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Danielle has been a professional writer and editor for many years. She has worked with companies from many different industries and has a background in education and publishing. Danielle graduated from the University of Colorado Global and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a specialization in Marketing. She is a lifelong supporter of rescue pets and has adopted almost every animal she ever met that needed a home. Big or small, she falls in love with dogs of all shapes and sizes. If she could, she would adopt them all! She strives to help other pet parents by authoring in-depth articles addressing pet care and health needs.

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Goldendoodle standing on hardwood floor next to bowl of dog food

Best Dog Food For Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles are an incredibly popular mixed breed, perhaps the most popular of all the Doodles. Since they first appeared in the United States in the 1990s, the mixed breed of Poodle and Golden Retriever has only risen in popularity. Owners immediately fall in love with these furry, adorable fluff balls and devote themselves to providing the best care. One of the best ways owners provide for their Goldendoodles (also called Groodles) is by ensuring they have a balanced, nutritious diet throughout every phase of life.

slow feeder dog bowl in pink filled with kibble

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl: Puzzle Feeder, Ball & More

While most of the attention gets put on what goes into a dog’s bowl, the dish you pick to feed your dog with is important. While it may seem that any old plate or dish will work, in truth, there is a wide variety to choose from that meets differing needs. Some dogs eat too fast, some eat too slow, and some cannot stop eating. For many dogs, a slow feeder dog bowl is the best pick.

puppy breathing fast while sleeping on humans chest

Puppy Breathing Fast While Sleeping: Is It Normal & Why They Pant

Are you the proud new owner of an adorable puppy? If so, you likely have many questions about your puppy’s health and behavior. Many new puppy owners are concerned about their dog’s breathing, specifically when sleeping. Pet owners will sometimes notice puppies breathing faster when they are asleep. This can lead to anxiety and concern on the part of pet owners. Is a puppy breathing fast while sleeping normal? When is this a situation where owners should worry?

fresh pet dog food with ingredients

Freshpet Dog Food Reviews (With Personal Experience)

Fresh food has recently become a preferred choice for many dog owners. Fresh foods are less processed, retain top nutritional value, and taste great. One company that has been making fresh pet recipes for the past 17 years is FreshPet. This was North America’s first company to offer fresh meals for dogs. The company sells its products in select grocery stores and on some third-party websites. The company makes fresh pet meals using locally sourced ingredients. Is this brand a good option for your pup? We give you the details in our FreshPet dog food reviews.

senior black dog eating wet food off a person holding a plate

Best Senior Dog Food: Wet, Dry, Sensitive Stomach, Weight Loss & More

Senior dogs have different nutritional needs and require less calorie-dense food. It is essential that older pups control calorie intake and refrain from eating a diet that is high in unneeded nutrients. They must have a healthy protein, fat, phosphorus, and sodium mix. Additionally, hydration is a big concern for older pets and must be addressed in their diet. Dogs need a healthy diet throughout their lives; as they age, these needs change. We have found some of the best dog food for senior dogs that owners may want to consider. We also discuss aging canine’s nutritional needs and what owners can do to support them.

woman with dog hair all over dark pants

7 Best Pet Hair Removers For Laundry: Lint Roller, Hair Catcher & More

Pet owners have been battling pet hairs for generations. Animal fur sticks to everything, especially clothing, and can sometimes seem impossible to get rid of. One way that owners can combat the spread of annoying animal hair is in the laundry. Finding the best pet hair remover for laundry is a huge advantage in the process of eliminating these pesky hairs from your clothing and linens. We look at some of the top choices made specifically for getting pet hairs out of the laundry. Removing animal hairs from the laundry is a tricky process. This is because there are many different variables. The kind of animal, the kind of clothing, the type of fabric, and how much hair needs to be removed are all part of the equation. Pet owners can use laundry boosters, dryer additives, and pretreatment to combat dog and cat hair in the wash.

litter of puppies with their eyes closed

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes? Should I Help & When To Worry

Newborn puppies are quite helpless and born with closed eyes and ears. Opening their eyes is a big step, and owners have many questions. This is a huge first step in their development and one that many owners have questions about. When do puppies open their eyes? The exact time depends on your puppy’s breed, size, and factors like how early they were born.

Chihuahua asks owner for pet feed, top view

Best Dog Food For Chihuahuas: Puppy, Senior, Wet & More

Chihuahuas are undoubtedly one of the most favorite dog breeds of all time. These tiny pups are not only adorable, but they also have wonderful, larger-than-life personalities. Though they are small dogs, the teeny Chi has significant nutritional needs. Their little bodies work hard and burn far more calories than dogs much larger than them. Despite this, it is pretty easy to overfeed the Chi, leading to obesity and other health issues. Knowing what to feed your Chihuahua is a tremendous responsibility. Finding the best dog food for Chihuahuas is vital to their lifelong health and overall quality of life.

freshpet and the farmers dog food sitting on countertop

Freshpet vs Farmers Dog: How They Compare & Our Personal Experience

Have you been considering a fresh food option for your pup but need help picking one? Are you unsure if you want a subscription delivery plan or something you can pick up at the pet store? We compare two well-known fresh brands, The Farmer’s Dog vs. FreshPet. We look at meal and treat variety, nutritional value, customization, pricing, and customer service and reputation.

dog next to bark dog food toppers outside

BARK Food Reviews: Recipes, Features & Our Personal Experience

Making the right choices for your dog’s nutrition is a big job for pet parents. Fortunately, there are many options out there, including those services that deliver a subscription box right to your door. BARK Food is a newer company in the dog chow market, but its parent company BARK is well known for its BarkBox dog subscription boxes. One thing that sets BARK products apart is its growing list of foods developed for specific breeds. Pet parents can set up a subscription service for their pets. We give you the details on their recipes, pricing, and more in our BARK Food reviews. Learn how our pups rated their food.

dog grinding teeth looking at camera outside in the grass

Dog Grinding Teeth: Why They Do It & How To Stop

Dog owners often observe their pets grinding their teeth. This leads to many questions and concerns. Grinding teeth together is called bruxism and can affect dogs, cats, and even people. Though not all dogs grind their teeth, some do, and there are a few reasons behind it. While mild grinding may not be cause for concern, if it happens often or your dog clenches their jaw, there might be cause for concern. Owners need to know why pets experience bruxism, when to call the vet, and how to stop dental grinding.

white curly dog sniffing bowl of kelp in a bowl

Kelp For Dogs: Benefits, Side Effects, How To Use & More

Dedicated dog owners like us work to provide their pups with the best nutrition. This includes being aware of the ingredients in a pup’s food. You may have noticed kelp as an ingredient in some pet food and supplement brands. What is it, and is kept safe for canines? Learn about the benefits for our canine companions and all about this superfood from the sea when it comes to our four-legged friends.

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