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Pet Assure Reviews: How To Save 25% On Vet Bills

Pet Assure offers an across-the-board 25% discount on all of your dog or cat’s vet bills at participating veterinarians. It can be used alone or in addition to your dog’s insurance. There’s no waiting period or exclusions; all pets are covered no matter their age, health or breed. Even pre-existing conditions are covered. So what’s the catch?

Sweet cocker spaniel dog with stethoscope in mouth

24Petprotect Insurance Review: A Complicated Claims Process?

If you consider your pet part of the family, then why not make sure they have health insurance like the rest of your loved ones? Just like humans, pets can become ill or get in an accident when you least expect it. The good news is, pet insurance can help save your family from drowning in debt and keep your canine companion alive and thriving. 24PetWatch is one of many popular pet insurance companies. See how they compare to the pack.

Dog at vet on back (Caption: Petco Pet Insurance Review)

Petco Pet Insurance Review: Find Out Prices, Coverage, And More

Petco began offering pet insurance in 2017 and has some impressive coverage. But there are dozens of pet insurance companies to consider for insuring your pet. Is Petco worth your consideration? Learn all about Petco’s policy, pricing, waiting periods, and more.

Two Halo collars with a smartphone which has the app open (Caption: Hal Dog Collar Review)

Halo 2+ Collar Reviews: How Reliable Is This Wireless Dog Fencing System?

If you’re in the market for a new fencing solution for your dog, you may want to consider the innovative Halo 2+ Collar smart fencing system backed by the popular dog expert Cesar Millan. This wireless system uses GPS to keep your dog in check and has some additional cool features you won’t find in other wireless fencing products. But is the Halo system easy to use and reliable? Is it worth the fairly hefty price? We’ve uncovered everything you need to know to decide if the Halo dog collar system is the best fit for you.

Black doodle on ground next to Blue Wicked Ball SE (Caption: Cheerble Wicked Ball Review)

Cheerble Wicked Ball Review: Will This Busy Ball For Dogs Keep Your Pup Occupied?

It’s so important to keep our dogs mentally stimulated, especially if they get bored easily when we’re busy or suffer from separation anxiety when we’re not home. A popular smart dog toy, Cheerble’s Wicked Ball, promises to keep your pup entertained and active when you can’t engage with your furry friend. Does Wicked Ball live up to its claims? We’ll share everything we uncovered about this interactive dog toy, including our personal experiences.

Dog next to cuddle clone (Caption: Cuddle Clones Review)

Cuddle Clones Reviews: Are These Custom Stuffed Animals Of Your Pet Worth It?

Cuddle Clones promises to create a nearly exact replica of your beloved pet in a high-quality plush form. If you love your pet as much as we do, it’s an enticing option to have stuffed animals that look like your pet. The company has even been highlighted in some major U.S. media. But are Cuddle Clones’ plush replica products as great as they claim? And what other custom pet products do they offer? We’ve done our research about Cuddle Clones to help you decide if their products are worth their high price tag.

Dog laying on bed (Caption: Figo Pet Insurance Review)

Figo Pet Insurance Reviews: What Does It Cover? Cost And Quote, Customer Service, Promo Code, Cancellation Policy, And More

Figo offers customizable coverage for you to choose one of their three extensvie plans. You can then add-on coverage for Wellness, Veterinary Exam Fee Coverage, or the Extra Care Pack. Figo is one of the only pet insurance companies to offer up to 100% reimbursement so big vet bills won’t break your bank. No pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, but Figo will help you identify those conditions at the start of your policy. If you don’t think you’ll get value out of pet insurance after your initial review, just cancel within 30 days of signing up to get your money back. Find out if Figo offers the coverage you’re looking for and if it will align with your budget.

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