Trupanion vs Healthy Paws: A Pet Insurance Showdown

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Trupanion vs Healthy Paws Pet Insurance ReviewPet insurance is a great proactive solution if you sign up before a health emergency occurs for your dog. It’s your responsibility to think ahead in case something bad were to happen to your dog. Could you afford treatment for a cancer diagnosis?

Perhaps Trupanion or Healthy Paws is the solution you need to reduce your financial risk. Find out which pet insurance provider is the top dog. We compare features and give you a side by side quote comparison to show you the different options.

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 Healthy PawsTrupanion
Policy CoverageCheckmark


Customer Service & ReputationCheckmark

Timeliness of Claim RepaymentCheckmark

Price of PolicyCheckmark

Overall WinnerCheckmark

Policy Coverage

We know it’s easier to compare 2 companies by seeing what they cover side by side. That’s why we’ve created this pet insurance comparison table to help you see the similarities and differences between Trupanion and Healthy Paws.

 Healthy PawsTrupanion
Overall Ranking in our Pet Insurance Comparison1stNot Ranked


Blood TestsCheckmark




Cat ScansCheckmark






Behavioral TherapiesCheckmark

Specialized ExamsCheckmark






Emergency CareCheckmark


Specialty CareCheckmark




Pre-existing Conditions
Check Ups, Vaccinations, Spay/Neuter, Teeth Cleaning
Non-Routine Dental TreatmentCheckmark


Hip DysplasiaCheckmark

Waiting Period - 12 Months

Waiting Period - 30 Days
Chronic ConditionsCheckmark



Waiting Period - 15 Days

Waiting Period - 30 Days

Waiting Period - 15 Days

Waiting Period - 5 Days
Hereditary ConditionsCheckmark


Congenital ConditionsCheckmark


Cancer TreatmentsCheckmark


Diagnostic TreatmentCheckmark


Alternative/Holistic TherapyCheckmark

Extra Fee
Prescription MedicationsCheckmark


Enrollment Fee$25$35
30-Day Money Back GuaranteeCheckmark


(30-Day Certificate)
Claim LimitsUnlimitedUnlimited
BBB RatingA+A
UnderwriterACE Property & Casualty (Chubb)American Pet Insurance Company
A.M. Best RatingA++Unrated
No Exam Required to Set Baseline for Pet's HealthCheckmark

As you can see, Trupanion and Healthy Paws offer nearly identical coverage. The only differences are that Healthy Paws does not cover behavioral therapies and Trupanion charges extra for alternative/holistic therapy.

One main difference is that Healthy Paws has an annual deductible whereas Trupanion’s deductible is per-condition and lifetime. This Healthy Paws feature is important if your pet experiences multiple accidents or illnesses during the policy period (one year). However, if your dog is subject to chronic conditions like allergies, hip dysplasia, cancer, urinary tract infections, etc., then Trupanion’s per condition deductible for the life of your pet may be a better choice.

Both companies charge a one-time enrollment fee and Healthy Paws requires a vet exam within the last 12 months or within 15 days of policy issuance for dogs younger than 6. For dogs older than 6, you must have a vet examine your dog within the last 30 days or within 15 days of policy issuance.

You’ll also notice that Healthy Paws has a better rating from the Better Business Bureau and its underwriter has an A++ A.M. Best rating, which is the best we’ve seen from any pet insurance company.

Winner: Healthy PawsTrupanion (Tie)

Customer Service & Reputation

Customer service and reputation are often overlooked by consumers but we think it’s one of the most important elements you should consider when choosing a pet insurance company. We hope you never have to file a claim, but should you have to, we want it to be as painless and easy on you as possible.

It doesn’t matter how much you pay, if you call a company and never get your questions answered or problems solved you feel like your money has been wasted.

Healthy Paws has some of the best customer service we’ve seen. Just check out the reviews we’ve received from real customers raving about their experience. Trupanion, on the other hand, has more negative reviews than we like to see.

Healthy Paws logoWinner: Healthy Paws

Timeliness Of Claim Repayment

Healthy Paws pays claims within 10 days. This is a pretty short repayment period, just think of times when you’ve filed a claim for a car accident or on your homeowners policy. Bet it took a while for the companies to pay up.

Trupanion allows up to 60 days to pay claims. That’s a long time. If your dog required a medical emergency that cost over $1,000, would you be able to go 60 days without getting reimbursed? That being said, you should also have your vet call Trupanion’s claims center before you pay since they may be able to pay your vet directly for the covered portion of your bill so you don’t have to be reimbursed at all.

Healthy Paws logoWinner: Healthy Paws

Price Of Policy

To give you an example of the price difference between Trupanion and Healthy Paws we’ve created a quote comparison for dog insurance.

Characteristics considered for these quotes:

  • Neutered male Akita, 4-years-old
  • No microchip, multi-pet discount or pre-existing conditions
  • Residency in Los Angeles, California (zip code 90016)
  • Quote is from May 14, 2018
 DeductibleReimbursement %Price Per Month
Healthy Paws$25090%$72.12
Healthy Paws$10090%$90.22

To see more quote comparisons, take a look at our Pet Insurance Quotes page. You’ll find that Trupanion was consistently more expensive than Healthy Paws for every quote we ran. When you take coverage into consideration as well, you’re getting a better bang for your buck with Healthy Paws.

Healthy Paws logoWinner: Healthy Paws


Healthy Paws

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There are not any active Trupanion coupon codes at this time.

Why Should You Get Pet Insurance?

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Overall Winner

Healthy Paws is the clear winner in this comparison. For similar coverage, better customer service reputation and a shorter claim repayment most can save money by choosing Healthy Paws over Trupanion.

Healthy Paws logoWinner: Healthy Paws

If you’d like to see how all the national providers compare against one another, be sure to read our Best Pet Health Insurance Reviews. We’ve ranked the top companies so you can see where Healthy Paws, Trupanion and all the others fall.

Which pet insurance company looks better to you and why?

Disclaimer: Information regarding insurance company offerings, pricing and other contract details are subject to change by the insurance company at any time and are not under the control of this website. Information published on this website is intended for reference use only. Please review your policy carefully before signing up for a new pet health insurance contract or any other contract as your unique circumstances will differ from those of others who may be used for example purposes in this article.
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I ran the quote for my 9 year old Labradoodle last night. Healthy Paws will only cover 60% with a $750 deductible which was the only option offered. Trupanion will cover 90% with a $700 deductible (comparing apples to apples) and still cost $14/mo less than Healthy Paws. I also had 2 additional options for lower deductibles but the monthly premium was higher. Maybe Trupanion is a better option for older pets?
Kimberly Alt
Great analysis Veronica. Yes, Healthy Paws sets some limits for older dogs. If you enroll your dog after his/her 8th birthday the only option you have is 60% with a $750 deductible. In this instance Trupanion may offer a better option for you. However, if you enroll your dog prior to his/her 8th birthday you will have all the options generally provided by Healthy Paws and they don’t limit your dog’s coverage once he/she turns 8. It just depends if you have a policy prior to your dog’s 8th birthday. I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any other questions.