What Makes Trupanion Pet Insurance Unique?

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Girl and dog running through yardYou turned your back for one minute and now Fido has a stomach full of bathroom trash. Yuck! You know this isn’t going to be good. You take him to the vet and have an x-ray done and see all the q-tips, bobby pins and, oh no, a part of an old razor blade. Things just got really scary for you. The vet performs surgery and thankfully, Fido will be okay. However, your bank account is in some real pain now. Had you signed up for pet insurance, you may not have had to pay as much for the vet bills. That’s where Trupanion comes into play.

Trupanion offers pet insurance to help you cover your dog’s vet fees. Depending on the plan you choose, you could have nearly all of your vet bills covered. We’re going to look at Trupanions pros, cons, price quotes, what they do/don’t cover and more to help you decide if they’re the right provider for your dog.Trupanion logo

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Trupanion Review

Trupanion Review
Policy Coverage 3.5
Customer Service & Reputation 4.0
Timeliness of Claim Payment 4.5
Price of Policy 3.0


  • Offers an unlimited lifetime limit on coverage
  • Offers optional benefits for additional expenses that cover acupuncture, physical therapy, hydrotherapy and behavioral modification training and therapy
  • Hip Dysplasya has no waiting period and no age restrictions
  • BBB rating is A+
  • Claims are settled within four days on average (65% are settled the day they are received and 80% are settled within seven days)
  • The only company that offers vet direct pay*
  • 24/7 phone support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Pet is covered in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico


  • More expensive than our top three picks
  • One time $35 administration fee
  • Policies have three day waiting period for injuries and 30 day waiting period for illnesses
  • Allow up to a 20% increase on premiums from year to year
  • Pets are not eligible for enrollment after their 14th birthday
  • No wellness plan
  • Does not cover exam fees

*Vet Direct Pay: Trupanion pays the veterinarian directly in as little as five minutes. This means policyholders don’t have to wait for reimbursements. Instead, you pay the portion that your Trupanion policy doesn’t cover after Trupanion has paid.


As a Trupanion subscriber, you are able to customize your Tru-panion plan to suit your budget and type(s) of care and coverage desired. Your Trupanion pet insurance policy cost will vary depending on a variety of factors; such as the age of your pet when you sign up, the deductible amount you choose (anywhere from $0-$1,000), and the type of optional riders you select. No matter which plan you select, remember that there are no coverage limits on the Trupanion core plan or riders.

Below are some example monthly premiums for various pets in different geographic locations.

BreedLabrador RetrieverGerman ShepherdYorkshire TerrierMixed Breed Cat
Age4 Months2 Years6 Months4 Years
LocationNew York City (zipcode: 10005)Los Angeles (zipcode: 90010)Chicago (zipcode: 60604)Miami (zipcode: 33114)
Reimbursement Level90%90%90%90%
Annual Deductible$200$200$200$500
Price Per Month$115.07$108.28$48.29$42.69

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What Does Trupanion Cover?

After the deductible and exam fee, even with the basic, or “core” plan, Trupanion pays 90% of actual veterinary bills for approved illness and accident claims, whether from the veterinary hospital, specialty animal hospital or emergency care center. While it is great that Trupanion covers 90% of the bill, other pet insurance providers are more flexible, allowing customers to choose their reimbursement level. This could mean a lower monthly premium for you. Below is a list of some items Trupanion does and does not cover. For a full list we recommend asking for a sample policy.

Covered by TrupanionNot Covered by Trupanion
IllnessesExam fees
InjuriesSales tax where applicable
Hereditary conditionsWellness and preventative care
Congenital conditionsPre-existing conditions
Diagnostic tests
Hospital stays
Veterinary supplements
Prosthetic devices and carts
Alternative and rehabilitative therapies (optional)
Extra protection for breeding dogs (optional)

Pet Owner Assistance Add-On Package

The Pet Owner Assistance package costs $4.95/month in addition to the core plan premium.

  • Boarding fees
  • Liability coverage for third-party property damage
  • Vacation cancellation costs
  • Cremation or burial fees
  • Advertising and reward for lost pet

Recovery and Complementary Care Rider

The price of this plan can vary anywhere from a couple of dollars towards $30 and is in addition to the core plan premium.

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Homeopathy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Physical and rehabilitative therapy
  • Behavioral modification and therapy
  • Naturopathy

About Trupanion Pet Medical Insurance

Trupanion pet medical insurance was founded in Canada in 1998 as VetInsurance. In 2005, VetInsurance expanded to the U.S. and re-branded in 2008 as Trupanion. For the last decade, American Pet Insurance Co. (APIC), a subsidiary, has performed the underwriting duties for Trupanion. Many pet insurance providers do not have their own underwriter, Trupanion claims that this allows them to pay back 70 cents for every dollar spent in premiums. The U.S. branch is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and was named one of Washington state’s Best Workplaces in 2013.

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Why are you thinking of getting pet insurance through Trupanion?

Disclaimer: Information regarding insurance company offerings, pricing and other contract details are subject to change by the insurance company at any time and are not under the control of this website. Information published on this website is intended for reference use only. Please review your policy carefully before signing up for a new pet health insurance contract or any other contract as your unique circumstances will differ from those of others who may be used for example purposes in this article.
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Could not disagree with many of you on this post my Boston Terrier just passed away and over the last 4 years trupanion has paid out over 45k in my dogs vet bills and all of his medications and never questioned me one time or jacked up the price of his premium or deductible . And a week after I cancelled his policy I received a sympathy card from them signed with notes from every person I ever spoke to on the phone . I’m sorry many of you didn’t receive the service I did but this company made my dog comfortable and extended his life 2-3 years and to me that is priceless . And they also paid the vet directly .
I’m in the process of looking for a different plan. Trupanion has been a waste of money. My rescue had skin problems when I got her so any treatment for this is excluded even if it’s a different skin problem. Any other issues have only contributed to the deductible for that condition. Basically I will only get money back if she has a specific issue requires treatment over the deductible. I could spend over $1000 for 4 different conditions but receive no return as the $1000 would only got towards the deductible.
Kimberly Alt
I recommend you read this article, which has our top three picks for best pet insurance. Let me know if you have any questions!
OMG! what a rip off company. I have been paid since 2014, my dog just pass away due to illness and submit 3 claims – this is just a joke. They won’t even reimburse me because apparently my deductible has not pass the membership I choose. So not only I have to deal with the sadness of loosing a member of my family but I have to deal with them from all the amount I spend trying to save my dog and regardless of what happen they don’t refund you. Then don’t choose cremation on the clause because even if you think they will refund you – they won’t. If I knew what I know now – I would never spend on a monthly basis the money. This is a rip off – This is not like your benefits dental or any benefits you have. They have so many clause which at the end of the day you are loosing more money then gaining…Run away from this company…not good
If I could give this company 0 stars I would. Before setting up our policies (by the way the highest on the market $79/month each dog) I went through my dogs medical records throughly with the company rep. She ensured me that no of my concerns were pre existing medical issues and that my dog would be covered if any injury occurred. Well low and behold my dog was injured and everything was pre existing. Not covered, not even close!
Take note if you have time read the article in the ny times about pet insurance its worth the read, its all a hoax, big money making opportunity for the insurance company. 10-20% of all injuries are really covered. We invested a ton on money into trupanion insurance to only be denied our claims. Take the money you were going to pay for insurance and put in into a pet emergency savings and you will come out way ahead. We would have actually had money left!
Our 8-year old German Shepherd required a TPLO procedure for a torn ligament. This medical procedure was done by a specialist in Ketchum, Idaho. The total cost of this procedure was $2600. Three weeks prior to the procedure, right after I had gone to my vet to ascertain the reason why my dog was limping, I called Trupanion. They provided me the claim forms immediately. Two days after the TPLO procedure, I filed the claims. Three weeks to the day of filing the claims, we received our reimbursement (90% of the medical costs less the $400 deductible). The diagnosis at my local vet was applied to the deductible without any additional paperwork on our part. And these three weeks were over Christmas and New Year’s

The monthly premiums may cost a bit more than other companies, but I tell you it is very well worth it. Trupanion is wonderful.

Scam! Signed up with Trupanion May 2015. Noticed my monthly payment kept increasing. Went from $77 and, $89 a month to $89 & $107. I called in to be told they increase yearly due to vet prices increasing (funny the vets in the city have increased their prices). I was upset that they didn’t let me know (told me they sent a email in April which I definitely don’t have.) If I knew they increased their rates yearly I would of never signed up. How much does it increase? Every year for how long? I’ve never even made a claim! What a waste of money. Scam.
Trupanion is one of the worst pet insurance companies in the world. They do have a lot of paid reviewers though. The truth is that the company does not cover a single known and valid pet health concerns including things like Giardia or sickness. The company itself is fraudulent and terrible to deal with. I have proof of constant rejection, false advertisement. Please don’t trust the comments posted here and save your money today.
It is true what you are saying they spend most of their time rejecting paying these people must be fak
Look up the definition of pre-existing. Signs or symptoms that show prior to getting a policy with any company will be denied. How can hundreds of thousands of customers with that company get reimbursement for medical conditions but yet they singled you out to not pay your claims? Not the case. Dogs get small signs and symptoms that can be the start of a serious issue, that’s why you don’t wait to get insurance.
Brynn Delaney
I’ve used Trupanion for 3 years now and I’ve never been disappointed with their coverage. Their customer service is some of the best I’ve dealt with in any industry—you get to talk to a real live human!

Working at a vet hospital myself, I’ve seen first hand how having insurance can make all the difference in what a family is able to do for their pet. Originally I bought the insurance for my older cat primarily, who was 8 at the time, and getting it for my then 2 year old cat was an afterthought. Mostly, I just thought I wanted to be covered “just in case” and to have things set up to avoid issues with pre-existing conditions (my older cat has asthma, which was pre-existing to our coverage). Man, I’m glad I did.

Two years later I find out in a routine dental that she has extra teeth with fused roots, which required a trip to a specialist. Then, a mysterious progressive weight loss turned out to be IBD—in a 4 year old cat. Enter in another specialist and way more money than I could have managed out of pocket.

My boss was so impressed at how Trupanion handled things that she made it part of our employee benefits package. A $0 deductible for 2 cats (now 5 & 11) runs $102 a month. It is more expensive than other plans, but I find it to be far more comprehensive w/o a need for riders. We had been paying about $70 a month for a $250/deductible, but now that it’s a work benefit, we’ve dropped it to zero.

The big difference between the plans I think is missed in this article is that Trupanion does it’s deductibles by incident/illness/injury. Once you meet the deductible for a single issue, you never have to meet it again. It does not refresh at the end of the year; so not really a “yearly” deductible as listed above. That, more than anything has been worth it for us in the beginning.

This may seem like a odd question. If there is a deductible by incident/illness/injury would you have to pay this more than once a year. Lets say your pet is having a really bad year. It breaks it leg, eats something it shouldn’t have and needed stitches. Would you have to pay the deductible in each case?
L Austin
Got Trupnaion after researching others. Rescued as GSD in July. Limping in October. Thought it was hips – went to vet – it was the back. Bill to exclude flea meds was about $100 to apply to deductible. Then vet suggested pills were $75 off of Amazon. Completed paperwork. Both denied. Called in November to cancel. Talked me into appealing – which guess what takes until you pay your next payment. Visit denied because it was precautionary – no it wasn’t – went there because it looked like he was hurting. Called to cancel. Next day they emailed that the meds were approved on appeal. So the visit to diagnose the problem is not approved, but the medication is approved. Sounds strange. Filed a BBB complaint, but they are covered with a warm and fuzzy blanket because of insurance lobby.
Trupanion’s policy is written in such a way that any symptom or behavior can be manipulated into a pre-existing condition. Look at this sentence: pre-existing conditions per Trupanion are “9.B.i Illnesses or injuries for which signs or evidence of their potential manifestation existed within the 18 months prior to the policy enrollment date.”

Did you get that? “Potential manifestations” gets them out of paying anything unless your dog was insured the day you got him and before he ever visited a vet’s office.

My schnauzer had been insured for a little over 3 years when he started having severe rashes on his abdomen. He couldn’t sleep they were so bad. He just cried. So multiple vet visits later, my dog was diagnosed with atopy, I actually met my $500 deductible, and I filed a claim for the first time. Trupanion ordered records from every vet my dog had visited and found two mentions of him chewing his paws and an ear infection in the year prior to coverage. (The ear infection was caused by his ear hair trapping moisture, and the vet clearly wrote that he was not scratching his ears.) Trupanion said these vet notations showed that his current abdominal atopy was a pre-existing condition.

I’ve had good experiences speaking with representatives on the phone before this point. There’s always someone available. But now that I have a legitimate grievance, representatives are unhelpful, and they won’t let me speak to someone in claims. There is no one available to explain how paw chewing from 4 years ago is definitively the same condition as his current abdominal atopy. But I guess they don’t have to be certain. They just need to find “potential manifestations.”

I have zero faith now that Trupanion will ever honor their contract. They’re engaging in deceptive business practices and protecting themselves with a sneaky policy. I’m going through the appeals process right now, so if I’m pleasantly surprised I’ll let update my review.

The only treatment that’s worked so far for my dog is an expensive immune modulator. Now I wish I’d just opened a savings account for him 3 years ago. I would have $1,500 dollars in there by now.

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