and reputation, claim repayment, customizations, and pricing.

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Best Pet Insurance In NH: Companies Reviewed In Manchester, Nashua, Concord, And More

Rat Terrier on a hill (Caption: Pet Insurance New Hampshire)

New Hampshire has sizable granite formations and quarries, which is why its nickname is the Granite State. Also known as the White Mountain State, NH has the highest peak in the Northeastern United States. With various topography, this state is a blast to explore with your best furry friend. However, that doesn’t mean your dog is less vulnerable to experiencing a medical emergency. Find out if you should get pet insurance for your pooch and which company may be best suited for you.

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Embrace vs Petplan: Which Offers A Better Policy?

Two small dogs sitting together on grass (Caption: Pet Insurance Comparison Embrace vs Petplan)

Embrace and Petplan are both big players in the pet insurance industry. You may have heard about Embrace through your insurance carrier if you have Allstate, Geico, or USAA because they sell policies administered by Embrace. Meanwhile, you may have heard of Petplan through Walmart because Petplan services pet insurance policies purchased via Walmart. No matter where you’ve heard of them, you’re probably wondering if they’re reputable companies. Do they offer thorough coverage at a reasonable price? Find out which one we rank better and why.

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15 Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Panting And Pacing

Golden dog panting and pacing in field (Caption: Reasons Why Dog Is Panting And Pacing)

Panting is a normal dog behavior, most often associated with helping a dog regulate body temperature. However, what if you notice your dog panting and pacing non-stop around the house or yard, unable to settle down? Is this also normal behavior, or is something wrong with your dog? Panting and pacing are non-specific symptoms that may indicate several different medical or behavioral issues with your dog. Unfortunately, your pup cannot tell you what’s going on beyond the signs you’re already noticing. Deciphering those signs to determine what they mean will likely involve a trip to your veterinarian. Observing your dog closely for any additional symptoms and noting when and how often the panting and pacing occur will help your veterinarian more accurately diagnose what’s wrong with your dog. Your veterinarian may recommend lab work or x-rays to rule out medical causes. Once any medical causes are ruled out, your veterinarian may then discuss possible behavioral causes and how to treat them. The following are 15 reasons why your dog may be panting and pacing.

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Best Pet Insurance In Washington State: Companies Reviewed In Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue & More

Dog standing in the rain puddle (Caption: Pet Insurance Washington State)

Whether you’re a first-time pet parent or well-versed in all things dog-related, having pet insurance can give you peace of mind should your dog experience a health concern. We help you learn more about your options so you can decide which pet insurance company is best for your dog in the Evergreen State.

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