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Danielle graduated from the University of Colorado Global with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a specialization in Marketing. Her work has supported multiple small businesses, brands, and larger organizations, including the University of Denver. She is a lifelong supporter of rescue pets and has adopted almost every animal she has ever met that needed a home. Danielle is an expert in product reviews, pet food, dog names, pet behavior, and breeds. Her rescue dogs, Falkor, a Poodle Beagle mix, and Daisy, a Pitbull Lab mix, serve as Canine Journal’s in-house dog food testers and have tested over 50 kinds of dog food. She also has three rescue cats.

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girl meeting cavalier puppy with her parents outside

Best Dogs For First Time Owners: 13 Breeds To Consider

Welcoming a new canine family member to the family is a joyous, life-changing experience. The excitement is immeasurable for anyone adding to their four-legged family, but it is an even more profound experience for first-time dog owners. One thing that significantly impacts how successful a new pet pairing will be is the canine breed. Some dog breeds simply are not cut out for inexperienced owners. The best dogs for beginners are easy to train, like people, connect well with people, are not skittish, and are not prone to serious health problems. Not every dog breed is as easy to train, care for, or interact with as others. Low-maintenance dogs for first-time owners are some of the best picks.

Dog wearing a harness at sunset (Caption: Best Dog Harness)

Best Dog Harness: Which Is Ideal For Your Dog’s Needs?

Dog harnesses have certain advantages over using a collar when taking your dog on walks. For some owners, a harness can help manage a strong puller and may be more comfortable to use than a traditional leash and collar. Is a harness a better alternative for your pup? And which type and brand of harness will be the best fit for your needs? I’ll help you decide in our best dog harness reviews. I cover some of the top products and share personal experiences.

big brown dog eatting food from metal bowl laying and eating on green park grass jpg

Best Large Breed Dog Food: Puppy, Grain-Free, Senior & More

Feeding a large breed of dog is a massive responsibility. While plenty of high-quality, very nutritious dog food options are available on the market, they are not all created the same. Not every brand or recipe can support the needs of a large or giant breed. Owners must pay attention to the details of where food comes from and the main ingredients used. Larger breeds need nutrition that supports their bigger bodies, heavier frames, and the high use of their joints. We looked at some of the best large-breed dog foods available and want to share what we found.

Yorkie dog eating kibble out of a dog bowl while sitting at the dinner table with paws on table looking up

Best Dog Food For Yorkies: Puppy, Allergies, Picky, Seniors & More

Yorkshire Terriers, commonly known as Yorkies, are pint-sized terriers that often reach just 7 pounds. These pups stand out for their silky, almost floor-length coats. Tiny in physical size but massive in personality, these little dogs are loving companions who will keep their owners on their toes. As the proud owner of one of these tiny tots, you want to ensure you give your Yorkie the best possible nutrition in every life stage, starting with puppyhood and going into their golden years. There are a few different considerations to keep in mind when picking food for this breed, and it is essential always to pick high-quality dog food to feed your puppy.

bulldog laying on the ground eating dog food in kitchen

Best Dog Food For English Bulldogs: Puppy, Dry, Wet, Grain-Free

English Bulldogs are an adorable and popular breed. They are devoted family pets, are very people-oriented, love human attention, and have a dependably kind personality. Bulldogs have thick bodies and are low-set to the ground. The breed is famous for their wrinkly skin, hanging jowls, and distinctive Bulldog gait. Bulldogs are famous for their love of food and often seek special treats. Bulldogs must eat a very healthy, well-balanced diet. Finding the best dog food for English Bulldogs is critical to keeping them healthy for years to come.

finn dog supplements package in the grass

Finn Dog Supplements Reviews: Allergy Itch, Digestive, Calming & More

Our dogs, just like us, sometimes need supplements to meet their needs. Supplements can be used for many things, including joint pain, allergies, itchy skin, mood, vitamin deficiencies, or even life-stage support. It can be a challenge for owners to pick the right one, and new products get added to the market all the time. One company that is newer to the industry, Finn, offers a variety of supportive soft chews made just for dogs. We look at the details and learn more about what the brand offers in this comprehensive Finn Dog Supplements review.

Brown dog biting out a slice of watermelon

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Is It Safe & What Types Are Okay

Watermelon is a favorite fruit of many pet owners, and it can be tempting to share a piece of this juicy sweet melon with your pup. Can dogs eat watermelon? Is this a safe fruit choice for them? We can help clear up some questions owners may have about this juicy treat, also known as Citrullus vulgaris.

dog face next to bag of Chippin dog cricket jpg

Chippin Dog Food Reviews: What’s Behind This Cricket-Based Dehydrated Dog Food?

Have you heard of Chippin Dog Food? They are a brand that uses crickets for protein. This emerging company has been working with novel proteins and environmentally friendly practices to help create a new trend in the pet nutrition market. What is Chippin all about? We dive into the details behind this sustainable dog food brand that is taking big steps to change the eco-friendly dog food landscape.

agressive dog trying to attack a person

23 Dog Attacks By Breed: Top States & Stats

Owning a dog is a wonderful privilege and a huge responsibility. Along with the many positive benefits having a canine companion brings. Unfortunately, some occurrences, like bites and attacks, can be scary. Some breeds are more prone to biting than others, and owners must be aware of this. Canine attacks happen for a variety of reasons. Circumstances, ownership, care, and genetics all play a role. We discuss dog attacks by breed and get into the details owners need to know.

golden retriever dog eating cantaloupe jpg

Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe? Is Cantaloupe Good For Dogs?

Cantaloupe is a tasty fruit that many people enjoy. It is often found on the breakfast table, in fruit salads, and makes for a juicy, sweet snack on a hot day. Because people enjoy the melon so much, the question often arises, “Can dogs eat cantaloupe?” The good news is that it can be a nice treat for them, but only in small amounts. Cantaloupe is safe for healthy pups, but there is more to it than a simple yes or no. As with any food, owners must be cautious to ensure their pet is getting proper nutrition and not overdoing treats. Let’s get into more detail about dogs eating these orange melons.

collie dog laying down with mango in mouth

Can Dogs Eat Mango? Is It Bad?

Mango is a delicious tropical fruit that many people enjoy, but is it safe for canines? Pet owners have wondered, “Can dogs eat mango?” The good news is that mango is safe for dogs as long as it is served in moderation and is properly prepared. There are a few steps owners must take first. We discuss the specifics of dogs eating mangoes.

Brown dog sniffing a carton of eggs

Can Dogs Eat Eggs? Raw, Shells, Hard Boiled & More

Dog owners commonly want to share their food with pets. Not all human foods are safe for canines to eat, though. One food pet owners often ask about is eggs. Can dogs eat eggs? While considered a superfood for humans, is egg nutritionally beneficial for dogs? As with many other human foods, eggs are only safe for dogs to eat in moderation and when prepared in certain ways. We get into the details owners need to know.

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