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Badlands Ranch Dog Food Review: Is Superfood Complete Worth It? (Personal Experience)


Last Updated: February 24, 2024 | 8 min read | 93 Comments

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Katherine Heigl with dog outdoors

You likely know Katherine Heigl as an American TV and movie actress, but did you know she’s also a staunch animal activist? Her passion for animal welfare drove her to launch a healthy new dog food brand, called Badlands Ranch, in 2022.

Featuring all-natural, air-dried, and whole-food ingredients, Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete has quickly exploded in popularity. What’s the lowdown on this grain-free formula the company says “contains some of the healthiest foods on Earth?” Is it worth all the hype? And more important, is it the best diet for your pup?

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Badlands Ranch Dog Food Review

badlands ranch dog food logo

Product Name: Badlands Ranch

Product Description: Badlands Ranch offers all-natural, air-dried premium dog food and freeze-dried treats.


We recommend Badlands Ranch if you prefer a grain-free premium diet for your fuzzy sidekick — and if you can afford the extremely expensive price tag. 

Our team rates dog food based on several factors, including variety, nutritional value, pricing, customer feedback, customer support, and more.

Overall Score



  • Whole-food ingredients with no preservatives or fillers
  • Free of wheat, soy, corn, and dairy
  • Humanely raised beef and chicken
  • Also offers 100% freeze-dried beef liver, chicken, and salmon treats
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Proceeds and food donated to animal shelters and no-kill advocacy organizations
  • Made in the USA
  • Subscribe & Save is available via our links


  • Very expensive
  • Only two formulas available (beef & salmon and chicken & salmon)
  • No grain-inclusive option
  • Only available in small 24 oz bags (about 6 cups of food)

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Key Features

badlands range dog food two flavors
  • A healthy, shelf-stable option
  • Excellent nutritional balance and packed with protein
  • Doesn’t contain any grains, meat meal or by-products, fillers, or artificial preservatives
  • Food is slow-cooked at low temperatures in small batches and air-dried to preserve the nutritional content and freshness
  • Every purchase you make helps animals in need through a partnership with Heigl’s nonprofit, the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation
  • Badlands Ranch pledges $100,000 annually to support animal rescues and makes monthly food donations to shelters

Nutritional Analysis

Both Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete beef and chicken recipes are well-balanced, high-protein formulas with moderate levels of fat, fiber, and carbohydrates. The caloric content falls on the low end of regular commercial kibble, which typically consists of 325-600 calories per cup.

With an estimated 17% carbohydrate content, the chicken formula is much lower in carbs than many commercial kibble recipes, which contain 30-60% carbs, a majority of which are starches (grains such as wheat, rice, barley, oats, and corn). The beef recipe has an estimated 33% of carbs, so it falls on the low end of kibble carb content.

Also, for a high-protein air-dried/dehydrated dog food, both Superfood Complete formulas have slightly higher fiber and lower fat levels than many of its competitors.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein30% (min)38% (min)
Crude Fat14% (min)22% (min)
Crude Fiber 5% (max)5% (max)
Moisture 15% (max)15% (max)
Calories 326 kcal/cup370 kcal/cup

Badlands Ranch Dog Food Ingredients

Badlands Ranch Dog Food chicken bag and bowl

Let’s break down these premium formulas’ ingredients so you know the health benefits for your furry friend. The first four ingredients of the beef formula are beef, beef liver, beef heart, and salmon, while the first five ingredients of the chicken recipe are chicken, chicken heart, chicken gizzards, chicken liver, and salmon.

These are all high-quality sources of protein and fat your active pup needs to thrive. Not only are organ meats rich in vitamins A, B, D, and E, copper, iron, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc, but they can also add a lot of meaty flavors (good for picky pups).

While both recipes are grain-free, they contain sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, and blueberries, all healthy complex carbohydrates that are easily digested and provide plenty of fiber and other nutrients. They’re also fortified with a blend of essential vitamins and minerals carefully chosen for optimal canine health.

Other “Superfood” Ingredients

back of packaging for Badlands Ranch
  • Flaxseed: source of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids Docosahexenoic Acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) that support brain and eye development and skin, coat, joint, and immune health
  • Chia seeds: rich in plant protein, fiber, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and phosphorus
  • Lion’s Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus): promotes digestive, immune, heart, and cognitive health, helps the body better metabolize fat, reduces inflammation, and includes many vitamins and minerals
  • Ginger & turmeric: natural antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties, making them good additions for your pup’s cell and joint health

Note: We’d like to see more specific information on their website about where they source the ingredients, where they make their food, and the quality-control measures the company employs. However, Badlands Ranch does say they only work with suppliers committed to the humane treatment of animals.

Have There Been Any Badlands Ranch Dog Food Recalls?

A pet food recall typically occurs when there’s a potential risk of contamination or another issue that causes the food to not meet quality standards. Recalls are issued either by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), which governs pet food standards, or voluntarily by the brand themselves. Badlands Ranch hasn’t had any food recalls to date, but it’s only been on the market since late Summer 2022.


Badlands Ranch offers discounts if you purchase 3 or 6 bags of dog food or treats at once. Shipping is free on orders over $50.

Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete

Superfood Complete’s beef and chicken recipes are the same price. Our readers get a substantial discount by using our link. And if you opt for Subscribe & Save (received once per month) you can receive an even larger discount with our link.

Number Of 24-oz BagsPrice For Our Readers
(Subscribe & Save)
Price For Our Readers
(One-Time Purchase)
Regular Price

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

Badlands Ranch Dog Food beef bag and bowl

The feeding guide below shows how much Superfood Complete Badlands recommends you give your dog based on their weight.

Weight Of DogAmount Of Food Per Day
5 lbs.1/2 cup
15 lbs.1 1/4 cups
20 lbs.1 1/2 cups
30 lbs.2 cups
40 lbs.2 1/2 cups
50 lbs.3 cups
60 lbs.3 1/2 cups
70 lbs.4 cups
80 lbs.4 1/3 cups
90 lbs.4 2/3 cups

Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites

badlands range dog treats three flavors

These bite-sized treats are made with one single freeze-dried ingredient: raw beef liver, chicken breast, or wild salmon. The table below shows the cost for Superfood Bites and the price per bag when you purchase more than one bag. Badlands Ranch gives you a discount the more bags you buy.

Number Of 4-oz BagsTotal PricePrice Per Bag

Badlands Ranch Coupon Code

Canine Journal readers receive a large discount for one-time purchases and subscriptions. With a subscription you can save up to 60% off Badlands Ranch. Use this link to get started.

Our Personal Experience With Badlands Ranch Dog Food

Dog eating Badlands Ranch Dog Food

“My dogs absolutely love Badlands Ranch. We tried the Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete beef and chicken recipes. I am not exaggerating when I say my dogs cannot get enough. Immediately they both loved the taste and texture. I have fed them this as treats, as a full meal, and mixed in with regular kibble. No matter how I feed it, they eat every bite.

My older dog Daisy is large, eats a lot, and has grown very picky about her food. She prefers kibbles with meaty bits in them. This has been the perfect thing for her. Daisy gets super excited at mealtimes as soon as I reach for the bag. She has plenty of energy and really enjoys her mealtimes. The only thing I must watch out for is to make sure she does not eat it too fast.

My smaller dog Falkor also loves the air-dried Badlands Ranch food So much that he has chosen to refuse to eat his other food unless some of the air-dried meaty chunks are mixed in. I have even been able to use larger bits as treats, which are far healthier for him than most of what he likes. These satisfy that need for meat and give him a huge energy boost.

I appreciate that this food is easy to serve and does not have the same pungent odor many freeze-dried products do. This makes it much easier to feed my dogs without getting that overwhelming, sometimes tremendously strong smell. I also like that it stays fresh for up to a year, although my dogs make quick work of it, so it will never sit on my shelf that long.  There are no ingredients in this I would not want to give my dogs, all-in-all we are very happy with this food.  I also appreciate the low-temperature cooking and low processing. I can tell this is real meat my dogs are eating.”

Danielle DeGroot, rescue dog mom
Badlands Ranch as a topper

“I was sent Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete Beef Formula to share my experience with my 10-year-old, 60-pound Coonhound mix, Sally. I first noticed how little dog food was in each bag. I measured it out, and there were only 6 cups in a bag. According to Badlands Ranch’s feeding guidelines, I should give Sally 3.5 cups of food each day. That means one 24 oz bag of Superfood Complete wouldn’t feed her for two full days. Considering one bag of food costs about $40 (our readers get a discount), that would become very expensive. For one week of food, Sally would need 24.5 cups of Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete, equating to 4 bags of food ($160 per week).

Because of this, I opted to use it as a topper for Sally’s regular kibble. This was a much more feasible way for me to give her the food without going through it all in a few days.

Sally absolutely loves the food. I would compare the texture to what human beef jerky looks like. It also works as a great treat and could easily be used to train a dog since the food is similar in size to kibble or training treats.

One thing I like about the company is that each purchase helps sponsor the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, a non-profit focused on ending animal cruelty and abuse. The foundation has helped over 16,000 dogs be adopted out of high-kill shelters.

I love the space that Badlands Ranch has filled in the dog food market. Pet parents who want to feed their dog nothing but the healthiest but need a shelf-stable option can now turn to Badlands Ranch. However, if the cost of solely feeding Badlands Ranch to your dog is too high, you could use it as a topper to help increase your dog’s intake of protein, nutrient-dense organs, vegetables, and other superfoods.”

Kimberly Alt, rescue dog mom

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few questions pup owners often have when considering Badlands Ranch. Don’t see yours here? Ask us in our comments.

Is Grain-Free Dog Food Safe For Dogs?

The FDA has not found a significant link between grain-free dog food and heart health. However, it’s wise to talk with your vet before switching your dog’s diet if you have any concerns. 

Are You Supposed To Add Water To Badlands Ranch Dog Food?

No. There is no need to add water to the dog food itself. However, it is important to always have fresh, clean water for your dog with each meal.

If your dog has a hard time chewing, you can add water to it to help soften it some.

bowl of Badlands Ranch kibble with empty bag on counter

How Many Cups Are In A Bag Of Badlands Ranch Superfood Dog Food?

We dumped an entire bag of Superfood Complete into an 8-cup measuring bowl. About 6 cups of dog food were in one 24 oz bag of Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete.

Is Badlands Ranch Dog Food Good For Dogs?

Visit Badlands Ranch Website

We recommend Badlands Ranch if you prefer a grain-free premium diet for your fuzzy sidekick — and if you can afford the extremely expensive price tag. However, the high cost certainly doesn’t seem to be deterring many pup parents, as evidenced by the high demand and overwhelmingly positive customer reviews we’ve seen online.

If you’re still exploring other types of healthy dog food, be sure to read our reviews of the best dog food delivery services, including personalized fresh meals, all-natural kibble, and dehydrated dog food. You may also want to check out our article on the best dog foods for most diet types, ages, health issues, and more.

Our Methodology

We analyze hundreds of dog food brands and individual formulas to provide our recommendations for the best nutrition. Each of the following elements helps us determine the best dog food for any dietary need. Our in-depth research includes:

  • Scrutinizing all ingredients included in every formula
  • Having firsthand experience with our dogs for many of the foods we recommend
  • Assessing the guaranteed analysis for every formula, including protein, fat, fiber, and caloric content
  • Investigating the latest scientific studies on dogs’ nutritional needs and benefits of ingredients
  • Researching the specific dietary needs for breed sizes and health conditions
  • Reading hundreds of customer reviews
  • Staying informed on every dog food recall
  • Diving into every pet food brand’s history and reputation
  • Keeping on top of pet food trends

Unlike many other review sites, we give unbiased reviews based on countless hours of research. Our goal is to provide our readers with the healthiest options for their pups.

Why Trust Canine Journal?

Sally has researched and reviewed hundreds of different dog food brands and specific formulas. She’s an expert at analyzing dog food ingredients based on current nutritional guidelines and scientific studies for the healthiest food for our pups. She’s part of a team of dog specialists at Canine Journal who have over a decade of experience in researching, testing, and writing about everything you need to know to keep your pup healthy and happy.

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