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300+ Wolf Names For Dogs: Alpha Dog Names For Males & Females


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Are you looking for the perfect wolf name to give to your new furry friend? If you just brought home a beautiful, fuzzy pup with a wolfy look, a wolf-inspired name is a perfect place to start brainstorming.

These pups come from many different breeds and have all sorts of personalities. From gorgeous white snow dogs like the Alaskan Malamute to the tiny Klee Kai, wolfy dogs come in all shapes and sizes.

If you have a wolfy-looking dog, below, you’ll find over 300 different naming ideas to help you find the perfect moniker for your canine companion. Let’s jump into looking at our favorite dog names for wolfy-looking pups.

Dog Breeds That Look Like Wolves

Saarloos Wolfdog running in snow.
The Saarloos Wolfdog is a different Wolfdog hybrid.

There are a number of breeds that have wolfy looks, with the German Shepherd, Samoyed, Siberian Husky, American Alsatian, and Alaskan Malamute being some of the most common. Many people struggle to name their Siberian Husky or find the perfect name for their German Shepherd. Even wolf-dog mixes can be tough to name for some. This leads to many people turning to their favorite literary work about wolves or finding out what the word “wolf” may look like in other languages.

Native American Wolf Dog Names

Husky Wolf Mix outside.
Native Americans revere dogs for their hunting abilities and strong defense of their territory.

People often associate wolves with Native American cultures. According to Wolf Song of Alaska, Native Americans feel wolves are powerful and often use them in healing ceremonies. They feel a connection to the noble wolf because they and wolves have a strong instinct to protect their families.

Male Native American Wolf Dog Names & Meanings

  1. Achack – This is a male name from the Algonquin people and means spirit.
  2. Aho – From the Kiowan language, this means thank you and hello, but it has also been translated to Whitewolf.
  3. Animosh – This word means dog in the Ojibwe language.
  4. Honan – From the Miwok language, this means bear.
  5. Honaw – Another word for bear from the Hopi people.
  6. Kuruk – From the Pawnee people, this word also means bear.
  7. Lokwa – Lokwa means wolf in the Nootka language.
  8. Micco – In the Seminole language, this word means chief.
  9. Nokosi – From the Seminole tribe, this translates to bear.
  10. Okwaho – This means wolf in the Iroquois and Mohawk people.
  11. Shunkaha – The Lakota word for wolf.
  12. Sinapu – A Ute word that means wolf.
  13. Taima – This word means peal of thunder and can be a name for both male and female dogs.
  14. Teekon – In Athabascan (Alaskan Native tribe), teekon means wolf.
  15. Tonka – From the Dakota people, Tonka means bull.
  16. Waya – From the Cherokee language, this translates to wolf.

Female Native American Wolf Dog Names & Meanings

  1. Ama – A Cherokee word that means water,
  2. Amaroq – Translates to a giant wolf in the Inuit language.
  3. Dakota – Dakota means friend in the Sioux language.
  4. Hemene – From the Nez Perce tribe, this translates to wolf.
  5. Honi – This word is from the Arapaho people and means wolf.
  6. Honiahaka – From the Cheyenne tribes, this translates to little wolf.
  7. Kaya – Translates to elder sister in the Hopi language.
  8. Keme – Keme has Algonquin origins and translates to secret.
  9. Kimi – From the Algonquin language, Kimi means secret.
  10. Koa – Koa means warrior or valiant and is Hawaiian in origin.
  11. Koko – This term comes from the Blackfoot culture and means night.
  12. Lelou – Lelou means wolf in many languages, including the Chinook Indian Nation.
  13. Maiyun – Translates to spring in Navajo.
  14. Takoda – From the Sioux tribe, Takoda means “friend to everyone.”
  15. Tala – Tala means wolf in the Sioux language.
  16. Yansa – This word can be translated to buffalo from the Cherokee culture.

Wolfy Mythological Dog Names

Tan Wolf Like dog outside.
Mythology provides us with amazing stories about gods and goddesses.

They talk about people who do awe-inspiring feats and who have other-worldly attributes. Along with that, wolves are a part of many culture’s myths. In Greek mythology, for example, wolves are ancestors and the messengers of the gods. It is no wonder that many wolf dog owners borrow from mythology to find a name for their new family members. You can also get more mythological ideas from our Viking dog names and Greek dog name articles.

Male Mythological Wolf Dog Names

  1. Achilles – The son of a sea nymph and a king, Achilles was a mighty warrior for the Greeks during the Trojan War.
  2. Adonis – Adonis was a mortal whom the Greek goddess Aphrodite fell in love with. Adonis later became a god.
  3. Ajax – A great warrior, second to Achilles, and hero of the Trojan War.
  4. Conall – From Irish and Scottish mythology, this is the name of a fierce and brave warrior.
  5. Heracles – The Greek god of heroes and strength, son of the mighty Zeus.
  6. Hermes – The Greek messenger god and protector of travelers.
  7. Jason – A Greek hero, healer, and leader of the Argonauts.
  8. K’awiil – The Mayan god of fertility, serpents, lightning, and maize.
  9. Magni – A son of Thor in Norse mythology and the god of strength.
  10. Phoenix – A mythical bird that rises from the ashes.
  11. Perun – The Slavic god of thunder.
  12. Posiedon – A Greek Olympian and god of the sea, floods, earthquakes, and horses.
  13. Thor – From Norse mythology, the god of thunder and son of Odin.
  14. Zeus – The powerful Greek god of sky, lightning, and thunder, king of all deities, who ruled Mount Olympus.

Female Mythological Wolf Dog Names

  1. Aglaia – A Greek goddess of festivity and good health.
  2. Bellona – Is the ancient Roman goddess of war.
  3. Camilla – A legendary Roman warrior maiden.
  4. Calliope – One of the nine muses of Greek mythology, considered to be the wisest.
  5. Calypso – A Greek nymph who fell in love with Odysseus.
  6. Kakia – The Greek goddess of vice, pleasure, and moral badness.
  7. Enyo – Greek goddess of war.
  8. Hera – The Greek goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, the sky, and stars.
  9. Luna – The ancient Roman goddess of the moon.
  10. Nyx – Nyx was the goddess of the night in Greek mythology.
  11. Pax – Pax was the Roman goddess of peace.
  12. Selene – The Greek moon goddess.
  13. Urania -In Greek mythology, she is the goddess of astronomy and astrology.
  14. Xanthe – A sea nymph and Amazon from Greek myths.

Dog Names That Mean Wolf In Other Languages

King Shepherd face close up in snow.
Similar to Long-Haired German Shepherds, the King Shepherd is often referred to as wolf-like.

If you want to be literal in naming your dog, you may decide to borrow from other languages. There are many different languages that give completely different sounds to the word “wolf.” Below are our favorite ways of saying “wolf” in different languages, each of which can make a uniquely beautiful dog name.

  1. Accalia – A female wolf from Latin mythology.
  2. Adalwolf – This means noble wolf and comes from old Germanic cultures.
  3. Adolpha – Old German name, female, meaning noble wolf.
  4. Amaruq – From the Inuktitut language, meaning grey wolf.
  5. Amoux – In French, this name means eagle wolf, a male name.
  6. Beowulf – An Old English term that means bee-wolf, or bee-hunter.
  7. Edon – Wolf in French.
  8. Lobo – Means wolf in Spanish.
  9. Louve – A name from Normandy, meaning female wolf.
  10. Lovel – A French word, also spelled Lovell, that means young wolf. A gender-neutral name.
  11. Lovota – A female name from the Italian language that means fast wolf.
  12. Lupita – A Spanish name for girls that means river of the wolf.
  13. Maccon – An Irish name that translates to son of a wolf.
  14. Miki – This is a female name from the Inuit language that means little wolf.
  15. Randelle – A female name from Old Norse that means wolf shield.
  16. Rieka – An Old Germanic name for a female that means power of the wolf.
  17. Rudolph – In German, this male name translates to a famous wolf.
  18. Ulf – An Old Norse word for wolf.
  19. Varg – This is a Swedish word that means wolf.
  20. Zella – A Hebrew term that means wolf.

This chart includes other names that mean wolf and make wonderful monikers for male or female pups.



Geographic Wolfy Dog Names

Geography can offer a range of names that are fitting for wolf dogs. You can go with names that fit from where wolves come. Natural habitats include Alaska, the Arctic, Canada, Mexico, the southwestern U.S., the Great Lakes area, and the Rocky Mountains.

You might choose the names of places you’ve visited or that are dear to your heart. Some geographic names may also come from the feeling they evoke in you that makes you think of your dog.




Nature-Themed Wolf Names

Wolf Like Dog breed in a grassy meadow.
Choose a name that reflects the fact that nature’s beauty is all around us, and wolves are part of it.

You can use anything from tree names to astrological names. Whether you decide to name your pup after a star, a favorite flower, or a beautiful type of rock, many of the names below can suit your wolfy pup.




Names Of Famous Wolves

Wolves are often characters in fairytales and other stories. They are sometimes the villain and sometimes the hero. You have likely read a book, heard a story, or watched a television show or movie with a wolf as a prominent character. If you wish to honor your favorite famous wolf, you may want to consider one of the following names.


BlancaHutchMoroWhite Fang

Cool Wolf Dog Names

If you like thinking outside the box and want your dog to have a unique name, we’ve compiled a list of cool wolf names you might consider for your sweet pup. They are fun and sometimes whimsical. Giving your dog this type of name may also help make others feel more at ease with your wolf dog and dispel some of the stereotypes associated with them.


Bam BamDozerLoneSparky
BearFoxyMeat LoafVladimir
BondHowlPeloWall Street
CubKing KongSharkHugh
DireLittle RedShe-RaShakra

Wolfy Alpha Dog Names

Since wolves are pack animals, there is always an alpha. Animal Planet explains alphas can be male or female and act as the leader of a pack. They take on the highest role with the most responsibility for the safety of the other pack members. Alpha dog names are serious and regal. They get special treatment from other pack members because they are royalty, but at the same time, they act as the enforcers of the rules to ensure everything is fair. Alpha dog names are almost always considered tough or strong.




Trendy Names For Wolfy Pups

Seppala Siberian Sleddog in a pack outside.
If you like to be on-trend, your best choice is a dog name that is popular right now.

According to the American Kennel Club, the top names for dogs seem to follow the same line as the top names for babies. So, you could say these are also the most popular human names for dogs.




How To Choose The Perfect Wolfy Name: 5 Naming Tips

Wild Gray Wolf in the snow.
The Gray Wolf is one of the most familiar wolves.

It is difficult to name a dog because it means so much. After all, you will call out the name often and share it with others regularly. To help you avoid a name faux pas, here are some things to keep in mind as you narrow down your choices for your little wolf.

1. Make It Easy To Say

Make sure it is easy for you and your family members to say. The New York Times suggests choosing a simple name with one or two syllables. One thing to consider is children who may have a hard time saying certain letter sounds. If you want your dog to be responsive to its name and listen to everyone, make sure you do not choose something that is too hard for your children to pronounce.

2. Keep It Appropriate

It is very easy to get so caught up in choosing a dog name that you do not realize the name you choose has a negative connotation. Give some thought to the impression you will make on your neighborhood when calling out your dog’s name.

While you certainly have the right to name your dog whatever you want, it is a good idea to be smart about it. If the name you want has a negative image, consider a slight alteration of the name instead.

3. Avoid Confusing Names

Your dog’s name should be clear and easy for it to distinguish it from other words as its name. Avoid choosing names that could confuse your dog, such as those that sound similar to commands or names of people or other pets in your family. Make sure you do not use a word that sounds too much like common words, as well.

Choose something you don’t hear all the time, which is another trick to avoid confusion, especially when you are out in public or at a dog park where a common name could cause your pup to lose focus.

4. Stick With It

Once you choose a name, keep using that name. Don’t try out different names. This will only confuse your dog and make it less responsive. It won’t know what its real name is. This is also true of nicknames. If you want to use nicknames, wait to use them until your pup fully knows and recognizes its real name.

5. Stay Positive

When learning a new name, your pup will respond better to positive feedback and treats. Be sure to stay positive and give lots of cuddles, treats, playtime, and positive reinforcement. This will help your pup learn, wolf dogs included, that this word is associated with positive things.

Keeping Your Puppy Healthy

No matter what name you pick in the end, we know it will be a perfect fit. Along with picking out a name, you must prepare for your new pup. You will need to get supplies and pick out healthy dog food. High-quality dog food, made for your dog’s specific life stage, is the best way to go. Proper nutrition, regular exercise, and proper veterinary care will keep your wolfy pup healthy and happy for a long time to come.

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